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使用本指南对iPhone 6 Plus前置摄像头和传感器组件进行更换

  1. 在拆卸前,请确保您的iPhone 电池电量在25%以下。充满电的锂离子电池如果意外刺破,可能会引起火灾和/或爆炸。
    • 在拆卸前,请确保您的iPhone 电池电量在25%以下。充满电的锂离子电池如果意外刺破,可能会引起火灾和/或爆炸。

    • 在开始拆卸之前请把iPhone关机。

    • 移除lightning接口两边的2颗3.6mm P2五角螺丝。

    I prefer to remove the SIM card as the very first step since it's safer to do so while the phone is fully assembled.

    estebanfallasf - 回复

    I stripped one of the two screws - at a dead stop.

    Margaret Patterson - 回复

    Before you even start: get the iOpener or hairdryer out. You’ll need it

    GPZ - 回复

    If a lightning connector won’t provide a charge or needs to be wiggled carefully to provide a charge, power off the device, then try using precision tweezers to scrape the innermost wall of the lightning jack in a pinching motion to check for lint buildup. Pocket lint or other debris can accumulate inside the jack, compacting each time a cable is inserted. This can prevent a lightning cable from seating fully. Clearing the lint may restore functionality without replacing the part.

    Andrew Dolan - 回复

    • 下面两个步骤展示了 iSclack, 作为维修过程中可多次使用的安全打开机身的工具,不仅仅是 iPhone 6 Plus 适用。如果你选择不使用 iSclack,请跳到第4步。

    • 如果 iSclack 中间的塑料的深度调节器还附着在上面的话,请移除它——iPhone 6 Plus 这么大的手机不需要。

    • 合上 iSclack 的把手,打开吸盘夹。

    • 把 iPhone 底部放在吸盘中间。

    • 把 iSclack 吸盘的上部置于显示屏靠近 home 键的位置。

    • 打开把手,使 iSclack 的吸盘夹合上。把吸盘放在中间,牢牢地按压到 iPhone 的上下表面。

  2. 握紧你的 iPhone,合上 iSclack 的把手来分离吸盘,使前面板和后机壳分离。 iSclack 是专为安全打开 iPhone 机身而设计,不会损坏显示屏电线。
    • 握紧你的 iPhone,合上 iSclack 的把手来分离吸盘,使前面板和后机壳分离。

    • iSclack 是专为安全打开 iPhone 机身而设计,不会损坏显示屏电线。

    • 把两个吸盘揭下来。

    • 跳过后面三步,直接到第7步。

    It's very difficult if you want to remove a cracked screen. The suction cup and Islack won't work. Does anybody know a better way?

    Herbert - 回复

    I use Scotch Tape, shipping tape. Put a couple of layers over the crack screen. That seals it so you can use the suction cup to remove the front of phone.

    Michael Wallace -

    I used the plastic pry took and the spudger to open it up. I place the pry tool dead center below the home button and was able to put some pressure around the seam and the top popped up enough for me to get the spudger in there to hold it open and then work my way around with the plastic pry tool.

    johnoconna -

    Apply clear packaging tape to screen. Then suction cup to that.

    Tracey -

    Use clear nontextured tape place that over the phone screen. Refer to any guide that addresses replacing a shattered screen

    Abigail Cherry - 回复

    I know it's tough with cracked glass. You just need enough to get in a plstic pry tool or guitar pick. Then you can pry it apart. Just be patient, I cannot stress that enough; the electronics are very, very small and fragile.

    Mike - 回复

  3. 如果你没有 iSclack,使用单个吸盘来打开前面板:
    • 如果你没有 iSclack,使用单个吸盘来打开前面板:

    • 把吸盘放到屏幕上,正好在 home 键上面一点。

    • 确保吸盘和屏幕吸得很紧。

    Avec la ventouse, l’ouverture est brutale, tout s’est déclipsé d’un seul coup. Faire attention.

