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MacBook Pro 15 inch Late 2013 suddenly turns off

A friend's MacBook Pro 15 inch Late 2013 randomly shuts down itself. I tried reinstalling the system after I found out that the error does not occur in recovery mode. But this did not solve the problem. The problem is also not reproducable by any interaction.

There is no difference whether it is connected to the power supply or running on the battery. If you leave the MacBook powered off for some hours it may sometimes last over two hours before shuting down again. After the frist sudden shutdown the frequency of shutdown rises rapidly.

Also the shutdown might not be triggered by overheating. I tried benchmarking while watching temps after the reinstall of the OS and it lasted over two hours. 5-10 minutes after I stopped and the tempreture dropped the problem occured again.

My friend also sent the MacBook to Apple for a hardware test several times, but no problems were found yet.

I'm thinking about replacing the logic board.

Any opinion would be apprechiated.

EDIT 01/03/2017

I have not noticed anything while booting and there have not been any video problems apart from the blackscreen when the sudden shutdown occurs. (I have found this: https://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro... But it does not match my friend's MacBook.)

The built-in hardware diagnostic tool stats that everything is correct. Maybe I should start the MacBook in verbos mode and videotape the output?

My friend will take the MacBook to an authorized service providor to have it taken apart, cleaned and the stained display replaced (http://www.staingate.org/).

Maybe they will find something...

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Have you ever seen any screen anomalies, any artifacts, beach balls when loading, a pause when booting up with the progress bar ranking about 50-60% of the way through?

I am having almost the same issue. The genius bar did not solve the problem.

I changed the battery, it did not change anything... but Logic boards are really expensive..

Do you have some problem identified when you press D at startup to enter diagnostic mode?

Type "syslog | grep shutdown" into terminal and post the results.

I've experienced this before on a 2012 rMBP and it turned out to be bad memory, which resulted in a logic board replacement. See if you can run MemTest86 to confirm.

Same exact issue here!!! Any fix?

same problem here...



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I’ve had the same problem with mine. The crew at the applestore , after several tests said that it could be the motherboard.

I searched the internet and found the solution in this link.

I did this in June 2018, and my MBPro works flawless since.


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similar issue - frequent shutdowns. Traced to CPU overheating. Placed a fan next to it and problem is addressed. Either it is a heatsink issue or fans are not working that well. used iStatMenu to monitor temperature. Mine is a late 2013 MacBook pro 15 inch.

Just did this and am currently running 12 applications (one being google chrome with a bunch of tabs open and another being photoshop with a few projects open). Playing music through bluetooth headphones and playing a video (on silent) on youtube in the background...MacBook seems to be holding steady and not overheating at all. 16 GB of memory installed helps. THANK YOU FOR THIS FIX!

I was 6 months into trying to fix this problem. Went thru most of people did: search Apple site for answer, no straight forward one; brought to Apple store to run checks, no problem found, wiped everything out and reinstalled OX, no fix. Run diag, no issues found no fix. Finally came across this site. It worked! Thanks for such a good way to fix this Apple's problem and it does make sense: MBP worked fine when in recovery mode indicating that it is not a hardware related problem, and only thing left is software related. We the ordinary user just not knowledge enough to find this fix. Much appreciate it!


hi all, we had a client who had this exact issue that most on here are dealing with,

not sure it'll be the answer for all of you, but after searching for about a day, this solution that someone gracefully shared on https://apple.stackexchange.com/question... seems to have solved our issue.

just a note: the solution seems to modify a thunderbolt file, some mention that external thunderbolt displays will sometimes require a reboot to work, however it beats having to pay $400+ for apple to service your laptop.


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My Macbook Pro kept shutting down then would not powder on.

I replaced my AC cord.

They do wear out.

If this works for you, check to see if you battery is charging this can take up to 3 hours.


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It is not a temp related issue. It is a core voltage issue.


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i went for a repair and apple fixed it on garanty ;-)

new motherboard


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Under System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > open the lock in the bottom left-hand corner, enter your admin password and then click Advanced. If you have "Log out after x minutes of inactivity" checked, either increase that number or uncheck that box.


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