Once registered as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, use the wikis listed below to help define the logistics of your refurbishment operation. For business support, use the Pro Tech Network. To learn how to do specific upgrades or repairs, use the Repairing and Upgrading Your Computer wiki.

We don't try to compete with PC component wholesalers. If you need PC hardware, use Newegg.

Tour a Working Refurbishment Operation ¶ 

If you're starting a computer repair or refurbishment operation, you need to see how such a business works at scale.

Take a tour of Computers for Classrooms with founder Pat Furr. Computers for Classrooms is a non-profit Microsoft Registered Refurbisher that refurbishes donated PCs. Once refurbished, computers are sold at incredible discounts to schools and individuals in need.

Pat opened her warehouse for a quick tour—and we thought we should immortalize it on the internet. Watch once, then watch again to see how this refurbishment operation works.

Computer Triage for Refurbishers ¶ 

Demanufacturing for Refurbishers ¶ 

Hard Drive Wiping for Refurbishers ¶ 

Loading Software for Refurbishers ¶ 

Monitors and Printers for Refurbishers ¶ 

Computer Warranty Repairs for Refurbishers ¶ 

Obtaining Donations for Refurbishers ¶ 

Working with Laptop Computers for Refurbishers ¶ 

Warehouse Operations for Refurbishers ¶ 




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