HP Deskjet 3522 Troubleshooting

Printer won't turn on ¶ 

The printer won't turn on or respond when you press the power button. There are no light indications, no error messages, no noise, and no movement from the printer.

Power cord is not plugged in properly ¶ 

Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the back of the printer all the way

Faulty power source ¶ 

Check to make sure that power source isn't faulty; if plugged in to an extension cord or surge protector, try plugging the power cord directly into wall.

Paper Jam Error on Display Screen ¶ 

During printing, the printer stops feeding pages, and the error message 'Paper Jam.

Restart Printer ¶ 

Press the Power button to turn printer off; wait 60 seconds and then turn power back on.

Make sure Printer is Flat ¶ 

Ensure that printer rests on a hard, flat surface

Clear Jammed Paper ¶ 

Remove any loose sheets of paper from loading tray. Pull out any shreds of paper caught in the machine. Restart printer and print status report.

Printer is offline ¶ 

Printer is Offline Message Displays on the Computer and the Printer Does Not Print: Mac OS X

Restart Printer ¶ 

Press the Power button to turn printer off; wait 60 seconds and then turn power back on.

Check the connection between the HP printer and the computer ¶ 

Make sure that the USB cord is working and/or WiFi is enabled and working properly.

Restart the jobs in the print queue ¶ 

Restart print jobs in print queue by clicking Resume Printing on computer.

Delete and re-add printer to computer ¶ 

Remove printer from Print and Scan list, and then re-add the printer to the list. Try print jobs again.

The HP ePrint Print Job Did Not Print ¶ 

When you use HP ePrint to send a print job to your printer’s email address, nothing happens or the print job fails.

ePrint is turned off on you printer ¶ 

On the printer control panel, turn on the HP ePrint feature, and then go to Getting Started with HP ePrint for the steps to register your printer, if you have not yet registered.

The printer is not connected to the internet ¶ 

Make sure that the printer is connected to a network with an active web connection.

Printer is not yet registered with ePrint ¶ 

If you have not yet registered, go to Getting Started with HP ePrint for more information located on the HP webpage

Incompatible Older Generation Cartridge Installed Message ¶ 

After you install a new cartridge, a message displays on the product control panel or on the computer screen, and the product will not print. The error message reads Incompatible older generation cartridge installed.

The cartridge must be replaced ¶ 

This message appears because HP has updated ink cartridges with these numbers: 564, 364, 178, and 862. The updated ink cartridges are compatible with both current and future products that use cartridges with these numbers. These ink cartridges have been designed in conjunction with future products to deliver new features. The cartridges originally introduced and available prior to September 2010 will not be compatible with certain printers and all-in-one devices released in 2011.


Printer will not make copies

onepitch9 - 回复

All connections are correct and new ink cartridges have been installed properly. Black will not print. i have replaced it and still no black. Can you help?

Penelope Foyston - 回复

Black ink will not print. All cartridges new and black has been replaced twice to no avail. All other features are working.

Penelope Foyston - 回复

I am using my cell phone as a mobile hotspot. trying to print something off my computer but the wifi button on the printer is blinking blue and will not connect to the wifi..

Katie Freve - 回复


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