Can I replace microcontroller ic with another brand?


My name is Ricky.

But u can call me rick.

I really need help for my old Samsung micro hifi dvd player 2.1

Type is MM DT 10 es

At first.The buttons keep scrambled.

It turns to dvd mode,and suddenly turn to usb mode.

and turn off by it self.

I tried to replace all the 8 buttons with a new ones.

Because i think it's the resistance of the buttons become bigger so thats why it starts scrambled it self.

But it didn't help.The player still same.

So i think it's because of the microcontroller ic.

It says CN635 S6G5 128 TX CN 8

I tried to search and buy it for at least 1 month in internet and at the component stores,but they didn't have it.

I'm stuck.

can i replace the ic with another one ?

and what ic i should buy ?

Thankyou so much for your assistance.

I really appreciate it.

Ricky - Jakarta,Indonesia

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