The Huawei P8 Lite was announced in April 2015 and was released the following month. The Huawei P8 Lite is a newer model of the Huawei P8. Both devices come with the same hardware: Android V5.0.2 and use Emotion 3.1 UI. The Huawei P8 Lite is smaller, but thicker than the Huawei P8. The Huawei P8 Lite is also missing the thin horizontal strip at the bottom of the screen which can help differentiate between the two models.

For more information on common problems with the Huawei P8 Lite please refer to the troubleshooting page here.

Geek Squad

Joy of Android Troubleshooting

Devices Manual Troubleshooting

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 on Amazon


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