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Why are my buttons sticking? It’s affecting my game. ¶ 

During game play, my buttons will get stuck down in place, even though I have released the button.

Dirt and Residue ¶ 

Over time, dirt, dust and other residual materials can get trapped in crevices between the buttons. If the area is accessible, a quick blast of compressed air can dislodge the debris enough to knock it out of the controller. If this doesn't work, you may need to clean the buttons from the inside. To do this, follow the steps in the button replacement repair guide. If this doesn't work, you may need to order a new button from Sony, or another distributor.

Spills ¶ 

If you've spilled a sugary drink onto the DualShock 4, dried sugar may have gotten into the buttons, causing them to stick. If the buttons are not cleaned, the sugar could corrode the buttons even further. In order to clean out the buttons, remove the affected buttons, and wash them with soap and water. To do this, follow the steps in the button replacement repair guide. If this doesn't work, you may need to order a new button from Sony, or another distributor.

Why won't my controller vibrate? ¶ 

During impact in Grand Turismo 6, I don’t really 'feel' the impact. My controller is physically inert.

Power Issues ¶ 

If your controller doesn't have enough charge, it may refrain from initiating the vibration motors, in order to sustain the overall charge for as long as possible. Recharge the battery to 100%. If this doesn't work, you may need to replace the battery or the vibration motors.

General Controller Malfunction ¶ 

If re-syncing the controller with the system didn't work, you can manually reset the controller as follows:

  1. Locate the small reset button on the back of the DS4 near the L2 button.
  2. Use a small, pointy object, such as an unfolded paper-clip (or a similar object) to push the button. The button is in a tiny hole next to the top right screw on the bottom outer shell.
  3. Hold the button down for several seconds, and release.

Controller Isn't Synced to the Console ¶ 

If the controller is turning on, but not syncing to the console, then the controller will appear to be unresponsive. To sync the controller, use the USB cable to re-sync the controller with the system. If this doesn't work, try and reset the controller.

Vibration Function Setting Turned Off ¶ 

If you've accidentally turned off the vibration function through the console, then the controller will not vibrate. To turn it back on, go to the Functions area by pressing "up" on the d-pad. Go to Settings, then in Settings go to Devices, then go to Controllers. Inside the Controllers menu, there is anEnable Vibration function; make sure that there is a check mark next to it. This setting affects all controllers, and also overrides in-game vibration settings. If this doesn't work, try and reset the controller.

Connection Problems Between the console and the DualShock 4 ¶ 

Sometimes, if the wireless connection between the console and the controller is not functioning properly, some features, such as vibration, may not respond to the game play. You may be able to solve this by turning both the console and the controller off, and then back on. The blue light will indicate that the controller is on. If this doesn't work, try and reset the controller.

Clicking Motors ¶ 

If you hear a rattling or clicking noise coming from inside of the controller, then the vibration motors may be damaged. You may need to order a new motor from Sony, or another distributor.

Why won’t my controller turn on? ¶ 

When I hold down the power button, my controller doesn't turn on.

Battery Is Out of Charge ¶ 

If the battery is very low, then the controller will not have enough power to turn on. Plug the controller in to charge, until it is at 100% power. If this doesn't work, you may need to replace the battery.

Battery is not Charging ¶ 

If the controller is not charging when connected to the system, then the charging port might be at fault. To make sure that it is not the charging cable that is broken, connect the cable to another controller, and see if it charges or not. If it is indeed the charging port that is broken, you can reference our charging port repair guide.

General Controller Malfunction ¶ 

If re-syncing the controller with the system didn't work, you can manually reset the whole controller.

Why isn't the touch pad responding? ¶ 

I dropped my DualShock 4 controller, and now the touch pad is not responding during game play.

Touch Pad Can Only Be Used With Supported Software ¶ 

Although it is a major new addition to the controller, the touch pad cannot be used in every area that the PlayStation 4 has to offer. Only games that have incorporated the touch pad into their software work with the touch pad. Check the game case to make sure that a particular game is compatible with the touch pad. There are also a few areas of the PlayStation menu that don’t support the touch pad. If you have successfully identified that the game you are playing does, in fact, support the touch pad, you may need to reset your controller. If neither of these steps is successful, you may need to replace the touch pad.

System Is Not Updated To The Newest Software ¶ 

The touch pad may not be working correctly, if you haven't installed the newest update. If you have installed the newest update, and your touch pad still isn't working, try resetting your controller. If you reset your controller, an you're unsuccessful in resolving this issue, you may need to replace the touch pad.

General Controller Malfunction ¶ 

If re-syncing the controller with the system didn't work, you can manually reset the controller.

Why are my analog sticks locked in place and torn up? ¶ 

When I try to press my analog sticks down, it gets stuck, and won’t come back up. My analog sticks are also tearing.

