Sixth generation of Apple’s wireless base station, released June 2013. The tower provides dual-band support wireless access and is Apple’s first router with 802.11ac technology.

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Adding a hard drive?

You said there were spots on the board for adding a SATA drive. What about the power supply? How difficult would it be to add a hard drive? Is there any software that is Apple's to turn it into a Time Capsule?

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Re-read the tear downs of both units. Note there are some additional hardware pieces and the logic board is not fully populated with the needed stuff.

Bottom line here: It's not practical to try to upgrade the new Extreme to a Time Capsule given the price difference is so close to what you'll pay on the open market for just the HD alone.


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How can you say that? A new 2TB Time Capsule is 300 bucks. A 2TB SATA drive is $68 from Amazon. That's about as "close" as Alaska and Puerto Rico.

You missed the point! The issue was taking an AirPort Extreme and making it into a Time Capsule version.


While you can do it the connector and supporting discrete components are nor present. They can be added, but you will have a hard time getting the parts and this will be difficult to retrofit into your unit. In addition, you will also need a incredibly short SATA cable that may be impossible to find.

It is also likely Apple uses binned boards on the no hard drive model or disables it in firmware if it didn't ship with a hard drive.

This effectively means you will need to re-flash the unit to utilize the hard drive and supporting components. Due to the complexity of the upgrade, it's not worth trying to even do the upgrade.


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Ne peu t'on pas mettre à l’intérieur de la borne airport express un disque 2,5 pouce de 1 ou 2 Terra avec contrôleur USB intégré pour le brancher directement sur l'USB 2 de la borne et ceci en faisant une encoche en bas prêt du branchement électrique et ceci pour sortir le câble USB et pouvoir le brancher sur la borne  ?????. On obtiendra une Time Machine compact ????

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Do not you put inside the airport express terminal a 2.5 inch disk of 1 or 2 Terra with integrated USB controller to connect directly to the USB 2 of the terminal and this making a notch in Ready for the electrical connection and this to exit the USB cable and be able to connect it to the terminal ?????. We will get a Compact Time Machine ????


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still, extra sata controller, don't see it on TC.

additionally it appears second SATA connector was provisioned.

ifix it, aren't we here to fix?


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There is only one SATA connection (and only space for one drive).



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