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How to replace the built-in battery of the livescribe pulse pen

can you help me to replace the battery of the built-in battery of the livescribe pulse pen?

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strutter66. How old is your pen? Remember that there is a 20 page forum about the charging system on here http://www.livescribe.com/forums/showthr... You might want to check it out or contact lightscribe and see what they can do for you. Of course if you have no other choice, we will figure it out. Good luck and let us know


I've read the forum... my problem is that I have tried everything so far... I've contacted the support of livescribe and the german support. I've bought the device from ebay - at that time it was working, now it's dead and the support won't replace it.


Sorry to hear that. just checked on their website. Looks like another one of those silent black helicopter stealth operation ;-)"The smartpen uses a rechargeable lithium battery that should not need to be replaced over the life of the product.

The battery is not replaceable, but for registered customers Livescribe will repair or replace any defective products during the 1 year warranty period. " Okay let see what we can do. You do realize it may take a little time, unless of course someone on here has already done it. Have you gotten the battery yet?


right now I don't know how to open the device without destroying it... it means I've no idea what's inside


Does anyone have response from Livescribe on how much they cost to replace the battery or OLED for any of the smartpen models? I understand they do respond to warranty repairs, but what about out of warranty repairs?

Opportunity for someone here? (if parts can be had external to Livescribe.)






Here is a quick answer and a few things I found out so far. Sorry I have to post this as an answer but I do not know how to attach images to comments. this is from here Camera. Seventy times a second, the pen photographs specially printed paper within a radius of seven millimeters, using a camera and an infrared diode behind the point to read a pattern of dots. The pen uses the photographic information to map its location against the complete pattern.

B. Processor

A Samsung Arm 9 processor runs the pen's software, including the algorithms that track its position.

Here are the battery particulars I got so far Type : Rechargeable Lithium Ion Model No.:GP1229L30

Cylindrical Cell

Nominal Dimension

(with Sleeve)

: F = 11.5 mm *

H = 28.2 mm

Applications : Recommended discharge current

65 to 650 mA

Nominal Voltage : 3.7V

Capacity : Typical: 325 mAh

Minimum: 310 mAh

When discharged at 65 mA to

2.8 V at 23 oC

Charge Condition : 162.5 mA to 4.2V for 3.0 hrs at 23 oC


Charging Condition in


: 65 mA to 260 mA (0.2 to 0.8C)

Charge termination control

recommend control parameters:

Taper current 0.05C at 4.2 V

Clamped Charging


: 4.2 V +/- 0.05 V

Service Life : >500 cycles (70% of typical


Weight : Approx. 8.5 g

Internal Resistance : 150 mW max. at 1000Hz

Ambient Temperature


: Charging : 0 to 45 oC

Discharging : -20 to 60 oC **

Storage (1 month) : -20 to 45 oC

Storage (6 months) : -20 to 40 oC

Storage (1 year) : -20 to 35 oC

the battery is not consumer grade so we'll have to find it as well

Block Image


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Thanks so far... I've contacted gpbattery.de (Germany) and asked about the battery... let's see


just a silly idea... but if the battery strutter66 has is the problem... ie the voltage tests low with a multi meter..is there anything to stop him jump starting it with the 9v battery trick (it's my new favourite idea!since I found it on another post)it may not solve the problem permanently but may give some juice for a short time??


can you find the link for jump starting. mine starts the process - dimly - then restarts after a few seconds repeatedly. im hoping its the charger not picking up the weak ass voltage left in the pen and not starting the charging sequence properly. I kick start sometimes raises the voltage enough for the charger to work. but knowing which the ports are of the three and then the polarity is beyond my knowledge. this, please post the link to the 9v battery kickstart as I cant find it. :)



You can open the pen by putting him into the oven at 100C° for a few minutes. Then you can seperate the upper and the under metal part. The connection is very strong, so you have to pull and warm it several times.


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Do NOT do this to your pen.


This will break the pen, permanantly frying it. It may also cause the battery to catch fire.



I was not aware of the OLED issue. Mine is also dead. I spoke with them last night 5/28/15 and here is what they sent me.

Stinks that they want $50 and the old pen, but here it is.


According to our records your smartpen warranty has expired, but we do have a refurbished 2GB Echo you can purchase at a discount.

Below is a link you can use to start the process for replacing your smartpen. The replacement cost will be $49.95 per smartpen plus tax (if applicable):

IMPORTANT: When ordering this item, please do not add other items to your cart. Due to operational limitations, we will need to cancel your order if anything but a refurbished Echo smartpen is added to your cart.

Link to Online Store - 2GB Echo smartpen - Out-of-Warranty Replacement

After you process your transaction, in order to receive your replacement, you will need to:

Send your current smartpen(s) to us within 5 business days after you place your order. If we do not receive your defective smartpen within 10 business days, your order may not get processed and will have to be canceled.


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So they are never losing on the deal. They have a one for one pen swap that costs you $50, they refurbish it and resell to the next person for $50. Still no guarantee the refurb of an old Pulse will last beyond 12 months.



This company does not stand by its product. I went through their resolution process regarding my smartpen not working. In the end it was a battery issue (pen not staying charged) and the company would only issue a $45 credit towards the purchase of another pen. Since we must register the pen upon purchase to receive their warranty, you would think a responsible company would have notified me, they found a problem with their pens and the pen must stay charged at all times. I didn't receive any such notification from the company. I guess their main goal is to sell more pens, will my mission is to inform everyone DO NOT buy anything from this company.


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Found the company that makes the OlED screen and possibly the battery too.

The company is Solomon Systech.


It was printed very small. I had to use a magnifying glass to see it.

Hopefully we can give them our business and do our own refurbishment.

Mmmmmmkkkayyy livescribe .......


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Well you can't exactly order one from their website. They seem like a commercial supplier for electronic components and not a retailer....

But maybe if someone is feeling determined

Here is contact info for their U.S. Office.

They seem to have a lot of offices around the world.


Solomon Systech Inc.

6150 Regency Oaks Drive,

San Jose, CA 95129,


Tel: 1-(408) 320 1329

Fax: 1-(408) 320 1329

Email: sales_usa@solomon-systech.com

Hey huge company! Can you please sell me one crapy little OLED screen for my smart pen that costs you -.0000001 cents to make?



I would buy four batteries if we could get them.


You can buy batteries in ebay:



Hi there, any progress on the OLED? I need two :(



A few more bread crumbs in the search for the elusive "Rechargeable Lithium Ion Model No.:GP1229L30"




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We may also consider filing a complaint with the BBB.




if any body filing a complaint against this company please add me too. I have two sky wifi pen both not working. The display gone bad. When I call them.. one of it is out of warrenty. The second one I just opened it.. because of no display i cannot register it. I dont have the receipt either. So they wont replace it. The problem with the OLED display is common on all their products and now they claim that it is fixed in the new models. If they know that there is a problem.. then why they cant at-least fix it one time for the customers who initiate a call. This is kind of ripoff.. Dont buy any thing from them..!@#$%^&*(


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Can you tell us HOW you opened the pen?



Batteries are available on different Chinese sites (Alibaba). Search for ICR12300.


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Only oled display is a problem but was manufactured in China so must be available somewhere !!!


The Trl084-9618 has serial or I2C interface, the Livescribe oled has 10 "wires" so must be parallel - thanks but seems not usable (I disassembled a livescribe echo 8GB)




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