Dirt and Residue ¶ 

Over time, dirt, dust, and other residual materials can get into the crevices between the joysticks. If you can identify the area that is dirty, and you have canned air, give the area a quick blast. This might disrupt the debris enough to knock it out of the controller. If this doesn't work, you may need to clean the joysticks from the inside. To do this, follow the steps in the 'analog stick replacement repair guide.

Joystick Has Been Bent or Broken ¶ 

If none of the previous suggestions fix the problem, it is likely that your analog stick(s) is bent or broken. In this case, you’ll need to order a new analog stick from Sony, or another distributor, and then follow the analog stick replacement guide.

Why Won’t My Controller Charge? ¶ 

The light on the front of the controller doesn’t light up when I charge it.

General Controller Malfunction ¶ 

The simplest initial method would be to reset the controller itself. Manually resetting the controller can be done as shown below:

1. Locate the reset button. Under the L2 button, next to the upper right screw, there is a small hole. Inside this hole is the reset button.

2. Put a toothpick, or a similar object, into the hole, press the button, and hold it down for a few seconds, and release.

3. Once the device has restarted, attempt to charge it again.

Battery is Bad ¶ 

If your controller is old, consider replacing its battery. Old batteries are more likely to stop holding charges. Disclaimer: doing this voids Sony’s warranty on the device.

Defective Charging Cable/Port ¶ 

Make sure that the charging cable/port is not defective. Connect the controller to a different charging cable/port, and see if it starts charging. If you are using a 3rd party micro-USB cable, it may not charge the controller. They can allow a controller to play on the Playstation 4, but they will not always charge the device. Plug the controller in with a Sony USB cable, and see if that fixes the issue.

Faulty Controller Charging Port ¶ 

If you have tried the previous suggestions, and the device still will not charge, consider replacing the controller’s charging port. See below for detailed instructions on replacing the charging port:

Charging port replacement guide

Why isn’t My Controller Syncing to the Console? ¶ 

My controller is on and working, but it is not connected to the console

Resolving the Issue by Resetting the Controller ¶ 

The controller might have a general malfunction. This can be resolved by resetting it.

1. Turn off Playstation 4 console.

2. Turn the DualShock 4 over and locate the reset button near the L2 button. (It should be a small hole to the left of a screw)

3. Take an unfolded paper clip or a similar object and push it into the reset button hole so that it presses the button itself.

4. Hold the button down for about 10 seconds and then release.

5. Now that the controller is reset, connect the controller and console by taking a USB cable and attaching it to the appropriate ports.

6. Turn on the Playstation 4 console and press the PS button on the controller in order to login to the PS4.

7. If the PS button is unresponsive, try a different USB port on the console.

Resolving the Issue by Resetting the Router ¶ 

Your Wi-Fi router may be the problem. The router might limit connectivity which can be solved by resetting it.

1. Turn off Playstation 4 console.

2. Unplug the Wi-Fi router’s power.

3. While the router is still unplugged, turn the PS4 back on.

4. Turn the router back on to check if router interference was the problem. Change the router channel to either 1 or 11 if the problem persists (the router manufacturer’s guide has more specific instructions).

Why Won’t My Controller Make Sound? ¶ 

The controller is not emitting any audio from its speaker system.

The Controller’s Volume May Not Be Turned All the Way Up ¶ 

1. To turn the controller’s volume up higher, go to the “Home Screen” of your PS4, and press the up arrow button on your controller’s D-pad.

2. This will take you to a screen referred to as the “Function Area.” From here, you will select the option that reads“Settings,” then you will select the option that reads “Devices,” and then you will select the option that reads “Controllers.”

3. After selecting the “Controllers” option, you will select the “Volume Control” control option, which will highlight it. After highlighting this option, press the right arrow on the controller’s d-pad to turn the volume up on the controller. The controller should make a sound effect when you press the right arrow on the d-pad to increase the volume, or when you press the left arrow on the D-pad to decrease the volume.

The Controller May Need to be Reset ¶ 

If you followed the steps above, and adjusting the volume on your controller did not work, then you need to reset your controller.

1. Completely shut off your PS4 console.

2. Unplug your router to turn it off.

3. Turn your PS4 console back on, but leave your router unplugged.

Check to see if the sound on your controller has been restored, by either clicking on a certain function, or playing a certain game, that will cause your controller to emit sound. If your controller’s sound capabilities have been restored after unplugging your router, then the initial issue may have been caused by interference from your router. After plugging your router back in, you may need to change its channel to either 1, or 11, in order to ensure that this issue does not occur again (you may need to consult the router’s manufacturer website in order to know how to do this).