    Paul Briffaut - 回复

    English Please!

    tom mozeleski -

    With the sucker, the opening is brutal, everything was cleared at once. Pay attention. (Paul’s comment translated by Google)

    Steve Schlotter - 回复

  4. 一只手把 iPhone 按下的同时,把吸盘轻轻地往上拉,使前面板组件和后机壳分离。
    • 一只手把 iPhone 按下的同时,把吸盘轻轻地往上拉,使前面板组件和后机壳分离。

    • 慢慢来,使用恒定的力量。显示屏组件比大多数的设备都要紧。

    • 使用塑料撬棒,开始轻轻地把后机壳撬下来,在这个过程中继续拉吸盘。

    • 前面板组件和后机壳有几个夹扣连接,所以你需要使用吸盘和撬棒工具组合。

    Be extra careful here. If you don’t take your time, your front panel may jerk back on you, causing you to overextend and break the front camera/mic flex cable; happened to me. Slowly peel back the front panel, opening it no more than 90º.

    Thomas - 回复

    watch out for the left side of the phone the adhesive bunches up around the inner clips, i didn’t realize it and the upper left of my screen cracked pretty bad. But this guide is awesome follow every direction to the letter

    Aaron Fitzpatrick - 回复

  5. 拉住吸盘上的塑料凸起,破坏真空环境。 把吸盘从显示屏组件上移除。
    • 拉住吸盘上的塑料凸起,破坏真空环境。

    • 把吸盘从显示屏组件上移除。

    There is an adhesive strip all along the edge between the top and bottom of the phone. Is that just adhesive or is it wire of some sort?

    Larry Ingerling - 回复

    @lingerling The adhesive strip was introduced on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (one model year later than what’s shown on this page). Guides specific to each model can be found here—be sure to use the correct one for your particular phone. And yes, just adhesive, no wires. ;)

    Jeff Suovanen - 回复

  6. 拉起 home 键一端的前面板组件,以手机顶端为轴。 把显示屏打开到角度为 90º ,把它如图所示靠在某物上。 使用橡皮筋把显示屏固定在盒子上。这可以避免对显示屏电线不必要的拉扯。
    • 拉起 home 键一端的前面板组件,以手机顶端为轴。

    • 把显示屏打开到角度为 90º ,把它如图所示靠在某物上。

    • 使用橡皮筋把显示屏固定在盒子上。这可以避免对显示屏电线不必要的拉扯。

    • 如果手边找不到合适的物品,你也可以用没打开的易拉罐来固定。

    Be careful If we leave the screen connected and set it to 90 degrees, the speaker / sensor flex may break. With an opening of 60 degrees it is convenient to completely disconnect the screen. The headset's flex is short, and if we put it at 90º, it can break. Guiding me from the images of iFixit, I have broken two cables.


    Cuidado. Si dejamos la pantalla conectada y lo ponemos a 90 grados, el flex del altavoz/sensor puede romperse. Con una abertura de 60 grados es conveniente desconectar enteramente la pantalla. El flex del auricular es corto, y si lo ponemos en 90º , se puede romper. Guiándome de las imágenes de iFixit, se me han roto dos cables.

    txaukos - 回复

    At 60º the display will block access to all the screws and the phone would be practically unserviceable, so I’m having trouble making sense of this comment. The cables on a factory original display are pretty tough and designed with enough slack that a 90º angle is no problem. Same with any decent aftermarket display.

    Jeff Suovanen - 回复

    If you look at the enlarged image, you can see how the flex cable from the camera / speaker is in tension. This is my opinion. Sorry for my bad English

    Si usted se fija en la imagen ampliada, puede ver cómo el flex cable de la cámara/altavoz está en tensión. Esta es mi opinión.

    Perdón por mi mal inglés

    txaukos - 回复

  7. 在手机顶端有几个夹扣,显示屏可以像书一样翻动。 在组装过程中,把夹扣对齐后机壳顶部边缘。然后滑动前面板和后机壳扣上。
    • 在手机顶端有几个夹扣,显示屏可以像书一样翻动。

    • 在组装过程中,把夹扣对齐后机壳顶部边缘。然后滑动前面板和后机壳扣上。

    I would recommend protecting the screen once the display is free and the suction cup has been removed. This will help avoid any possibility of accidental scratching of the display crystal while the remaining steps are being performed. I used an inexpensive screen protector then removed it after reassembling and testing are complete.

    anthonyspampinato - 回复

  8. 将以下00号十字螺丝从电源接口盖移除
    • 将以下00号十字螺丝从电源接口盖移除

    • 一个2.3 mm长的00号十字螺丝

    • 一个3.1 mm长的00号十字螺丝

    for the iPhone 6 Plus, all screws were Phillips #000

    Michael Adams - 回复

    I had difficulty removing the 3.1mm (iPhone 6 Plus / Phillips #000); had to give it significant downward pressure to get it started.

