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Why is my door bell ringing by itself?

We have had a couple of cold days. Yesterday, however, the doorbell rings by itself. It carried on for 5 minutes until I took out the speaker from the outlet.


Cleaned the door bell parts and replaced the speaker. Seems to be fine now.

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Great, good job in getting it fixed.


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Have you checked the door bell switch that was last pushed? Check for stuck or dirty contacts.


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I switched this to an answer as Zaheer followed your advice and it worked! credit where credit is due ;-)


If it is wireless you may also have RF interference from a Microwave, wireless router, etc...or dying battery. I've noticed on TV remotes when the batteries start to die, and the weather gets cold, they can get whacky.


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Do you have any ideas on why my doorbell would ring at the exact same time, 4:57 PM, every day, except one day, that I know of, since 1/20/18? It started ringing at different times (8 AM, 9 PM), also, about a week or two before that date, but it became consistent at 4:57 PM on that date. Then today, 1/29/18, at 12:34 PM, my doorbell rang. (I have 4:57 PM today yet to come.) WHY??!! (As you can tell, this is getting to me!!)

mine is ringing all hours of the night and early a.m really spooky and unsettling . please help . i dont have any new appliances that have been added to the area .and it worked fine for months then all of a sudden its ringing all the time and no one is there. why???


Every time my neighbour used his key to open his car my doorbell goes off drained so many batteries I have given up with a bell and people just have to knock on the door now ….


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