If unplugging your router did not properly reset the controller, and your controller is still not emitting any sound, then you may need to reset your controller using another method.

1. Completely shut off your PS4 console.

2. Find the “Reset Button” on the back of your controller, behind the “L2 Button,” and use a paperclip, or some other thin object, to hold the button down for a few seconds, in order to reset your controller.

3. After your controller has been reset, plug your controller into a USB cord, and plug the USB into your PS4 console, in order to repair the controller to your console.

4. Turn your PS4 console back on.


My command buttons on my DualShock4 do not respond, even after a manual reset. The controller can still turn on the PS4 though. Do I just need to replace the controller entirely, as I do not want to waste time to try and fix it myself.

mantronik - 回复

I learned that if your buttons are sticky, brush them with a slightly wet toothbrush. Let it sit for a couple of seconds then dry them.

John - 回复

A In Depth Guide to fixing DS4 Connection Issues.

1. Put your DS4 in pairing mode by holding PS button and share simultaneously. The light bar should begin to flash white.

2. Connect the DS4 to the device via Bluetooth on any of the following devices. ( PC, Android, PS3 )

3. Disconnect the DS4 from the paired Bluetooth device. Make sure you disconnect directly from the bluetooth device. Once disconnected locate a pin or a small narrow object and push into the reset hole on the rear of the DS4. Hold in place for 10 seconds.

4. Connect the USB cable to the DS4 and proceed to power on the PS4. Once the system has loaded to the login screen it will ask you to press the PlayStation Button. This will iniate pairing between the DS4 and PS4. The DS4 should now be fully operable.

Make sure to follow steps exactly for best results.

4wrd4evr - 回复

My ps4 controller makes à strange doubleclicking sound when i'm touching

The touchpad iT sounds like THE touchpad is à littlebit loose do you know how you change that

Ps sorry for THE bad english

Benjamin -

when i open my ps4 the controller starts to flash (like it tries to connect with the ps4) but the it turns orange and does not connect eventually.

Elisavet Parra - 回复

Hi I just had same problem with my controller it's keeps disconnecting , I really would love to know what did you do to your controller , I mean did you find any solution to that problem. if ya did plz reply me

kiran kumar v -

i use ds4windows for play games with dualshock4 in windows 10 and its worked good but...

recently i cant connect via bluetooth to my laptop

i changed windows 10 and reinstall bluetoth driver even update them

but my dualshock not work

its meant its hardly pair and after few seconds disconnected

in ds4windows blinked red cause latency is over 10 ms

and in input mapper show latency fluctuate 10ms to 60 ms and then disconnected.

i rest my dualshock4 and i think do 4 step as u say.

i dont know what to do

its work just with usb cable now.

pouria - 回复

Have you solved this yet? I have the same issues and not sure how to fix it

Jono Mac -

My PS4 controller. The touch pad keeps making my guy on the screen go in circles. How can I fix this

Juan - 回复

My R2 button triggers the left analog stick. lots of times, when I press R2, my character moves to the left

charlesnaku06 - 回复

I'm having the same exact issue

ninjahedgehog5 -

Perhaps you need to configure, or turn off your customized button commands.

Jimmy Koco -

Perhaps you need to change, or turn off your custom control settings.

Jimmy Koco -

my dualshock 4's R2 is like pressed but not like physically, wait like when i'm playing i noticed like it's pressed but not from outside pad when you look at pad it seems normal but when i'm playing game with it, it's either pressed or not working

mohammedmanzo - 回复

this happens to me too but with my L1 button! can some one please help us

warrenbillard -

I'm having the same issue with my r2 anyone have a solution other than paying more money for a new one

SKM Gaming -

The same thing has been happening to me also. With the L1 button. Whyyy?

Mononoke -

my DS4 is not switching on,if I try to charge its heating.

What would be the problem.???

soxcee - 回复

I know this is probably not that good of an answer but I would just get a new one.

Mike Saso -

That sounds like a battery problem

rbranham96 -

In battlefront my controller will not respond to anything I do. How do I fix that

Mike Saso - 回复

Once I press L2 in driving mode in 'F1 2015 or 'Watch Dogs' the car slows down and goes into reverse. I have Restored default settings and initialized the console and reset the controller. Still not fixed!! Where next?

Dick - 回复

R2 is drive not L2

lucassanders3 -

My dualshock4 pairs with my sony android tv but the buttons never responds like up down left right circle and x

bugzther - 回复

Been playing BO3, after a respawn or reloading, gun will keep firing. Also after respawning I'll sometimes be frozen in place, can look around but can't move, switch weapons, reload etc. Any ideas? Going to try to reset controller see if that helps.

robmoore020 - 回复

Tried reset, still not right

robmoore020 -

Get a faster Internet connection with less ping

Thomas Lynch -

Mine does the same... Did it get fixed?