    Allen Matheson - 回复

    stripped the 2.3mm screw attempting to remove, had to use excessive force to successfully remove

    Matthew Gao - 回复

    The Phillips bits provided in the kit would not engage the Phillips heads enough to loosen them. Luckily I had my own small screwdriver set that worked like a charm.

    David Davis - 回复

    Same issue. Could not remove the screw. Dead in the water.

    Tiffany - 回复

    Agree with above comments regarding the supplied Phillips bit. It is not the correct size.

    Use a Phillips #000.

    bobgottner - 回复

    Phillips #000 is what’s included in the kit. As others mentioned above, firm downward pressure is key. The phone is not that delicate; just press hard and crank it.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    Is this step necessary ?\

    Asianay - 回复

    @asianay0129 Yes, disconnecting the battery is necessary. You can sometimes get away with skipping it, at the risk of destroying something important and potentially bricking your phone. Not a wise gamble for the sake of skipping two screws.

    Jeff Suovanen - 回复

  9. 将电源接口的金属盖从iPhone中移除
    • 将电源接口的金属盖从iPhone中移除

    Was not able to remove the battery connector bracket as one of the cable connectors was glued/stuck to the underside. Instead moved the bracket out of the way to disconnect the battery. Care should be taken not to over bend/stretch the ribbon cable.

    dwtan - 回复

    That may be just the foam connector adhering to the bracket. If you pull up gently and twist slightly it should separate.

    Evan Noronha -

    It was the foam connector, and it did twist free with a gentle pull

    Al Taylor - 回复

  10. 用塑料撬棍从主板上撬下电池排线的接头。
    • 用塑料撬棍从主板上撬下电池排线的接头。

    • 注意只在排线接口上用力,不要伤到主板上的接口插座。如果你撬到了接口插座,你可能会直接把接口弄坏。

    you may consider placing a thin non-conductive item between the connector and the socket like a bit of rubber band to prevent any power flowing during this procedure

    Michael Adams - 回复

    It was too close to other parts to pry up with either end of plastic tool. Finally used 1 tine of tweezer to lift edge. Came free easily

    Al Taylor - 回复

    J’ai pris une loupe pour bien observer l’endroit où placer l’outil.

    Paul Briffaut - 回复

    Magnification is key for many tasks and this is certainly one.

    Kenneth Gilbert - 回复

    I couldn’t use the iFixit blue opening tool to pry that battery connector. I used the top of the black spudger near the hole where the 3.1mm screw was in step 9-10 to easily pry it open!

    Alyssa Sayuki - 回复

  11. 保持前面板张开立起约90度,卸下前面板排线固定板上的五颗Phillips螺丝。
    • 保持前面板张开立起约90度,卸下前面板排线固定板上的五颗Phillips螺丝。

    • 三颗1.2 mm螺丝

    • 一颗1.7 mm螺丝

    • 一颗3.1mm螺丝

    There's an other panel with one screw in the middle.........

    Herbert - 回复

    I _love_ the color coding of screws. I know this is a little OCD, but it would be incredibly useful if there were an 8.5 X 11 you could print with indicated homes for where to drop items from each step of disassembly. That is, in the box for step 9, little colored circles for where to place each screw type. As long as you don't jostle the paper, it would make it a lot easier to know exactly where you are in reassembly.

    cscarlson47shop - 回复

    I have done the exact same thing. Created a sheet where each screw goes.

    Chris Murphy -

    On my iPhone 6 plus, none of the screws listed in this step are removable with the Phillips 00 screwdriver! I got this far and now am stymied because I can't get these four screws out! Any other screwdrivers I should use?

    garth libhart - 回复

    You are absolutely right, and you will strip the heads if you try very hard with the PH00. These screws are all PH000.

    oscar -

    I used the 000 bit from the ifixit 54 piece kit.

    hhandh - 回复

    Actually you don’t need to do steps 12 to 18 if you attach the display panel to the iPhone box as shown in step 7 and handle your iPhone with care during the replacement. I didn’t disconnect the display panel mainly because the more you work on the interior of your phone the higher is the chance you break something.

