十年前,苹果推出了第一款iPhone并以此改变了世界。今天,我们拆解苹果的第十八次迭代——iPhone X。拥有圆润的边角和无边框设计,我们相信这是史蒂夫所设想的iPhone,但随着梦想的实现,这款新iPhone还会像第一款iPhone那样影响世界吗?时间会告诉我们,对于现在,我们的工作就是将其拆解并以此帮你判断。跟上我们的步伐吧,一起来看看苹果的宝石金冠如何闪耀。

感谢来自Circuitwise协助我们进行拆解工作,以及来自Creative Electron的X光图片,以及TechInsights帮助我们识别主板芯片。

我们有 澳大利亚店啦!


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  1. iPhone X已经到手!让我们来看看这个玻璃三明治里面有什么佐料吧:
    • iPhone X已经到手!让我们来看看这个玻璃三明治里面有什么佐料吧:

      • A11仿生处理器(拥有神经网络)并嵌入M11运动协处理器

      • 5.8英寸全面屏,OLED材质、支持多点触控的超级视网膜高清显示屏;分辨率2436X1125(458PPI)

      • 后置双1200万像素摄像头,ƒ/1.8光圈广角镜头以及ƒ/2.4光圈长焦镜头,均配备光学防抖

      • 前置ƒ/2.2光圈700万像素原深感摄像头,支持Face ID、1080P高清录像

      • 支持快充技术以及Qi标准无线充电

      • 我们这款A1865全球版基带芯片支持多个蜂窝网络频段,并支持802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi‑Fi w/MIMO + Bluetooth 5.0 + NFC

    Which iPhone X model number are you investigating?

    Dimitar - 回复

    I think we can safely assume it’s the global A1901 model. Both other models are country specific according to EveryMac.com: A1865 for China and A1902 for Japan.

    addvariety - 回复

    A1865 is for US Verizon and Sprint too

    Sam Sun -

    On-cell display or in-cell display?

    Albee Einstein - 回复

    1901 is not global. It’s the GSM only version with the inferior Intel chips. The Qualcomm 1865 is the global/unlocked version.

    Xiao - 回复

    Where can I find a X with out LCD, Digitizer, screen?

    Grant Nord - 回复

  2. iPhone已经走过了10年的漫长路途。事实上,iPhone的设计已经走过了一个轮回,这回的iPhone更像是我们最早的初代
    • iPhone已经走过了10年的漫长路途。事实上,iPhone的设计已经走过了一个轮回,这回的iPhone更像是我们最早的初代

      • 除了那个先进的相机、闪亮的不锈钢边框、玻璃背板···以及Lighting接口···

    • 和早前出厂的iPhone 8一样,iPhone X放弃了往年惯用的背面难看的环保标准标志以及型号

    Here in Ireland (and I guess across the EU) we have the ‘Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China’ text, the CE mark and the ‘no dumping’ bin graphic still in place.

    Tom Mooney - 回复

    Anyone who thinks the markings on the back of the iPhone will influence whether it is recycled (rather than the trade-in value, accessibility of recycling facility or a customer’s own environmental awareness) has probably shoved a spudger too far up their nose.

    jessedouglas - 回复

    Where did you get that minty fresh first-gen iPhone? Is it part of iFixit’s collection?

    lelandjordon - 回复

    I enjoy the snarkiness in these teardowns (see “10-ray”, below), but the ‘gorsh I hope them recyclers get the hint’ was just stupid.

    Patrick - 回复

    I’m really glad they took out the regulatory info on the back. It simply didn’t need to be there. You know you’re not supposed to throw an electronic away.

    Liam Powell - 回复

    • 在我们开始毫无头绪的拆解前,先让我们看看来自Creative Electron为我们拍摄的X光照片吧

    • 我们在其中找到了:

      • 并非单独一块而是两块组合的电池,这是第一次在iPhone上见到这样的设计

      • 一块超小的主板空间。看起来重叠的焊点似乎预示着有两层东西堆叠着。

      • 为了给额外的前置传感器腾出空间,耳机听筒被下移了点

      • 线性马达和底部扬声器之间有个神秘的芯片——我们很好奇它是什么


    • 五角梅花螺丝看样子像是个未完成品,但实际上它看起来更像是个插销

      • 螺丝将螺纹从显示屏位置移动到了不锈钢框架位置,并将无螺纹部分延长成了奇怪的插销状

      • 我们猜测,这可以让显示屏有灵活性,允许其将安装支架更深入手机内部,并且可以为加强型Lighting接口提供空间

    • 幸运的是,苹果似乎并没有重构过多的设计,我们传统的iOpeneriSclack以及撬片足以完成工作

    The pin also applies downward pressure on the front panel, which probably helps with waterproofing.

    pbialek - 回复

    My iPhone X screen sometimes make a tiny noise when I press on the screen, like it’s adjusting a tiny bit. Is that normal since it’s flexible in it’s assemble or no?

    Albert H - 回复

    Depending on how hard you are pressing. Has the device ever been opened? If so, it could be because of the original adhesive-sealing not being properly in place due to the removal of the screen.

    Alec - 回复

    • 像书一样的拆解步骤,这是让我们在iPhone 7 Plus上所惊讶的新设计,但现在已经成为了设计标准

    • 单个挡板覆盖了逻辑板上的全部接口——我们从未如此高密度的接口布局

      • 再一次地,我们遇见了Y型螺丝,当你卸下作为看门人的梅花螺丝后便会见到它

      • 这些东西告诉我们,苹果并不希望我们或是你自己来进行维修

    The iPhone 7 also had a sideways opening that surprised the people doing the teardown

    aa - 回复

    As mentioned above.

    sean -

    • 在卸下主板上各种挡板、接口后,我们终于可以看看这块最新的旗舰机的硬件了

    • 稍后我们将更详细地分析下显示屏,现在我们利用X光看看这块神秘的芯片是不是被安装在了显示屏上

      • 一个小的拆解步骤变化,当显示屏拆解后,前置摄像头将会被留在机身内

    • 这张机身照片证实了X光照片中所看见的事实:大部分的空间都被这块双电池模组所占据,并且主板面积被大幅度缩小

    Referencing the X-Ray image: I suspect the IR flood illuminator is the top flex mounted module just under the Face ID detector & dot projector (TrueDepth camera system). Note the heavy wiring in the ribbon and limited lines to the connector.