Sean Jones -

My ps4 controller is not charging no matter how many different chargers I use

richard carrillo - 回复

I put my PS4 controller on the charger yesterday and when I did, the light turned red for about 1-2 seconds then turned yellow as though it was trying to charge. Once the charging light started to disappear, the red light illuminates before going back to yellow. This process continues over and over. When I hit reset on the controller, the light illuminates red for 2-3 seconds then turns off. The PS4 button does nothing when depressed and the controller won't reset. The controller won't do anything whether I'm connected via the USB or not. I can find nothing on this specific occurrence online. Is this the same as the XBox's red ring of death where the unit is toast?

Paul Ryan - 回复

My L1 button on my DS4 acts as though it's jammed and I have done the online things where you take off the button and clean the inside and i did it to my R1 button as well. And the insides ae squeaky clean but it still acts like its jammed. I would even like the rubber from the sensor on the button and it would still act up. I blew in side to get any dust that my be pressing down on it and also I've assured that the rubber pad is in place but none of it helps. Does anyone know what to do, cause I really don't want to buy a new controller.

warrenbillard - 回复

I'm experiencing the same problem but with no help I'm afraid:(( I have no idea as to what happened to me or you .

Cameron Roberts -

I'm having troubles with my dualshock4. It works perfectly fine when I'm on the home page but when I go to play a game or watch Netflix nothing works at all. The lights still on and the only way I can get out of the game/app I have to press the PlayStation button on the controller. Can anyone help?

tinasteinhardt - 回复

Did you fix this?

Am9721 -

I have the exact same issue. Controller works perfectly when I'm at the home screen. When I start a game or open an app like Netflix, all the buttons are unresponsive except for the circle "home" button between the analog sticks. If you turn the controller Off then On while in game or in an app, it'll fix it temporarily. It's as though R2 is stuck in rapid-fire or something, even though the trigger feels fine. I'm going to try re-syncing and resetting the controller. Rebooting the console does nothing. It's bizarre, and I'm still searching for an answer.

newton.kj -

I'm having the same issue with my r2 not being constantly active does anyone know what the issue is?

SKM Gaming -

Hello there, I have a problem in my ps4 controller when I click ps & share buttons at the same time to activate Bluetooth pairing, it's not working ever, what is solution ? :(

shirikhan358 - 回复

Hold them down for multiple seconds

Thomas Lynch -

I had the same problem. I bought a 2nd hand ds4 from which I knew it didn't work, but I wanted to try it myself. When I plugged in with the USB-cable it only gave a blue light and when i pressed the PS-Button it started blinking but nothing happened.

I tried everything, resetting, pairing bluetooth and even disembled the whole thing and tried the battery from my ps3 controller. So I thought the bluetooth in the controller might be broken. But when I tried to make connection with my laptop and pressed the Share+PSbutton, it paired!

So I gave it another try on the console. This time I used my first controller which had no problem with the connection. So I went to Settings, Devices and then Bluetooth devices. Then I pressed the Share+PSbutton and it worked!!!

Now I got a cheap reservecontroller :D

I hope it works for you 2!

Jerry -

When i play gta online and fly a plane or drive a vehicle im able to turn in any direction (especially with a motorcycle) by just turning the controller. its cool however very annoying. I cant control the vehicle because it moves to one side when and i struggle using the analog sticks. It only happens on gta

Legendary Pimp0 - 回复

In the settings on gta you can turn it off its the sixaxis controls for vehicles

Thomas Lynch -

My X, circle, square and triangle buttons only work sometimes.

The X button almost never works and the other cut in and out.

Should i bother taking it apart and just refitting everything, or just buy a new controller all together.

If anyone has any solutions they'll be much appreciated.

Jack Bird - 回复

My controller makes games do weird things even if I'm not touching the pad it will change directions in game or make me do things I'm not telling it to do? I od t know if it's my console or all the pads becaus ei happens with all 3 controllers

Thomas Lynch - 回复

Mine has been doing the same thing, I just stopped playing to try to find a solution...again. This happened months ago, but seemed to stop when I tried to link another controller to my PS4. It wouldn't connect for some reason, but my controller worked just fine until tonight. Playing BF4 and my guy is not going where I'm moving him, there seems to be a delay of some sort. This all started after I used my phone charger to charge my controller. Might have fried it...