    Dany Castillo - 回复

    That's what I was thinking.

    The Wizard - 回复

    I skipped this series of steps too. I was very careful when removing the battery and never had an issue with the screen leaning back against the box that this battery shipped in. I even broke half of the third strip of adhesive but used a plastic card to slide under the battery and it slowly lifted out without applying heat.

    mark - 回复

    I'm having trouble with one screw not wanting to come out. Any suggestions to keep from stripping the head and getting it?

    Patric - 回复

    which screws are which sizes cause i ordered new ones and cant figure it out

    MONsterHEIT - 回复

    I also did not see the need to remove the display assembly for this repair. However I did place a can of corn against the vertically positioned display and then secured the display to the can with a rubber band.

    whiteshephard - 回复

    I recommend removing the display assembly, I didn’t and somehow damaged the home button cable. At least remove the cover to ease the tension on the cables.

    Steve Schlotter - 回复

    I played around with different screwdrivers to get certain screws out. I made sure I wasn’t applying heavy pressure so I wouldn’t strip the head. Apple is crazy for doing this to us lol.

    Anyways invest in a magnetized mat to organize your screws. It was really difficult to keep things organized and still, especially with these tiny screws…

    Jeffrey Robinos - 回复

    what happens if i forgot to put the ribbon cable shield back on? the phone is now working but i forgot to put the shield back on and i am missing 2 screws. can i leave the shield off?

    Fred ticoman. - 回复

    @ticoman12 It’ll work without the shield, but the connectors may pop out unexpectedly.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    Just be really careful remembering which screw is which. I drew a quick sketch of the bracket, then put the screws in the relevant places. There’s no way I would have been able to figure them out otherwise - my eyes can’t see the difference between a 1.2 and 1.5mm screw!

    Paul Johnson - 回复

    The most fiddly part of the job.

    Much easier if you put the screwdriver head on the screw and then insert it into the opening. The slight magnetism will hold it in place. Don’t fully tighten a screw until all the screws are in place. Much like installing lug nuts on a car.

    GPZ - 回复

  12. 从主板上取下前面板排线固定板。
    • 从主板上取下前面板排线固定板。

  13. 在接下来的四个步骤中,使用撬棒时注意只撬排线接口,而不是接口插座。 使用撬棒的平头断开前摄像头和传感器排线接口。
    • 在接下来的四个步骤中,使用撬棒时注意只撬排线接口,而不是接口插座。

    • 使用撬棒的平头断开前摄像头和传感器排线接口。

    Why does the screen need to come off?

    Sterling Coffey (N0SSC) - 回复

    Because the cables are delicate, and following steps are easier if phone halves are not flopping around together, especially for amateurs.

    Matthew Goheen - 回复

  14. 用撬棍的平头断开Home键排线接口。 用撬棍的平头断开Home键排线接口。
    • 用撬棍的平头断开Home键排线接口。

  15. 用撬棒的平头断开显示排线接口。 重新组装手机时,显示排线可能会从插座上松动,这回导致重开机时屏幕显示白线或者直接白屏。如果出现这种情况,只需再次装好排线并将手机电源重置一次。重置手机电源最好的方式就是将电池排线断开再装上。
    • 用撬棒的平头断开显示排线接口。

    • 重新组装手机时,显示排线可能会从插座上松动,这回导致重开机时屏幕显示白线或者直接白屏。如果出现这种情况,只需再次装好排线并将手机电源重置一次。重置手机电源最好的方式就是将电池排线断开再装上

    The piece of advice about power cycling the phone by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery proved crucial to the success of my repair (camera and lens replacement). At first when charging the phone after closing it, I got a dark, blank screen with an intermittent buzzing noise. After re-opening the phone and making sure all cables had been properly reconnected, I ignored the advice to power cycle the phone. Still all I got was a dark, blank screen (and intermittent buzzing if charging t). Then I opened it a third time (leaving the screen connected and attached at a 90 degree angle) and I only disconnected and reconnected the battery. Voila! When I closed the phone and powered it up, I got the screen to light up!