    Dan - 回复

    • 后置双摄有着一个坚固的支架,看起来这个支架将会对精密的组件提供一定的保护以避免出现“弯曲门”

    • 双摄模组的另一面被用泡沫粘合剂固定在背板上,以防止因碰撞而造成的位移。这些摄像头需要人像模式或是类似的功能来展现他们的魔力

    • 在背板上的玻璃罩周围你能看见密集的微小焊点,这是为了防止可能的相机与背板玻璃的碰撞

    I really wish there wasn’t a camera hump to hold securely ..

    Darie H - 回复

    Might that beefy bracket be made of Liquidmetal (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquidmeta...)? That is, is it surpisingly stiff? Apple has an exclusive license to use Liquidmetal in consumer electronics, but seems not to have used it extensively.

    Dominic Dunlop - 回复

    Quite likely bracket is for positioning and to apply even pressure on camera against rear glass.

    pbialek - 回复

    • 我们终于拆出了这个密集布置的主板,让我们好好地看看这块主板

    • 这个小型化的主板非常节省空间,接口和焊件的密度是前所未见的,一克值千金,甚至Apple Watch的主板都有很多的空余处

    • 紧凑的iPhone X主板装入了更多的高科技,这让身在其旁边的iPhone 8 Plus主板看起来是那么的粗糙与臃肿

    • 比较两块主板的占地面积,iPhone X的主板大约是iPhone 8 Plus的70%——这让电池能够占有更大的空间

    just imagine how small it could be if they could get rid of the sim card tray

    A. Gy. - 回复

    That’ll happen soon, future iPhones will likely have esims like the apple watch s3.

    Calvin H -

    If that happens, how will users switch to other networks and install SIMs in their phone when they go abroad to avoid outrageous roaming charges?

    Alex Jenner - 回复

    If they used this for their next macbook…

    leojw1 - 回复

    • 苹果是靠什么技术在原有面积70%的地方上加入更多的技术呢?那就是将一块主板对折

    • 两块单独主板焊接在了一起,所以我们从我们的伙伴Circuitwise那儿借到了BGA工作台以分离两层主板

      • 将两层主板分离后,我们计算了单个主板的面积并累加在一起,发现iPhone X的主板总面积是iPhone 8 Plus主板的135%,这就是苹果以退为进的办法

    • iPhone X的主板是我们从第一代iPhone以来看到的第一个双层主板(第三张照片)

      • 这个聪明的设计所带来的缺点是许多主板级维修将会变得更困难

    I’m sure the most outer row of via’s are extending the shielding around the sandwich. Even still thats a lot of lines being passed between the half’s! I can’t see anyone trying to open & fix this module.

    Dan - 回复

    You are missing the point. These are connecting the board physically, but there is no communication through those vias. You can see the other side of the board has all the connectors to flex. (On both boards). The third board act as a super stiffener to prevent overheating causing bending on the board. Great design!!!

    Ramiro Montes de Oca - 回复

    Sorry Ramiro the outer row are shielding (ground) the 2rd & 3rd rows are comm lines between the boards (interposer board).

    Dan -

    You’re mistaken, Ramiro. They created a third spacer PCB that lines the perimeter. And instead of connecting the two layers with a fussy flex cable, data travels along dozens of through-hole vias. Why do people spout about stuff they don’t know… it drives me mad!

    Richard - 回复

    You are Correct!

    Dan -

    Does the folded design take up more vertical space than the old logic board design, and if so, how did Apple account for this increased vertical space?

    Was there vertical space open to begin with or does something in the design allow for more vertical space (i.e. the OLED panel is thinner)?


    Urname - 回复

    Yes, I think the OLED panel is considerably thinner. The X and 8 are pretty much the same thickness, so I think that that yes, it’s solely because of the OLED!

    Liam Powell -

    So Richard your assertion is that the silvered bumps all around the two boards are the vias? With a pitch of, what, 300µ?

    The MacRumors article yesterday referred to an interposer between the two main boards, but I don’t see any such. Was MacRumors wrong, or am I missing something?

    name99 - 回复

    The outer perimeter of “silver bumps” aka solder balls is most likely all connected to ground. The rest must be signals. There is not enough cabling to support the required amount of signals between the two boards.

    The interposer is still attached to the half in the top of the picture. The border of solder balls is higher than the rest of the PCB. This is required due to the night of the components on each PCB.

    Truly incredible design. Passes data without cabling, affixes the two boards to each other without hardware, and creates an EMI shield without extra metal

    Daniel Nadeau -

    Is that a piece of flat flex connected across two parts of the lower board? going right under the middle screw hole

    Andrew Cassidy - 回复

    It’s the ribbon from the camera’s which is poking up.

    Dan -

    Dan, I don't think so. Its completely sealed inside the sandwich

    Andrew Cassidy -

    Thats just a kapton insulator sheet inside the sandwich. I thought you were talking about the other image.

    Dan -

    I believe it time to find some more of my good old LCD bonding 9703 3M anisotropic tape. That might be the ticket for servicing that motherboard. Still have some tape in stock, so my shop will service that motherboard, when parts become available.

    Have a good weekend all.


    Jan Schmidt - 回复

    How did apple manage to take out heat from their processor? I still couldn’t understand how is this working…

    Ayush Gupta - 回复

    Good question! Given the fact the A11 chip is in the middle and doesn’t have any heat management unlike other SoC’s!

    The chip is using the smallest Node tech available! TSMC using a 10 nmFinFET process. This must be how Apple is able to not worry about heat.

    Dan -

    You are all wrong :-) look at the RF board, there isn’t a signle trace routed from the armada of solder-pads, so I’d say they’re purely mechanical & GND /tekhead

    Albert Einstein - 回复

    You do understand the PCB is made up of layers.

    Their won’t necessary be any visible traces on the surface besides what space is there! It’s so packed the lines would need to be buried inside the layers. One of the functions of via’s is to bring signals up and down the layers, clearly Apple is leveraging this here through the interposer board.

