Braun EP100 Exact Power Beard Trimmer, trims and shapes beards and mustaches; outlines precise beard and mustache contours.

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hair trimmer cut hair very short period, WANT TO CHANGE BATTERY

Type and capacity of battery to braun ep100

What volt

What watt

What mah


Great thanks for all who help me


Please if possible

Answer on one more question

Very important!!!

What capacity of battery must be in broun ep 100, there is 1 battery, but

What capacity?

500 mah or 1000 mha

Very important

Great thanks

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One of the clearest and most direct questions I've seen asked on Answers in my time here.

The higher the maH the longer it will last on a single charge.

the person who wrote the how to guide also said he used a higher mAh battery and his charger didn't last so long. something worth considering


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已选择的解决方案 I found this link to how to get to the battery (page 2)but couldn't find what exact battery was in your trimmer. You will be able to find that by taking the trimmer apart and then matching it up after. good luck


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+ for finding out how to change it

Yes indeed--I looked for some time with no luck. +


That wasn't easy to find but you need - (3 AA-size, 1.5V)

I'd also get a battery charger and rechargeable batteries like this one:


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Good research on your part also. +

Only the EP 15 and Allstyle use the 3 AA size batteries. the Battery on the EP 100 is soldered to the logic board

Very good OT, I missed that.


Well here is a replacement R17 AA NiMh Battery With Pin Tabs 1650 Mah 1.2V Battery Measures .559" x 1.97", 14.2mm x 50mm Fits Braun Models: Action Line, EP50, EP60, EP80, EP100, 540, 570 from here and here is the service documentation. The EP100 actually is a Braun 5601


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+ nice searching

+ You have a plethora of resources.

;-) Could not fix some of my old "stuff" without those resources. I actually purchase and repair according to the manuals I can get, makes my hobby easier.



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