The Nokia N900 is a mobile Internet device and smartphone from Nokia that supersedes the N810.

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Need motherboard for nokia n900

Need an upgrade for motherboard, is it possible?

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Nivetha, Check the attached links for replace Nokia N900 replacement mother board or google search for more availability on part. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Nokia N900 Teardown


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Is it possible for replacing motherboard with someother mobiles version?

Like installing android for instance?

Nivetha, There is new concept replacement board in the works, they call it Neo900, Although it is not available yet, check attached link.


@nezni9 no it is not. Your phone will only accept the motherboard it currently has due to the layout. The connectors, buttons, etc. are all depending on this type of board. You can only replace the same board. If you want a different OS or other different features, you will need a different phone.


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I know that. I have other phones. But I was just wondering if it's possible to upgrade this phone. I love this phone. My first ever phone.

@nezni9 the only upgrade it would allow you to do is the firmware update. Anything else, like the Neo900, is based on plenty of hard and software hacks that have not (and may never be) implemented.



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