    Gianni - 回复

    how did you disconnect and reconnect the battery?

    Teresa Trevino - 回复

    If you’ve been following the guide, you already disconnected it in this step. To reconnect it, just line up the connector and press it into place.

    Jeff Suovanen -

  16. 用撬棒的平头断开触摸层排线接头。 当你要组装触摸层排线时, 请不要按压接头的中间地方。按压接头的一端, 接着再按压另一端。因为若是按压接头中间时, 有可能造成触摸层变形损坏。
    • 用撬棒的平头断开触摸层排线接头。

    • 当你要组装触摸层排线时, 请不要按压接头的中间地方。按压接头的一端, 接着再按压另一端。因为若是按压接头中间时, 有可能造成触摸层变形损坏。

    some images and guidance regarding reassembly would be helpful. You don't need to use the spudger to get them back on: fingers are better because there's a really subtle click you feel when you get them seated properly.

    cscarlson47shop - 回复

    When you're reassembling, a note that this is the step where you should test for proper screen function would be really useful. First time I reassembled, I didn't seat something properly, got all the screws back together and then realized the screen wasn't functioning properly. Had to disassemble back down to step 14 and then re-reassemble.

    cscarlson47shop - 回复

    I am having this issues right now! I have unplugged and plugged in these cables at least 20 times and each time I get white lines. I finally have it to where there are only 4 white lines and I am almost willing to live with it. Any suggestions?

    mattmay002 -

    Clean the screen connectors incase they are not making a clean connection

    Karen Jones - 回复

    I'm having nightmares with the digitizer connector. Simply can't get it to work unless I'm applying some pressure on the connectors. Everything seems almost microscopically clean. Any suggestions friends?

    Henry A -

    could it be the replacement screen? test with your old screen and see if you have the same problem.

    Charles - 回复

    To ++mattmay002++  Did you power cycle the phone? Check out the comments on the previous step for a how to.

    Robert Liles - 回复

    I had issues with it too. When connecting this cable, make sure to rock finger side to side after connecting. It’s a wide connector so try to listen for 2 clicks on this one connector. That’s how I fixed mine

    Albert Einstein - 回复

    Re-attaching this cable is the only tricky part to replacing the battery on my 6+. It had a bow on the middle that I had to flatten out before pressing the connector on with finger first on one edge and then on the other. I had white tire tracks on the screen and no touch screen until I connected it correctly. The front has to rest in just the right place on the back while attaching this thing so the cables aren’t strained the front doesn’t fall down. Small fingers would be a plus at this step.

    richard - 回复

    Reseating these connectors on reassembly is definitely the most difficult part of this repair. It took me several attempts before the lowermost connector would seat properly and I did accidentally bend it slightly in the process. Fortunately I was able to get it straight again and get it to click in. The other three went in fine though and no lasting damage seems to have been done.

    Andy Gibbons - 回复

    Another thing - These cables can become overlapped in the wrong way and make you think they are in a different order than they should be. Eg. it’s easy to mix up the ones from step 15 and 17. You can actually unravel the cables and re-layer them on top of each other in any order, so remember this! They look like they’re one solid mass but they’re not.

    domarius - 回复

    I never removed the last digitizer connctor. I removed the first three connectors, left the screen propped at 90 deg tied to a box and removed the battery, there is minimal movement. In fact when I reattached the connectors, only the first and maybe second connector feels taut, so it’s necessary to only remove the first connector if you can be gentle with it. Less headache. And my guess why so many people had issues is that micro dust gets into the connectors and cause connection loss. You be surprised how little dust can cause havoc.

    darrcc - 回复

    And forgot one thing, keep a can of air duster woth you to remove as must dust as you can see. A camera air blower will also do nice.

    darrcc - 回复

    I haven’t removed my screen in past battery replacements, I found it easier. However, this time I followed the instructions because my old battery was very stuck, and I needed the screen gone to get the battery out…

    When I replaced the screen, at first it wouldn’t even boot/start up. (Yes, I inserted my own testing step, as someone here suggested, before final reassembly).

