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Dark/Blurry Area on Image ¶ 

When device is powered on, a dark/blurry area is seen in the middle of the projected image.

Lens is dirty ¶ 

If the lens is dirty, the image may appear distorted or blurry. Cleaning the lens with alcohol may remedy this. To keep this problem from reoccurring, check the air filter as it may be the cause for the dirty lens. Be sure to keep the lens clean because a dirty lens increases the risk of burning.

Burning/meltdown of internal lens ¶ 

This occurrence is easily diagnosed as it is often accompanied by the smell of burning plastic. The lens will have a distinct black melted spot. This problem is common when the device overheats. Since the burnt spot of the lens is permanent, the lens will need to be replaced to restore proper picture quality.

To replace the lens, follow the steps under the link below:

Optoma HD20 Focal Lens Replacement

Overheating ¶ 

Device may become very hot causing malfunctions to occur when running the device.

Fan is clogged/dirty ¶ 

The most likely cause of overheating is that the fan is clogged/dirty. If this is the case opening up the device and cleaning the fan should fix this problem and cause the fan to work correctly and prevent overheating from continuing to occur.

Clogged air filter ¶ 

The filter may be clogged with dirt/ dust and need to be wiped down to clean out so it filters correctly. A faulty air filter will cause dirt and other particles to build up on other parts on the inside of the device. If this is not remedied, the projector will start to overheat causing problems for the device.

To remove the air filter, follow the steps under the link below:

Optoma HD20 Air Filter Replacement

Fan is broken ¶ 

If when the device is powered on and fan does not start to run it may mean the fan is broken. This problem should be checked out immediately. A broken fan will cause the device to overheat quickly and could cause lens or bulb damage to the device, which is very expensive to replace. The device will need to be taken apart and have the fan be replaced.

To remove the fan, follow the steps under the link below:

Optoma HD20 Fan Replacement

Image is Black and White/No Color Displayed ¶ 

Device is projecting black and white image.

Broken Color Wheel ¶ 

If the you hear a loud popping noise and then the image suddenly loses color, this is an indication that the color wheel has malfunctioned and needs replacement.

To replace the color wheel, follow the steps under the link below:

Optoma HD20 Color Wheel Replacement

Buttons Unresponsive ¶ 

No response occurs when buttons are pressed when device is on.

Buttons are stuck ¶ 

If the buttons seem to be stuck it is possible that there is something preventing the button from registering. Remove the cover and check to see if there is any dirt or debris underneath the buttons.

Bad bootup ¶ 

Sometimes, the buttons might not work correctly when the console runs into an error while booting up. These types errors frequently occur when the console isn't properly started. To check for this turn off and unplug your console from the wall, then wait about 30 seconds. After the time has passed restart the system.

Bad connection between circuit board and ribbon ¶ 

Remove the cover of the projector. The ribbon connects the buttons to the circuit board. If the projector was previously dropped it is possible that the connection between the ribbon and circuit board could have become dislodged. Unplug and re-plug the connector.

To reach the ribbon, the cover needs to be removed. To remove the cover, follow the steps under the link below:

Disassembling Optoma HD20 Cover

Device Won't Turn On/No image displayed ¶ 

Device may not display an image when it is turned on.

Improper plug-in ¶ 

The device may be incorrectly plugged in causing the image to not appear on the screen. Check the connection of the power cord with both the projector and the wall.

Burnt out light bulb ¶ 

The light bulb inside the device may be burned out, resulting in no image being displayed. To remedy this a replacement bulb with housing will need to be bought and installed into the device.

To remove the light bulb, follow the steps under the link below:

Optoma HD20 Light Bulb Replacement


After replacing my bulb my optoma hd20 won't power on. When I plug it in and turn on it flashes green light and after a bit the fan turns on. Then after another while its $@$** off; the green light goes amber and flashes, then the red light on the bulb comes on. Not sure what I did wrong.

Mike - 回复

Same problem here. Any hints?

Francesco lariccia -

Did you solve this

Richard -

Had the projector on today but now when I turn it o I'm only getting a blue screen

Declan delaney - 回复

A huge Thank You to the person who compiled this repair procedure. My projector made a horrible humming noise a couple of weeks ago and thanks to this site I was able to determine it was a faulty color wheel. After ordering on on-line, I followed this procedure to tear apart my projector, replace the color wheel and put it all back together! And it works, picture is better than before. Also saved me about $600 since I didn't have to buy a new projector. Again, thank you and keep up the great posts.

Glenn M

Glenn - 回复

Hi I'm getting the same problem as Mike and Francesco I've replaced two cheap lamps and both flash on quick then burn out as like the original bulb.It only had 140 hrs of use.The same happens green flashing light on boot up. It will try again then flashing amber then lamp fail light.l hear the fan so I guess its not a temp fault. Another strange thing is after this happens it leaves a condensation look within the lamp when you gaze through the magnified glass on one side?? Both were clear at the start.?? Please help I don' know what to do!

Richard - 回复

check the contacts on the lamp connector cord for oxidation even with a good lamp and good

ballast this will prevent the lamp from igniting . Clean the contacts with abrasives or replace the

lamp ballast cord. It’s a comparatively cheap fix.

Kevin Elliott - 回复

I bought this projector as a gift and after we set it up we noticed that even though the projector is pointed at the wall its shooting up onto the ceiling

Matt - 回复


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