    Dan -

    @kyle - Can you take the circuit boards and take an image of the sandwich from the side or laid out in order so people can see the layers when pulled apart. I think people are getting confused on how they fit together.

    Dan -

    @kyle - Found a good image set from Tech Insights! Here’s the side views http://www.techinsights.com/uploadedImag... and http://www.techinsights.com/uploadedImag...

    Dan - 回复

    There’s a lot of need for intercommunication between the RF and the main CPU. There’s no other interconnect between the two boards. The perimeter vias have to be a communication bus.

    Kyle Wiens - 回复

    Does anyone knows how many PCB layers does each PCB half have?

    Roj Snap - 回复

    Anyone know who makes the logic board?

    i heard a rumour but need to confirm


    Matt - 回复

    • 第一层主板:

      • 苹果(Apple) APL1W72 A11仿生处理器,封装 海力士(SK Hynix )H9HKNNNDBMAUUR 3 GB LPDDR4X 内存

      • 苹果(Apple) 338S00341-B1 电源管理IC

      • 德州仪器(TI) 78AVZ81 充电管理IC

      • 恩智浦(NXP) 1612A1—可能是1610 Tristar IC的迭代产品

      • 苹果(Apple) 338S00248 音频解码器

      • STB600B0

      • 苹果(Apple) 338S00306 电源管理IC

    What are those “white stickers” in different shapes on the board? Are they the typical for checking water damage? Are the same shapes stickers related to each other in any way? Function?

    James - 回复

    Some of these components have a polarity. The white or black dot or a triangle denotes positive or anode end of the cap or diode.

    Dan -

    I think those are inductors, and the white spot indicates the right direction for them to go on the board.

    Liam Powell -

    Which is A11 Apple processor module part number, on same package row as SoC die designation APL1W72? The A11 Apple processor module part number has a format 339S004xx. The A11 photos are without sufficient contrast and difficult to read.

    Dimitar - 回复

    No help on A11 Apple processor module part number in this analysed iPhone?

    Dimitar -

    339S00437 is the number you are looking for. You can found that in the photo shown in the Step 13.

    APL1W72 could be the product number for Apple A11.

    From known information, 339S00433, 339S00434, 339S00436, 339S00437, and 339S00439 are the part number for Apple A11.

    JJ Wu - 回复

    Is it me or are all the surface mount capacitors misaligned on the far right end? One is barely making contact with the pad. It’s like someone fudged it with their thumb picking it up.

    Ian Melzer - 回复

    I think that happens when you desolder it with hot air. It heats up the whole board.

    Liam Powell -

    • 苹果(Apple)/村田(Murata) USI 170821 339S00397 WiFi / 蓝牙模块

    • 高通(Qualcomm)WTR5975 千兆LTE收发器

    • 高通(Qualcomm)MDM9655 骁龙(Snapdragon) X16 LTE调制解调器和PMD9655 电源管理IC。但是苹果在调制解调器上采用了双供应商,TechInsights 在 A1901 型号里面发现了一个 Intel XMM7480 (PMB9969) 。尽管高通的调制解调器具有Gbit速度的能力,但苹果手机并不支持。

    • 思佳讯(Skyworks) 78140-22功率放大器,SKY77366-17功率放大器,S770 6662,3760 5418 1736

    • 博通(Broadcom) BCM59355 触控IC

    • 恩智浦(NXP)80V18 PN80V NFC控制器模块

    • 博通(Broadcom) AFEM-8072,MMMB功率放大器模块

    Maybe iPhone X v2 will not have any chips from Qualcomm. Amen

    Vic Lau - 回复

    Vic Lau, Qualcomm makes good chips at good prices, so there isn’t any reason Apple shouldn’t use them.

    George A. - 回复

    If apple moves away from Qualcomm we can definitely expect a higher price tag on the next iteration of the iPhone

    DAXimus -

    BCM59355 is a wireless power chip, not Touch Controller

    JohnnyNoy - 回复

    Yea, ummmm, great design Apple, but it needs moar power amplifiers.

    Patrick - 回复

    Why do you say that ;-}

    Dan -

    The suing didn’t stop Qualcomm to get enough order apparently.

    On the contrary,a higher price for customers to purchase iPhoneX seems to be the only result.

    vivianangjoy - 回复

    Theres more to it than the chips, It appears there are some licensing payments owed. Here’s a bit more Apple may completely drop Qualcomm as a modem supplier on future iPhone models

    Dan -

    Don’t forget Apple likely had a contract with Qualcomm a year ago before the law suit. Which is why they are forced to sell Apple the parts otherwise this could get very ugly legally!

    Dan - 回复

    Why does the X have 2 chips? Qualcomm WTR5975 gigabit LTE transceiver & Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE  while the 8plus only has QualcommMDM9655Snapdragon X16 LTE modem? Does anyone know why?

    ernie599 - 回复

    Both those chips are present in Iphone 8 plus as well. They are just in different locations. Check step 10 in Iphone 8 plus tear-down.

    Actually both the chips are required. MDM9655 is a baseband modem, and WTR5975 is a RF transceiver.

    avinash parasuraman -

    • 在这个三明治主板的外面:

      • 东芝(Toshiba) TSB3234X68354TWNA1 64 GB 闪存

      • 苹果(Apple) / Cirrus Logic 338S00296音频放大器

    Is the gold plated part a sim card reader?

    K Sec - 回复

    Kapton tape on the underside for insulation, yeah

    Andrew Cassidy -

    anyone can tell that the storage its a TLC or MLC?

    leartzajmi - 回复

    • 苹果做出了一个PCB三明治,但它是如何工作的呢?

      • 他们制造出了一块分隔空间、环绕设计的PCB板,并且利用PCB上数十个孔洞进行数据的传输,而不是通过软性印刷电路进行数据传输

    • A11仿生处理器位于主板的中央,你可以通过X光照片来进一步了解主板的3D构型,边缘环绕的圆柱体是用于连接两个主板的介质

    Versus flex cables, the vias may be a more sound mechanism for communication between the boards BUT how will they fare when this handset is dropped!

    DAXimus - 回复

    Are the VIAs completely filled with solder, or are they hollow?

    Dan - 回复

    Dan, most through-hole vias are hollow.