    The screen would just show a fuzzy image, and the board that all the cables attach to would heat up, then it would turn itself off. I tried reconnecting them carefully 3 times, and even made sure to get a little “click”, all to no avail.

    The final try, I used my fingernail to really press down on the back side of the digitizer cable. I heard more clicking, though I thought I might be tearing the cable too. With nothing left to lose, I continued across the back, and heard several more clicking/tearing sounds.

    This worked, and it booted after that. It still had white lines, but those faded away overnight.

    Morgan Giddings - 回复

    About the digitizer connector: its flat cable is so short that the when I attempted to seat the next connector, its flat cable pressed on the digitizer cable, which can pull on the connector and dislodge it. That happened several times for me before success.

    Robert Bernard 27 Nov 19

    Robert H Bernard - 回复

  17. 此时,前面板可以彻底与机身分离了。
    • 此时,前面板可以彻底与机身分离了。

    Never remove the screen without disconnecting the battery. It's possible the back light can be blown and that's a even more difficult repair. Always, ALWAYS, disconnect battery before repairing items. (Unless it's not possible.)

    Marvin Ballard - 回复

    How do you disconnect the battery from the screen?

    Shamil Bhatti -

    The Step 11 disconnects the battery :)

    jeffxtechs - 回复

    I think you mean Step 8 :)

    Jeff Suovanen -

    How do you disconnect the battery

    I tried it once and

    Brian - 回复

    And what? I tried it once and here’s a million dollars?

    Oh I get it… they got him! :(


    domarius -

    When disassembling the iphone at this point note the cables, and there placement/orientation.


  18. 松开盖板上方的固定螺丝:
    • 松开盖板上方的固定螺丝:

    • 1颗1.5mm飞利浦#00螺丝

    • 2颗2.3mm飞利浦#00螺丝

    Nice move, which can stop the bracket from falling down.quite detailed instruction. but you should choice an excellent front facing camera and sensor before the replacement.

    William - 回复

    Attempted this repair and my touch screen completely stopped working. Great walkthrough, but not sure what I did wrong in the repair to cause my issue.

    surfincubus86 - 回复

    Hi I've had exactly the same problem, what was your solution to this? would be very helpful!

    Iona -

    I had the same issue. My screen quit working and I could feel heat coming through my phone at the earpiece. I took the phone apart again and realized that the data cable for the screen had come loose. When I reattached the data cable and starting working steps 12-18 backwards to replace the shield, as noted in the very last step, I see that youhave to keep the screen at an inclinewhen replacing the shield over the cables. Otherwise, you stretch the display data cable and it can come loose. My screen works fine now and there is no heat coming from my earpiece.

    Angela Hall -

    Just completed this repair. My front facing microphone next to the ear piece had gone bad causing siri to not hear me and front facing videos had no sound. Definitely reccomend getting replacement parts from ifixit. Have had good experiences with all their parts unlike many other suppliers on the internet. Hate to admit it (don't want them to raise prices) but even though you pay a little bit more, you save frustration not getting DOA parts from cheaper sources. All of ifixit's parts are top quality and they even pack them in anti-static packaging. That says alot. Thanks ifixit!

    sherwood7 - 回复

    Great instructions save the later steps. The ear speaker piece having to bend 180 degrees for the installation needs more clarification.

    howchewdoin - 回复

    After this repair, my screen quit working and I could feel heat coming through my phone at the earpiece. I took the phone apart again and realized that the data cable for the screen had come loose. When I reattached the data cable and starting working steps 12-18 backwards to replace the shield, as noted in the very last step, I see that you have to keep the screen at an incline when replacing the shield over the cables. Otherwise, you stretch the display data cable and it can come loose. My screen works fine now and there is no heat coming from my earpiece.

