Repair and disassembly guides for Samsung DVD players.

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DVD player reads some discs but stop reading and playing others

My Samsung DVD player makes loud noises while playing certain discs bit runs smoothly with others. It also freezes in the middle of playing certain discs but plays others all the way through with no problem. It has recently completely stopped reading and playing certain discs that were playing fine before. What could be causing this issue? Is it time to replace it? It was given to me by my sister. I don't think she's had it longer than a couple years.

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@anncan , Belle, Most people do not realize DVD player like most devices require servicing/cleaning once in a while. So before throwing it away try giving it a good cleaning, below are some guides that will show how to remove the DVD players case and how to clean to help eliminate problems. Also it should be noted that DVD's can degrade over time, especially when not stored properly, the last link gives a good explanation of this. Try your DVD disc that are giving problems in another player to rule out damaged disc. There are also DVD cleaning kits available at almost any store that sells DVD,s that you could try, they will not clean as thoroughly as seen in the links though. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Cleaning Samsung DVD-P230 Laser Lens


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Thanks! I figured it most likely needs a cleaning. I hope it's not wearing out. It doesn't have that burning smell that my old broken one had when I tried to play a disc though so maybe there still is hope. :)


I just bought a brand new dvd player and I have some disc that will play but others don't It says It reads the disc but doesn't play. But the disc that doesn't play will play In other players. I'm not understanding and we just bought some movies that are brand new and still won't play but plays In other players.


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Mine Is a Sylvania Compact DVD player


OMG mine also! Just bought sony dvd player all movies play fine, until i buy canadian movie Belle and says disc cant be read or no back play! So cant watch it! Double disc cost lots of money.


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I am in the same boat! Bought a brand new player, plays my old copies discs and most of my new store bought ones but some store bought ones it won’t! It’s so frustrating and I puts me off of buying more movies cos it might not play them.



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