    Jharwin Barrozo - 回复

    -> iFixit,

    look again, there are no traces routed from those, so I don’t think any data is travelling through those. It’s just ground.

    any relevant high-speed bus wouldn’t work well routed in that manner.

    main board is the “computer“ where all the flexes come in to connect to screen & peripherals.

    the rf-board is purely networking so very few wires has to connect between the main ARM and that board.

    Albert Einstein - 回复

    Albert, Review the comments in Step9 there is no other means for the two half to communicate with each other other than the vias and yes some are shielding (ground)

    Dan -

    Lel. Yeah. Those are just via stiching for shielding.

    preziremprokletigugl -

    What’s the diameter of the VIAs?

    Dan - 回复

    Maybe vias are security related. PCI homologation request for tamper-proof protection against encryption keys reading strait from RAM.

    Evandro Zilio - 回复

    I think you are right! but I’m not sure that which chip to process security function.

    Victor Huang -

    • 新的双电池模块带有四个电池拉带,类似于我们在iPhone 8系列中发现的较短的拉条,虽然它们朝向不同的方向

      • 拉带贴在电池的侧面,而不是折叠在顶部,这使拆解程序比平时稍微复杂点

    • 这块电池的能量为10.35Wh(2716mAh 3.81 V),仅比10.28Wh的iPhone 8 Plus电池大一点,但仍落后于12.71Wh的Galaxy Note8电池

    • 双电池设计更多的是一种空间利用措施,而不是一个增加容量的措施, 两个电池的设计能让电池设计更具创意,以充分利用缩小主板后空余出的面积

    It might be my age showing but what type of Li-Ion supports charging up to 4.35 ? (I mean .. there’s the type that goes up in flames but .. ?)

    Darie H - 回复

    It is just a more stable battery that can handle higher voltage without damage. Even my Cubot Note S has 4,35V max voltage battery (4.150 mAh).

    preziremprokletigugl -

    Okay so I use this phone for all the photos of appliances that we take at Jackson Appliance Repair Company. The question I have is— is the battery itself waterproof? Or is the phone waterproof (protecting components inside) when it’s fully assembled?

    Julie Toots - 回复

    The device is waterproof. Batteries really can’t be made waterproof as they have exposed contacts which when shorted would be dangerous depending on how conductive the liquid was (i.e. salt water).

    Dan -

    Some of the better utilization is overwritten by the need for 2 battery connectors.

    leojw1 - 回复

    • 你还记得Face ID技术吗?事实上我们在拆解工作开始前就已经尝试了它,我们的红外线摄像机帧数不足以拍摄下扫描时的点阵,但我们可以看见用于照明的灯光!

    • 历史时间:过去,微软(Microsoft)做出了一个漂亮的空间定位传感器——Kinect。它采用了来自以色列的PrimeSense的红外点阵技术

    • 苹果在2013年花费了3.6亿美元收购了PrimeSense,并且在之后的推向市场过程中投入了数亿美元

    • 与此同时,微软陷入了困境之中,其不得不开发出一个新的传感系统用于Kinect 2。而现在iPhone有了深感传感器,说不定有人会把它装在无人机上!

    The video is a nice addition.

    SWegner - 回复

    Kyle looks good in a lab coat!

    Dan - 回复

    Can you guys partner with someone with a fast enough IR camera to capture this? Would be really interesting.

    DAXimus - 回复

    I recognize that doctor from last week - best ‘turn my head and cough’ guy in a long time.

    He is a doctor, right?

    Patrick - 回复

    @kyle tell your design team to add a play button over the image, people can easily miss that it’s a video. I thought it was just an image, but saw the comment about he enjoyed watching the video - so i hovered my mouse and then that’s I figured it’s really a video. :)

    Jharwin Barrozo - 回复

    I would not want the phone flashing in my face every time it unlocks

    Jody - 回复

    It’s IR. Human eyes can’t see it, so unlocking with Face ID is essentially just staring at it, and from the user’s perspective, it magically unlocks. No visible flashing here!

    Liam Powell -

    Jody, the flashes are invisible to the human eye. In the video you can hear the guy with the phone asking if the cameraman can see the flashes, because you need a special camera to view them. It’d be like staring into the end of a TV remote control and pushing buttons.

    brandontoh93 - 回复

    Not for me. I can see infrared easily.

    Derek Mayo -

    Esa luz que nosotros no vemos, sera dañina de tanto uso ?. Porque desbloqueamos el telefono muchisimas veces al dia.

    That light that we do not see, will be harmful of so much use? Because we unlock the phone many times a day.

    Ruben Aries - 回复

    Here’s a good vid on the FaceID projector lighting up someones face: https://youtu.be/OvVKnC6gGtg Jump to 5:50 to see it.

    Dan - 回复

    so why MS did not buy ++PrimeSense?++

    fuyun - 回复

    Having designed a lens system for Occipital’s Structure sensor (which is also a Prime Sense derivative). The structured light emitter, which is actually a laser; vibrates to create the pattern that bathes your face. I am pretty sure the structure light source does not have the power to do anything besides scan your face, but also the infrared camera is lens system is probably tuned for 300 mm-500 mm unlike the Kinect(1), ASUS XTION or PrimeSense’s own early versions, which have a much longer range. If anyone is interested in doing more than just face scanning, check out Occipital’s website.: https://structure.io/ .

    All Things 3D - 回复

    • 我们将注意力转移到手机的顶部,看到备受期待的迷你Kinect上——原深感摄像头系统! 这个系统集合了一系列传感器让iPhone X拥有了面部识别功能

      • 这个系统工作的第一步:嵌入在显示屏中的泛光感应元件利用用红外光(IR)照射你的面部

      • 接下来,被红色方框标记的前置摄像头将会确定面部位置

      • 之后,最右边的红外点阵投影仪将会在你的脸上投影出一个网格点以建立一个三维图像

      • 最后,左边的红外摄像机将会识别这个三维图像,并将数据发送给手机

      • 在屏幕之下,iPhone X使用了非常快速的软件算法,把所有这些碎片结合在一起,来弄清楚究竟他看到的是你,还是你那不怀好意的双胞胎

    Jump to Step6 X-Ray image to see the flood illuminator is just under the TrueDepth camera system. Review the note there.