Dave -

Same exact problem! Playing Destiny2 and when i go to turn my character, he spins uncontrollably. VERY FRUSTRATING

Laura Moore -

My controller is only a couple month's old and recently i have had an issue different from the most. My controllers left analog stick moves left only when i am holding the L2 down. I have tried resetting it and disassembling it mutipul times and cleaning the analog sticks which has not helped. If anyones got any ideas of the cause please let me know or email me at

rbranham96 - 回复

In gta 5 and online i am having trouble turning right in any vehicle. It affects other games but not as bas as it affects gta5 & online. What can i do?

ladiesknight81 - 回复

Apparently it's something to do with the touch pad , I'm not too sure exactly and I don't know if that helped at all but from doing a bit of research if you disable it within your game that might work :)

Cameron Roberts -

Hi guyz, my Ps4 controller was working fine, then finally triangle and O button working.. Couldn't find the issue, replacing the PCB will do or not. What spare should be replaced in order to work fine...

Yogu Raj - 回复

Hey Guys my controller is working fine and there is absolutely no problem with the buttons or touchpad but the light bar isn't working it charges fine. I wish to note that I tried the manual reset, closing and opening the controller, changing the light options and turning off the console.

Nader Ahmed - 回复

I have the same problem as you, did you ever find a solution?

Misteline Morgendorffer -

I found out the source of the problem but no solutions so far, it was caused because I charged my controller with other USB power cables than the one included with the PS4 and their current was too high for the controller which caused the lamp to almost burn out and the controller to sometimes heat up.

Nader Ahmed -

So I have had this problem for a while and I can't fins the answer anywhere. With my dual shock 4 controller original package with my ps4 ( about 2 years ago) there is no physical damage to the controller or any buttons yet when playing a game the L1 is constantly being 'pressed' even though no physical force is being exerted onto it . I have tried physical resetting the controller and taken the L1 button off to find nothing wrong inside. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cameron Roberts - 回复

My home button n the control doesn't work and I tried reseting it but still nothing. I dropped it and this happened.

Alexis Silva - 回复

Did you fine a fix to this problem. I have the same issue.

santos -

My controller isn't charging properly, after a while when it's been charging it will over heat and it will turn it's self off yet when it's plugged in the wireless controller acts as a wired one and movement is very delayed

Brandon borrill - 回复

My controller is not turning on. I tried to reset it but that didn't work. It seems to charge fine. I don't know what is wrong . Can you help me?

Barry JJ - 回复

Actually scratch that. It's rather easy. Just reconnect it as a bluetooth device to your ps4.

Barry JJ -

That won't work for me

yacine marouf -

hi can someone help me? i have a problem on my controller, my PS4 controller paired and can connect to console but every time i go to games i can't even use it.. if i use my other controller and then use this one for local multiplayer(versus mode) it can't use either. how can i resolve this issue? I'm planning to get new one cause i'm prostrated already please help me

kevoleomo - 回复

I've been having this same problem now for six months. Gone through three controllers, numerous different methods of fixing it, nothing seems to help.

Dave -

So I have the darth vader ps4 controller and it got wet. I've brought the charging port and the battery and it still won't work. What can I do?

Jarimara Brown - 回复

nothing put it in rice and see what happens but thats the long way to fix it other then that your $@$* out of luck

Zachary Atkinson -

When I started up my PS4 and went to play Furi, although I had pressed every button on my controller, nothing had worked, and my game wouldn't start past the menu screen (Press any button to start). Then, going to personal settings to change something, when the keyboard had popped up, after doing the same of pressing every button, I couldn't seem to capitalize the letters with the left trigger. Pressing the triangle button only lead to changing the keyboard, as if I were holding onto the left trigger... but I wasn't. Henceforth, my left trigger itself seems to be stuck, and I'm sure it's coming from the inside of my controller, since the trigger moves perfectly fine, and there's nothing wrong with the springs. Yet, I don't know how to fix it. Please, can you help me with this?

Megan Walters - 回复

The part where my triggers are held have been chipped and I can't put the back on help pls

Tiarn - 回复

I was playing the division and all of a sudden in the middle of a mission i lost all control of my character and on my controller then there was a white light on the controller then it turned off all together, and it was plugged into my ps4 when this happened now my controller will turn my ps4 on but only when its plugged in and nothing else as far as i get is the press the ps button i don't know what to do i tried resetting it with button on the back but all it does is flash yellow once and to turn the system on it has the be plugged in and all it does is flash white once or twice then it will stay a steady white light even when the system is off the light will stay on for at least 5 minutes after. I don't know what to do the to the controller is only like 4 months old and i barley play. Like what the absolute &&^& sony.