    Angela Hall - 回复

    The middle screw, listed as a 2.3mm was actually a 2.9mm in my iPhone 6 Plus

    Matthew Goheen - 回复

  19. 从屏幕总成上取下听筒固定盖板。
    • 从屏幕总成上取下听筒固定盖板。

  20. 用撬棒的平口端挑开前置摄像头以及显示排线,慢慢轻推把排线挪在一旁。
    • 用撬棒的平口端挑开前置摄像头以及显示排线,慢慢轻推把排线挪在一旁。

  21. 用镊子稳当的夹住听筒把其从屏幕总成上取出。
    • 用镊子稳当的夹住听筒把其从屏幕总成上取出。

  22. 用撬棒的尖头轻轻挑起屏幕总成上的感应器排线。 这条排线是用薄薄的胶条贴住的。
    • 用撬棒的尖头轻轻挑起屏幕总成上的感应器排线。

    • 这条排线是用薄薄的胶条贴住的。

    Use a hair dryer to pre-heat and soften the adhesive. Otherwise, damage to the flex cable can occur.

    Rajat Sewal - 回复

  23. 撬起屏幕总成上的前置摄像头旁的麦克风和感应器排线。 撬起屏幕总成上的前置摄像头旁的麦克风和感应器排线。
    • 撬起屏幕总成上的前置摄像头旁的麦克风和感应器排线。

    Das Mikrofonkabel ist mit einem Klebeband am Display besfestigt und muss durch anwärmen weich gemacht werden. Sonst besteht die Gefahr, dass beim Abziehen das Flachbandkabel beschädigt wird. Gruß Mike

    Mike - 回复

  24. 从屏幕总成上取出前置摄像头排线和感应器组件排线。
    • 从屏幕总成上取出前置摄像头排线和感应器组件排线。






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My front microphone had completely stopped working exactly a week out of warranty. I replaced the front assembly with a new one from Fixit and afterwards it still did not work. Then I realized the microphone did pick up very soft sound if I shouted directly into it. I eventually repeated the entire disassembly and found a very thin yellow film glued to the microphone grill which had been muffling 97% of the sound. After peeling this off my microphone is working perfectly! I did not notice this on the microphone the first time and assume it was the backing for the self adhesive. Make sure you remove this - it is not obvious to spot!

Anthony Berkow - 回复

ave did wrongSo I replaced my iphone 6 plus screen and after i was done my front camera and my earpiece was no longer working. Any advice on what i might have did wrong ? I have another iphone plus to replace the screen and im a little skeptical now. =\

brian - 回复

Fantastic instructions! fixed my problem first time. Just be patient and try not to touch anything to roughly. Thanks for the tip from a previous comment saying to remove the yellow piece of film over the microphone. This saved me a lot of hassle. Thanks

Glad to have siri, dictation, sound in videos and hansfree calls back :)

lloyd - 回复

hi could i ask one qustion my iphone 6pluse not working after fall i change new sensore bu tnot working how to fix please conect to me

peth - 回复

Is the picture quality the same

QuentaviouS - 回复

I have followed the directions. However, my screen now has vertical lines all through it. Did I ruin a sensor or did I not connect something right. The touch screen doesn't seem to work anymore either.

Thomas Miller - 回复

You should probably start by disconnecting the battery and re-seating all the display cable connectors (disconnect them and then carefully re-connect them, making sure they snap fully into place). Re-connect the battery and try again. If that doesn't do the trick, post your question in our help forum—you'll get much quicker/better responses there!

Jeff Suovanen -

I phone 6 plus This front camera is real? pls inform this mail: visual8697@gmail.com

visual - 回复

Hi everyone, is there any way to disassemble/separate the front facing camera from the sensor (without damaging it)?

Erick Pandjaitan - 回复

Hi everyone. I need help on an iPhone 6 Plus front facing camera not working. But when I take the screen out and put to another iPhone 6 Plus it work. So that mean the not working phone has the logic board problem with front facing camera connector???? I guarantee the facing camera on the screen is worked

Jack nguyen - 回复

Works like a charm. Thanks for the detailed and very clear step-by-step guide. This was my first DIY iPhone repair experience. Took me about 1.5h from start to finish, and I found it essential to have a good lighting.

Step 24 was the trickiest: the microphone portion is strongly glued to the front grill, and one should be careful not to destroy the adhesive, as it will be needed to hold in place the replacement microphone (and, I'm guessing, also to maintain moisture protection after the repair).

@closetedgeek - 回复

I have replaced my iPhone 6 Plus screen done with all steps besides plugging in seems cables aren’t long enough or I did something wrong ??? Any idea what I did wrong ?

Dustin p - 回复



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