    Dan - 回复

    Surely the ir camera senses the ir flood projector, not the standard camera…

    Richard Birkby - 回复

    There are three IR light sources used: The small pencil beam to see if the phone is face down or next to ones face (proximity) which uses the camera as the sensor (located just to the left of the speaker slot from the front). Then there is the flood illuminator which lets the camera ‘see’ if you are there (to discriminate there is a face present) just to the right of the camera. The third is the dot projector (on the right side of the speaker slot) to ID you. The same camera is used for all three functions no special IR camera here.

    Dan - 回复

    Do we know anything about the dimensions of the three components?

    Arav - 回复

    Can I buy that TrueDepth system?

    JJ Delisle - 回复

    Has anybody figured out, if this part is replaceable? I hope this isn’t handled like the TouchID which is locked to the logic board?

    Deniz Yalcin - 回复

    • 拆解即将完成,我们现在将会开始背板的拆解

      • 第一个取出来的是一个带有弹簧连接器以及EMI接地触点的小支架,并带有一条带状电缆

      • 接下来是低音喇叭模块,在其接口周围充满了用于防水的粘性防水胶

      • 最后,我们拆出了Taptic Engine和著名的气压计, 苹果的Taptic Engine仍然是一个线性振动电机

    Are there two speakers at the bottom?

    Hossein Alavl - 回复

    Nope just the one lower speaker. The second speaker is mounted to the upper portion of the display assembly.

    Sam Lionheart -

    How is vibration motor installe, it is glued or screwed?

    nitin sharma - 回复

    • 一如既往,我们的拆解工程师完美地使用双镊技术移除了Lightning接口

    • 对于任何想拆除充电底座的人的好消息 lighting连接器看起来更加坚固,有更加宽的基板

      • 正如我们之前所猜测的,它还带有用于之前我们所见到的插销式梅花螺丝穿过的小孔,使螺丝得以穿过并插入显示屏插销中

    Is the Lightning connector two-sided? Pins on both sides like we originally saw in the iPad Air 2 (IIRC) and larger iPad Pro?

    Scott - 回复

    I don’t think it really matters. Apple’s Lightning Connector is double sided, so EVEN IF they DO have contact points on both sides, they probably would have wired them together anyway.

    Xavier Jiang - 回复

    The Lightning connector IS double sided, however the pins are NOT NECESSARILY physically tied together in the connector; ergo it actually supports 16-pins, not 8. So it DOES matter. A double-sided port could hypothetically support Thunderbolt, or 2 USB3 channels. And we have seen, inexplicably, a double-sided port from Apple before in the iPad Pro. A fully 2-sided Lightning connector/port could be functionally as capable as USB Type-C, minus the legacy USB 2.0 lanes. (The Type-C connector ALWAYS maintains a legacy USB 2.0 pair; Apple would have no need for that legacy combination if Thunderbolt was their forward-looking target.)

    Scott - 回复


    Apple has already defined the connector https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_... I doubt they are going to mess it up making it polarized directionally at this point.

    Dan -

    There are 2 separate parts here. One is the Lightning connector and the flex cable under it is the loud speaker flex cable.

    Mike Morrow - 回复

    • 随着主要部件被拆解成零件,我们将注意力转回显示屏。我们注意到了听筒,苹果重新设计了一个新的声道,以便导出声音

    • 小心地拆除显示屏上方的组件,我们看到这是一个我们从未见到过的最复杂的组件,在这上面集成了扬声器、麦克风、环境光感应器、泛光照明器以及距离传感器

    • 拆解掉全部组件后,我们只剩下了一个空的显示屏

    So what was that mystery chip first shown in the x-ray pictures?

    aleksivanttinen - 回复

    TechInsights has a nice picture. It’s BCM1595.

    Astute - 回复

    And what are the models/manufacturers of the ambient light sensor, flood illuminator, and proximity sensor?

    Ricarte - 回复

    What is the chip to the left f the Broadcom one? Long and thin with a metal cover.

    TheOx - 回复

    Whats the long thin chip next to the broadcom one?

    TheOx - 回复

    • 来看看内部神秘的芯片吧!在我们朋友 TechInsights 的帮助下,我们得以一窥屏幕盖子内部,我们有了以下发现:

      • 标记为 BCM15951B0KUB2G 的触控屏控制器。

      • 同时:我们从未见过的一个新的 STMicro设备,一个OLED电源管理IC,标记为 10 THADT733 X-139U。

    The ST is more likely a boost converter, look at the inductors around it.

    Too few pins to be a oled display-driver

    Albert Einstein - 回复

    • 回到已经被拆解差不多的iPhone X中框,我们见到了另一个熟悉的部件——这个密集的线圈:无线充电线圈

      • 上面携带了大量的组件,包括音量按键、响铃/静音开关以及一个不知名的传感器支架

    • 我们在顶部也拆除了一条很疯狂的多功能电缆,其集成了4-LED原彩闪光灯以及电源按键,就像是昔日的iPhone一样

    Is the Qi coil that needs to be unobstructed for wireless charging just the center circle the ribbons are attached to or is it the whole unit?

    cydeweyz - 回复

    You can see the coil in step 3 x-ray images.

    aleksivanttinen -

    Just the big black coil.

    George A. -

    Is there anything special with the charging coil? Do you think they are being modest and when airpower comes out it will blow away qi coils?

    Joseph Littler - 回复

    What is the diameter of the coil? Just curious.

    leres - 回复

    • 奖励关卡:当你拆解全新的iPhone X背面玻璃时会发生什么?

    • 经过大规模的加热我们使用撬棒并祭出我们的Jimmy。就像是iPhone 8&8 Plus一样,iPhone X将玻璃背板用胶水牢牢地粘在了中框上

    • 在我们小心谨慎地操作后依旧没有进展:与iPhone 8的单片玻璃不同,X凸起的部分被嵌入背板玻璃中,并精确地固定在了下方中框上

    • 在这种经典的卡入式饼干罐设计中,我们可以选择切断我们的手(凸起的摄像头部分)或是粉碎饼干罐(背板玻璃),完美

      • 我们选择了拆下完整的玻璃背板,但那些击碎了背板玻璃的人们没有更好的选择——他们必须花费大量的时间用于处理背板上的粘合剂以及碎玻璃

    Could you show the other side of the stainless shell? Is the glass apple logo and lettering at the bottom printed on the backside and glass layer over top?