Zachary Atkinson - 回复

So I have being a console user more exactly a play station console user and decided to try a gaming pc to see if it was much better, and to be honest it is, Im in love with my new pc. So I used the DS4 controller on my pc and realized I needed the ds4win program to emulate an xbox controller. The program works very well but the thing is I want to sell my ps4 now but I cant get the DS4 controller to sync with the ps4 anymore. I need the money and a controller here its expensive. The controller only works now as soon as I start the Ds4win program, the Led light turns blue and I can use it, while if I plug it to the ps4 the Led will turn orange like for two seconds and wont sync just die. I really need your help so it can work back on my ps4 and I can sell it. I have tried everythin, the reset factory button behind L2, another USB cable, share+ps button and it wont just sync. It turns an Orange light on the Led as soon as I connect it via USB with the Ps4 and then dies. Please help

Carlos - 回复

My controller will work on the blue home screen, but when you try to use it anything, Netflix, Amazon Prime a game, it doesn't respond. The only thing that works is the PS button which takes it back to the blue home screen where it works fine again. Anyone else have this problem?

kingsman52 - 回复

Did you find any answer for this problem i have the same issue

Patrick Forrest -

Did you find a result for this having the same problem

eperry90 -

Sounds like your PS button has a bad conductivity pad. Hook it up to a computer and check to see if any of the buttons show as being compressed

eric_feyen -

I just recently bought a sony x850d tv (it comes with playstation now in the tv and two dualshock 4) when i go to pair the controllers they pair just find but then the only thing that works is the pad ( not the joysticks, nothing) they don't even work when I go into the PSN app. I have been at this for days and tried everything. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS!! IM GETTING TO FRUSTRATED!

Jenna Bitton - 回复

Av just bought a new controller a left mine at home and this won't connect with the cable an won't start when a press the ps button on the controller. Av tried the reset button an just glows yellow also av tried the share an ps button and nothing just stays on the welcome back to play station screen can anyone help

Leanne - 回复

I have the same problem with this

yacine marouf -

Did you find the problem for this issue? If so can you reply to this and say the solution to it?

yacine marouf -

I have 2 controllers and on one the circle button isn't working and on the other the LT isn't working I think it has something to do with the ribbon cable kinda thingy that runs from all your buttons on the controller but anyone got any idea on how to fix it

KaZa - 回复

I threw my controller, probably dead for good. What would you do of it just doesn't turn on or show a response at all? Most lokely dead but I would like to know if there are any solutions..

Ethan Bisset - 回复

My DS4 controller's PS button isn't working it picks up a signal every so often but for the most part it doesn't do anything as your all aware your unable to play if you suffer with this problem and this is aggravating as I have only recently switched my new xbox one for a PS4 to find out I'm unable to play it if anyone could help that would be great as I haven't been able to find anyone else who's suffering with the same problem.

kyle bradbury - 回复

So I join my friends share play and after a while I lag out of the party and the share play and my controller dies after I lag out and it takes more than 3 hours for them to work again! Does anybody have an idea that can help me?

zanderburritt256 - 回复

Hello my ds4 won't work no matter what it charges but no matter what I try the ds4 simply WONT connect(I tried resetting,the share and ps button pairing thing, the turn off the ps4 and turn it back on) is it possible it's the ps button itself? It hasn't been working for a few months but wasn't really worried until now since I wasn't really playong and had another remote. Is there anything I could do? Or can I send it to Sony or something(I had the ps4 for more than 2 years ). I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

yacine marouf - 回复

I'm having a problem with my ds4 last night I was playing video games and my controller looked to work good but when I press the PS button to turn off my console it did not work but all the others buttons worked fine. What I did was turn off my console with my spare controller, and today when I tried to turn on my controller it simply did not work. It seems to charge good but it when I try to turn on it won't flash or nothing like that, it won't do anything, when I plug it to my ps4 it only flashes orange but the orange light start flashing really slow. Please if you having same problem can you please help me solve it..

Manuel Zuniga - 回复

Sounds like a fault with the contacts inside the controller. They are on a film sheet. I had a similar problem with one of my controllers.. If any of the buttons stop working, that is the most likely cause. They are fairly easy to replace and cheap (about £2 on ebay) swap that out and your controller should work fine

Jason Dale -

My ds4 turn off while im playing how can i fix that problem

Nathan Godinez - 回复

My controller i thought was stickyspilled in itdue to my buttons not responding when i pressed them and my analogue stick seemed to be stuck but further investigation of my controller revealed nothing sticky at all and my analogue moves around fone but i seem to be stuck at go on my game and nothing i do stops my character from moving or helps my bittons work any ideas of what it might be?.

Jeffrey May - 回复

OK I did every thing and the charger was at fault got a new charger still won't charge it'll sit there for 3-4 hours and not charge

TyrantrumGaming HD - 回复

i use my ps4 controller for my ps3 and it wont respond when i press O or X it just does whatever it wants to do and i have the charger connected to the ps3 so i know it will respond but now all of a sudden its not working plz respond and the joysticks dont work either

Unknown 101 - 回复

I have a problem with my controller. It won't sync up to my own ps4 but it will with other ps4 s. When I plug the controller into a working USB it shuts off my entire consol and freezes it. I tried resetting it but it still won't work can someone please help me with this problem

Antonio Staehle - 回复

Question i can charge my Controller but it just stops charging after awhile do you know whats the problem ?

Kent Cruz - 回复

Ok so before today I had 2 working controllers. Now neither of them will charge and I have found and plugged in every micro usb in the house to try to charge these on multiple different chargers, and none of themy worked. Now, neither one of them will charge or even flicker a light... I'm really confused because they somehow both went out at the same time and I have never had a big issue charging them... Please help!!!

Jacob - 回复

HELP MY L1 WONT WORK! I am worried I have to beg my parents to get me a new controller, since they bought me a Manager Racing Style chair and I know they will be mad, how do I fix this? I think what could of caused it was I accidentally dropped the controller and the l1 had a big impact. Please help me out! I'm a young going to teen! Help please

Itz0wl - 回复

Sounds like when you dropped it you knocked off the silicone conductivity pad alignment with the L1 button. Pull the controller apart, might just be jammed up.

eric_feyen -

You guys totally missed poor acceleration due to the bar on the back of the L2 & R2 triggers cutting into the silicone behind the triggers.

Steve Ebener - 回复

Easy fix to that, fill the cup with silicone, IMO it makes the R2/L2 more responsive

eric_feyen -

I've been ripping these DS4 controllers apart since the release date, I enjoy modding controllers, and have had good luck rebuilding and selling them online. I have ran into a wall on my latest mod. The controller constantly thinks L2, and R2 are compressed. I've cleaned the silicon conductivity pads, cleaned the conductive film, new button tray, new conductivity pads. What am I missing?

eric_feyen - 回复

My controllers have started turning off randomly in the past couple of days, and I've tried resetting them, but that does nothing. They both have a good charge, so that's not it, but they turn off, and when I try to turn them back on, they just blink for a few seconds and stop.

The only way I can get them to work again is to unplug the system and plug it back in, but I don't want to keep doing that in case that causes my files to become corrupted. How can I fix this?

PootisMcgee - 回复

Hi when I push forward on the left stick it turns left some times slow sometimes fast as well as when I push Rd in it dose the same don't no y

Danny - 回复

My controller seemed to work just fine, but when it ran out of battery the other day, the ps button stopped working. I tried the reset button and got nothing out of it. When i put it to charge the light goes yellow and does what its supposed to so im pretty sure it works. I hooked it up to my pc and it works just fine ( i dont remember if the PS button worked on PC but im sure i did ). Is there any solution to this problem other than buying a new Ds4?

Albert Einstein - 回复

My where button is broken after I lightly tapped it on my bed and it's wil not work in game but I can click it with my finger but it just doesn't work. Can someone tell me what's going on here

elijahdeslauriers - 回复

hey so my d-pad up right left dont work

down works fine

i opened it cleaned everything the best i could

do you have anything to advise me?

sipmarch7 - 回复

I recently played my game before and i had gone out to put my console in another room, then i went out and left it unplugged. So when I got home and plugged it in and turned it back on, it gave me the notification that I unplugged it incorrectly, and I tried to press the "okay" button but my DS4 wouldn't sync to it and I cant get passed that screen since my controller womt sync. Any help?

Kristyna Dye - 回复

I had to exchange the left analog 3d stick as it was not working anymore. I opened the controller, carefully removed the battery and the RFID cables. I desoldered the analog stick and put the new one in and soldered it back in place. Now after I reassembled everything the controller is not turning on again. (light bar does not ract) - I check the battery and it is fully charged. When I put the cable in the controller and press the PS button, it turns on but as soon as I remove the cable, it turns right off again. I thought I did something wrong while soldering the new stick but everything looks fine. I also tried the reset button but without success :( Can anybody help?

Christian Felix - 回复

My controller is charging but when i'm pressing the Ps button to turn it on nothing is happening. I tried to reset it but the ps button won't respond. Pls can anybody help?

Jean gemayel - 回复

Why won't my controller stay on when unplugged, from 30% to 100% charged, it decides to turn off meaning I have to press the ps button consistantly while playing. It affects my in game experience and annoys the crap outta me

Peter davis - 回复

Every time I click on a game for Ex: I click on call of duty infinite warfare I press the icon it goes into the game but when I press the button like it tells me too it doesn't work at all HELP!