    Scott Miller - 回复

    Scott - It appears the coloring is on the back side of the glass so the logo and text is printed from the back side the then over painted with the base color.

    Dan - 回复

    Yup, same as the 8, you can see the bare inside of the glass here.

    Sam Lionheart - 回复

    Is there any way to remove only the rear camera glass?

    이상원 - 回复

    looking for this solution

    Leandro Santiago -

    How was the camera bump removed?

    Ivan Beatz - 回复

    Destructively. It’s welded into place from the inside.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    I find using a small flat head at each one of the weld points and rocking it left and right with a little force helps break the weld with less trouble than trying something large like a jimmy tool.

    thecomputerdrjc - 回复

    I opened the phone, removed the rear cameras, flash, logic board and battery, then wedged something underneath the rear camera bracket (which is spot welded to the camera bump) to break the spot welds to the camera bump. You’ll end up destroying the bracket (my replacement glass came with a new bracket and camera bump/lens) the bump will literally fall out once done. The rear glass can then be removed and replaced, then fit new camera bracket (and camera bump if damaged when removed).

    Gareth - 回复

  3. Thanks - - - gonna need some better glasses.

    Russ - 回复

    where is antenna?

    wmyang - 回复

    Apple is still using the outer aluminum frame like the older iPhones. If you look carefully you’ll see the insulators which isolate the top and bottom sections which are the antennas.

    Dan -

    Is there any way to replace the mesh earpiece for this device?

    Elana Chon - 回复

  4. 最后的想法
    • 在苹果的设计语言中,显示屏和电池的维修依然是重中之重
    • 无需移除用于Face ID的面部识别组件便可更换的显示屏
    • 使用螺丝比使用胶水好——但是除了使用标准的十字螺丝以外还使用了苹果专用的螺丝(梅花螺丝和Y型螺丝)
    • 防水措施使得一切维修变得复杂,但使因进水导致的维修可能降低
    • 需要特别注意的电缆,其中捆绑了大量的组件——昂贵、麻烦且更换费力
    • 正面与背面的玻璃面板使得跌落造成损伤的可能性增加,并且,如果背面玻璃碎裂,你需要移除机身内的全部组件并更换机身



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Incredible and dense tech inside this iPhone - thanks ifixit!

Richard Armstrong - 回复


Could you give us more info about NFC antenna localization? I suppose it’s on top of the back panel (to avoid conflict with Qi )


Joe - 回复

It’s the top bezel itself, as always.

Tom Chai -

From Iphone 6 to XS Max, its always been on top?


An amazing repairability score for such a compact and advanced design.

NaN - 回复

Exactly! Given the amount of effort they put into shrinking (or folding) certain parts, it’s great to see they’ve put in the same effort to not make it harder to repair. That any modern smartphone will never receive a 10/10 score due to the design choices is acceptable, so I’m happy to see there’s still a reasonable way in. Not like some tablet/laptop hybrids that are horrendous to even open up; yes I’m looking at you Microsoft!

addvariety -

is the face id hardware programmed to the phone like the touch ID was? that would make replacing it impossible by 3rd parties.

i know its not connected to the screen, but still it may be a common repair like it is now.

karl - 回复

There isn’t really a reason why replacing the True Depth sensors should be a “common replacement” like the home button was. The home button had to be replaced because it was a physical piece of hardware that was pressed millions of times before failing. The True Depth sensor should fail rarely since it is protected under glass and won’t be hammered on constantly.

Jeremy1026 -

Very good! Finally different in the interior, the previous models were all the same!

Universo Técnico - 回复

Impressive just how much tech they crammed into this thing. The layout of the internals shows just how much thought went into this.

Sandy34 - 回复

Question which iPhone X version is this? with 2 Qualcom chips it looks like it is the Model A1865

Hayth - 回复

Apple claims that in order to make the screen curve with the edges, they had to fold part of the OLED screen over to hide the display driver right under the screen. Would you be able to verify that?

dvdhan - 回复

yes, there was an animation in the promo video. Looked weird. I’d like to know how they get the cutout in there.

And how do the cutout pixels account to the display resolution?

Andi -

Yes I saw this too, can you investigate more into the OLED display? In the video at 0:30, Jony Ive says “the custom OLED panel was engineered to fold and seamlessly combine with the external surfaces.” Their computer rendering really makes it appear there are hundreds of hidden pixels being illuminated. https://youtu.be/K4wEI5zhHB0?t=30s

Jackson Hern -

Sweet! I’m actually impressed by the efficiency of this.

James Buckhorn - 回复

The picture of the sandwich board is tilted and out of focus. Please retake from directly above

Mitch Hansen - 回复

Hey Mitch! We have top down photos of the logic board in steps 9, 10, 11, and 12! Check them out! The photo in step 13 is meant to describe depth, so the angle the focus on the chips inside is intentional!

Sam Lionheart -

@ifixit You did not reveal that mysterious chip on the display panel.

Simon - 回复

Please post XRay Wallpaper of the iPhone X! You guys are the only ones that do it right!

Hoang Le - 回复

Just snag the xray ‘wallpaper’ off the enlarged picture above… o.O

gibsonjont -

No sign of the display or touch driver chip?

Dylan - 回复

From a boardlevel repair perspective I sense this is mostly game over.

Separation of the two layers requires an amount of heat applied to the whole structure pretty much all soldering folks would consider unsafe including myself.

Lets all hope very strong that this design improves mechanical stability to a point where we wont have breaking solder joints any more and improved circuitry preventing most common damages. The level and style of catch up game with the repair industry apple plays here is disconcerting.

After settling with recent macs not to be considered buyable because of &&^&^$^ all components being soldered in and tethered added to ridiculous toylike features driving stupid prices now the iPhone is also beyond what I am willing to accept for such money.

Its depressing to see how fast apple from year to year is becoming more about profit and money and less about tech and users.

I wonder how long I have to wait until some other player comes up with a real alternative in terms of user experience.

Anton Chubukov - 回复

Yes i agree, what they did will make repairs harder you can see in this pictures some components moved from their place after separation which is a bad outcome.

Filip Pusca -

Have you considered the Essential Phone? It seems like they may have something special over there…

Gino J -

I have to agree. I started out in 1980 with my bsee degree repairing Apple 1’s 2’s and 3’s with an oscilloscope, soldering iron and the latest copy of the ic circuit handbook. I have not been thrilled about Apples progression from everyman’s or women’s mac to unserviceable sometimes throw away stuff that needs cottage industries to support what they can, when before it was mainstream repair with dig this, a service door!.

Ross Elkins -

@Ross Elkins: The Apple 1, ][ and /// were designs based on 7400-series TTL logic. Do you have any idea how big, power-hungry (and expensive!) devices like the iPhone would be, if they were designed with 7400 chips? If it would even be possible (which I seriously doubt), the PCBs stuffed-full of TTL logic would easily cover a football field, would require a 1000A power supply, and would cost $100,000 (or more)!!!

For you to even mention the repairability of stone knives and bearskins designs (no offense meant to Mssrs. Wozniak and company) like the first few Apple computers in the same breath as state of the art, massively-integrated product designs like the iPhone X strongly suggests that you wasted your money on that EE degree; because you certainly haven’t been keeping up with technology, even at a lay,an’s level.

Douglas McIntosh -

Yes, serviceability has definitely lost ground to compact design over the years. There are trade offs everywhere and either we carry around a brick with a removable back panel for component repair/replacement access, or have the smartphone design we do today where it's practically an extension of our body. I'm for the latter.

I do love iFixit teardowns though, daring to go where no one is intended to.

I salute you, iFixit!


Robert French -

@atomicsymphonic Umm… you have to FREEZE it to get it open! Essential Phone 拆解 It got a repairability score of 1.

Liam Powell -

Does the bottom left of the phone still just have a dummy panel covering the speaker grill?

John - 回复

If you’re thinking of the barometric vent, then yes! You can see it in the third image on step 17.

Sam Lionheart -

It looks like the mysterious chip was attached to the lower speaker…any idea what it is used for?

Lewie Edwards - 回复

It is still mysterious!

Satyajeet Vishwakarma -

Does the mystery chip possibly contain the data for the user’s facial recognition? Apple said that data would be stored on the phone only - and nowhere else - out of privacy concerns.

HL Dash -

Were you able to verify that face recognition still worked once the phone was re-assembled?

Cindy Leek - 回复

Facial Recognition works. But proximity sensor has to be swapped over to maintain Face ID after a screen swap.

Matt Davis -

iv tried today to swap screens on two iPhone X without swapping over any parts, just the screens and Face ID stopped working on both. ill try later to swap the proximity sensor to see if that fixes the Face ID.

roy -

I swapped two screens from one to the other on the iPhone X and Face ID stopped working on both. ill try later to see if swapping the proximity sensor fixes the Face ID not working.

roy -

Should be much easier to repair without the virtual touch id button.

John Knirr - 回复

Is the top speaker better or worse than the 8? It was never very balanced with the bottom one on mine. It looks different here, more square.

tipoo - 回复

this looks like a science fiction movie, very big WOW

forrest gump - 回复

Be nice if the person breaking down the phone, or at least the one who writes up the Teardown, had some engineering training, some of the text above was completely unintelligible, unscientific and used wrong terminology in descriptions. Apart from that, though, great! LOL

vkd - 回复

And you’re perfect in everything that you do right? If you’re so smart you should have filtered through all type O’s and kept your rude post to yourself, JACKASS!!

lucien arsenault -

Have you tried swapping parts from one phone to the other?

Tony Tone - 回复

The next thing to go is the nano sim tray for sure it's so large compared to the logic board.

Kailen Bittner - 回复

Apple’s almost definitely going to replace it with an eSIM in the next model. I sure hope so. https://www.blog.google/products/project...

Liam Powell -

Can you show us the OLED (Super Retina) display which Apple says supposedly folds in under itself?

jk379b - 回复

Could we please see more angles of the “sandwich” board before it was separated?

makenb - 回复

What about the screen essentially folding backwards on top of itself? I was wondering about that in a tear down like this. Here’s what I’m referring to: https://boygeniusreport.files.wordpress....

Frank Durocher - 回复

What part is the TI 78AVZ81????  Can’t find it on TIs website.

Greg - 回复

Which model is this iPhone? A1865 or A1903?

Gechen - 回复

We picked up an A1865 in Australia!

Kyle Wiens -

Is the gold plated part in step 12 a sim card reader? If so we definitely need esim

K Sec - 回复

this iPhone can work with one side of the logic board desoldered . you have to use it however as an iPod or iPad without wifi and bloetooth.

Efemann Computer - 回复

without harddriver either!!!

imnotar -

Could you check readings on that vias? (just some of them) and confirm whether they are grounded, empty or data, power lines?

bart6665 - 回复

Seems like Apple is designing a few more chips now.

T Hui - 回复

Maybe I missed it, but did we find out what the chip next to the speaker is? It was called out with a green box on the X-Ray in the 3rd step. I don’t think i saw the explanation.

gregkramer - 回复

I believe you’re talking about the chip in Step 20!

Dom Santangelo -

Just a guess, but the “Unidentified sensor bracket” in Step 21 could be related to Apple’s new leather folio case which wakes the phone upon opening and sleeps upon closing.

Antoine V - 回复

I’m sure the IR proximity is what does that

Dan -

It’s unlikely to be the proximity sensor doing this, as then it would work with third party cases as well, not just Apple’s and would do something similar when just covering or uncovering the screen.

Justin Clifford -

In the iPhone X promo video from Apple, we can see the OLED screen is curved under itself, which I’ve read is to ensure a consistent light all the way to the edges of the phone.


I’ve looked above a few times at the various steps but don’t seem to find any reference to details on the OLED screen, which you’d imagine is a very important part of any smartphone.


iFixit, can you please add a 24th step that goes into detail on this? I can see from a couple of comments above that I’m not the only person wanting to know.


Thank you for your incredible work!





Alex - 回复

Any chance you can show us the folded OLED screen? Isn’t this an integral part of the phone? Why did you leave it out?

Alex - 回复

Any idea who they are using for the Qi charging IC?