Keyiondre Williams - 回复

My controller lights up once to tell me it's connected to charging cable then does nothing I've replaced charging port and ribbon and battery but still having problems with getting any life out of controller and ideas would be appreciated thanks

Paul taylor - 回复

Playing Destiny 2, and whenever i try to turn my character slightly, he spins around uncontrolled. Also when aiming weapon or even looking right or left it's like the controller overcorrects and turns way too much! Weird thing is this happens only occasionally and it affects BOTH controllers when it does happen! (Also used to happen every so often when playing a different game.) Help?

Laura Moore - 回复

My ps4 controller won't turn on it just flashes white and when I plug it in it charges. What do I do to fix this, I tried to reset it and it will not reset

Dawson Boychuk - 回复

Hy I have a problem with my one controller it turned off ,bt when i try to turn it on ,its not working ,can you help mi fix this now please

I have used al the means stated up there ,its not working

d b - 回复

Please am waiting 4 response coz am stranted yet its new

d b - 回复

My PS4 controller isn’t connecting. Every time I turn it on there’s a solid white light. I’ve tried resetting it over 10x and nothing. Can someone please help me and give me a solution or a reason as to why this is happening? I was using it just fine like 10 mins ago

Robert - 回复

i have used 3 different controllers, 2 different charger and 4 different outlets and each controller wont charge. it worked fine 2 weeks ago. how do i fix it?

landon walker - 回复

controller won’t connect fix controller won’t charge fix

so i plugged in my controller ,yellow light on then fade to off, no charging, wouldn’t connect, tried a different ‘known good’ cable and same thing. i had to clean / scrape gently the usb connector on the ps. 4 copper pins i used a small wire to ‘scribble’ or scratch off any oxidized crap on all the 4 connector pins, the top of the bent area ( the likely contact point) also did the same on the other side, the 2 side ‘points and the middle point and ‘clip’ area way inside. scrape/scribble away the oxidized crud to get good contact, worked!!! check for powdery / non shiny surfaces and use a pin or small metal wire to scratch off oxidation for good electrical connection. good light calm gentle. i may have prayed a bit… can’t hurt… GL!

gil - 回复

my controller is not responding whenever I go onto an app for example when I go onto YouTube it completely freezes and doesn't work. none of the buttons do work on the app so when I try to select a video it doesn't move however it works when I am in the main menu.


Hello, my issues diferent, cant find it s sollution. So after diseambly L2 button stopped working.

That button doesnt respond on naked rubber, R2 works, L2 DEAD.

I opened it not nicely, also broken down two R2’s on on 2 DS4’s.

Cant find sollution, afraid to broke something more. Please help!

Reseting and rubber change doest work at all…

Marcius Yo - 回复

If charging causes the light bar to glow orange only once, but hitting the PS button does nothing, it’s likely you have a full charge but can’t get it to try to connect to the PS4 because of PS button failure. So avoid the PS4 for further troubleshooting, and try connecting the controller via USB to a PC/Mac. Using InputMapper (PC) or Enjoy2 (Mac) you should be able test all the buttons.

In my case, the PS button was dead, but everything else was fine. The fix should be to replace the conductive flex board inside (I haven’t received mine yet). They are available for under $10 including standard delivery via the usual hegemonic marketplace with a rainforest for a name. Search for “ps4 conductive” and you’ll find it.

Gavin Beatty - 回复

When I play on a different ps4 the ds4 works, but now when I get back to my ps4 my ds4 charges but won’t sync.I try to press the reset button with a paper clip, but it still won’t’ll charge,but won’t sync up to my ps4.What should I do!!!???

cropsthegamer122 - 回复

Same problem here

Ostin Lewis -

The reset button thing actually works! I threw my controller to the ground because of a stupid game and it turned into a potato!!! IT DIDNT CHARGE OR TURN ON AND I WAS READY TO GET MY BUTT BEAT!!!!!!! Honestly had no faith in the little button push but it saved my life (technically money but Thanks).

Darryl Maxwell - 回复

Good morning, my Dualshock 4 PS4 controllers L1 and L2 buttons do not work at all well the L2 trigger has been broken off by accident and doing that the L1 button does not work at all Pier Pier. How do I fix that and if it's not fixable how can I pair my Android to my Playstation use other controller also I have a PS2 controller can I use that instead knowing that I will not be able to use the touchpad like on the PS4 controller

Daniel Hill - 回复

I need help with my PS4 controller

Daniel Hill - 回复

My controller flashes yellow as if it were charging, and under my devices list, even after I forget the controller, it reappears, but no matter how many times I reset it, it never turns on.

Ostin Lewis - 回复

Im playing god of war and my character starts looking all over the place and i just bought a new controller. Is it my system or my controller?

leightyrobert - 回复

The Light on the touchpad doesn't light up theres only one light and its the light on the front. there is no light on the touchpad. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

The Mineblox Man - 回复

my controller will make sound in the settings menu but wont in game help

connor tube - 回复


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