Robert McCormick - 回复

Apple made there own coil. It has the apple insignia on it

zachary -

Are you able to put the phone back together and have it still be functional, or does this tear-down destroy the phone?

Peter Georgiton - 回复

There are too many screws on the iPhone X

Mandy - 回复

The degree of consolidation for functionality in the circuitry is unprecedented! State of the art.

Satyajeet Vishwakarma - 回复

Great work everyone! This is fantastic.

Nat Welch - 回复

Very nice, good explain

allwin2abbas - 回复

Very informative! I love your site!

robert benn - 回复

Ram wasn’t mentioned this year? What is it? How much ram?

chaosprodigy - 回复

3 GB of RAM in the A11 chip

Dan -

Great work. Congrats.

wilcamo - 回复

Are there other chips in different models I see no mention of Qorvo ??

ski3938 - 回复

Can you tell us if new soi substrat is used for the St MICRO system for the face recognition?

fredo - 回复

Face id only works if the phone is vertical.

John Knirr - 回复

Any commentary on the antenna design and how it compares to 8/7 (plus/nonplus)?

Phil Rosenthal - 回复

Mmm, where is the $999?

Autrak - 回复

iPhone X is the same wireless charging hardware design like iPhone 8 ? any difference?


Excellent site do you only describe etc phones?

Michael Thomas Houton - 回复

IFIXIT covers many different products review the other tear downs here: https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown

Dan -

I just hope no costumer comes in with a broken rear…

Dion jonkheid - 回复

For the dual-cell battery, why adding 4.93Wh to 5.52Wh = 10.45Wh, instead of 10.35 Wh as marked?

Two different capacity cells in parallel connection lose 0.1Wh?

Daniel Xu - 回复

Awesome!! Already you did

goma - 回复

thanks lot for all ifixit team

Seydina Diaw - 回复

So amazing PCBs layout!

Rossicley M. Araujo - 回复

Very informative! I love your site…..

susmoy - 回复

Would appreciate your comments about the Snapdragon X16 Modem. Have the aireals been disabled by Apple in a smilar fashion to the way they were disabled on the Iphone 8 and 8Plus model 1865? This seems to be an important issue? Jack

john mcginty - 回复


Andy - 回复

Hi , i am interesting if wireless charging control IC from Broadcom have same function with IDT’s wireless charging receiver IC that been used in Samsung flagship smart phones? and is Broadcom a single sourcing for Iphone wireless charging IC?

thank you!

Renjie - 回复

This is too cool ! Do you have data on which parts are best in class the industry offers ?



Mark Francisco - 回复

Will you be doing an in-depth tear down of the display itself? I’m super curious how Apple actually put this display together, especially after that outstanding product overview video.

BunkerS - 回复

Hi, I know that the iPhone X supports the auto sleep/wake function, as on iPads, using wallet covers like the original Apple Folio one, so I think there should be magnets inside the phone, is that true? If yes where they are? I saw tons of wallet covers on eBay that are sold as "magnetic" but they don't say if they support the auto sleep/wake function, anybody has tried one of these? Thanks

$tef94 - 回复

Could I replace the Entire Face ID Package, including the camera? Or is it paired to the Logic Board?

Matt H - 回复

So, is look like the Camera bump is very strong and durable since is welded to the body frame + glued to the glass. Right?

Time Line - 回复

How durable do you think the Camera bump welded to the Metal Frame + glued to the Glass (Glass glued to Metal frame)???

Time Line - 回复

Fantastic teardown guys!! I am curious about the stainless steel ring around the frame. It does appear that it’s composed of 4 distinct pieces due to the seams between.

Can you guys comment on how they’re connected to each other as well as the backplane?

It does make me wonder on the Space Grey version - are the 4 pieces PVD coated before they’re joined or after?

Steven Fischer - 回复

Any chance you guys will do a teardown of the display like you did with the iPhone 6s? I’m genuinely curious how on earth they made this gorgeous display!

BunkerS - 回复

I have I phone X now , and wear the phone by protection cover , couse I am afraid that back class will broke , do you have an other solution to save back phone ?

Abdulaziz - 回复

I work for a phone company and we are getting these phones returned by same group of people, they take the phone out then 24 hours they return it, the boxes are open but the phones are still in the plastic seals, it there anything that can be done to these phones they look as good as new but my gut is saying something has been done with the phones.

Mike Honell - 回复

Where is GPS antenna located?

yurkennis - 回复

Hello, please, iPhone X has two or only one bottom microphone? On picture is only one, and iPhone 6S, 7 have two.

Adam Krůžela - 回复

How the on screen finger print works? what kind of part’s it need to execute?

Arghadip Deb - 回复

There is no in screen touch ID. Just Face ID, and there’s no fingerprint reader anywhere on the phone.

Liam Powell -

Hi, please, where is fourth microphone at bottom of the phone? Integrated in speaker assembly? All phones since iPhone 7 has 4 microphones, and i counted there only 3.

Adam Krůžela - 回复

Where can I get an iPhone X chassis to fix my phone

Tanner Preston - 回复

The little white dot on the back of the wireless charging assembly, that is visible through the crack between the two batteries, is this another liquid damage indicator? If not, where are the rest of the internal liquid damage indicators aside from the small one in the sim card slot?

Paul - 回复

Hello were can i buy chassis for iphone X thanks

Koba Jgenti - 回复

unidentifed censer? They are spying on us lol

Grace Capozzi - 回复

The charge tip broke in my IPhone X. Can it be pulled out the same as the other iPhones

Lori - 回复


jungel - 回复

Can you guys tell me about specific dimension of all 3 part for TrueDepth camera?

jpuvmd - 回复

Is it possible to share the mass and dimension breakdown of the main components? Thank you!

Ginko - 回复

I expected to see an explanation on how they removed the bottom chin… where do the driving electronics go?

kurkosdr - 回复

Wheres the antenna located? Top Bezel?

David Moheban - 回复

How do you remove the buttons from the casing?

Ad Iqbal - 回复

What’s the size of the back camera sensors? I want to compare it to my older dusty point and shoots.

Mihai Codoban - 回复

Hi ifixit team,

bluetooth and wifi module can be replaceble?

Nvn Namburi - 回复



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