The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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restarting after cycle ends

washer restarts by itself after cycle finishes, unless I open lid or stop by switch

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I have the Kenmore 500 series and have the same problem. How do I fix it?


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Sounds like it needs to be recalibrated. Here's how:

To access calibration mode, turn the cycle selector knob until the status LEDS correspond as follows:

Rinse LED (ON)

Press the START button to begin washer calibration.

All status LEDS will turn on


Lid must be down to perform the test and the basket must be empty to perform tests. Calibration cycle will run 2-4 minutes. Cycle completes when door unlocks and washer enters stand by mode

When that is all done Calibrate the User Interface.

Turn on all the LEDS like you did for the motor calibrations

When rotating the cycle selector knob each click "indent" toggles the "done" after all 5 LEDS have lighted up.

1st click Fill

2nd click Wash

3rd click Rinse

4th click Spin

5th click off


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thank you. not home to try now, but in a few days. thanks for info


I have (had, fingers are crossed) the same problem until 50 minutes ago. I can explain how to get to the end of the directions above if you like.

Update (07/10/2017)

Okay, here goes. I'll start from normal/standby mode

1. Enter the maintenance/diagnostics mode. Refer to the video to help you if you don't know how.

2. Rotate dial cw to the rinse position, the rinse LED light should be illuminated. You are ready for calibration.

3. Press the start button. Following the original directions from Mayer above. Make sure there is no clothes or remaining water prior to calibration. Do not disturb the washer until the self test is complete, approx 4 min. I ran the calibration a few times before I was successful.

4. Once, I ran a good calibration, I entered maintenance/diagnostics mode again. This time I entered diagnostics mode (refer to video link about 3 minutes in) I stepped through each dial position. I may be incorrect but I related this procedure to Mayer's "cycle selector knob each click "indent" toggles the "done&quot". And unlike other attempts, this time I did not have any faults.

5. Once I got through the diagnostic with out faults I exited by pressing cancel.

6. I returned to my regular was setting and it ran successfully and now shows complete and it has been 3+ hours without a restart.

I hope this helps.


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can you be more specific on the instruction :"when rotating the cycle selector knob each click " indent&quot:toggles the &quot: done& quot"

I do not understand what direction the selector knob needs to be turned and what the "&quot" is.

How do I know when I have reached the instruction for the 1-5 clicks.

Can you give me more complete step by step instructions. I have installed a new controller and all the cycles work. The only problem I have is the washer restarts 4 minutes after the cycle ends


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YES, let me know how to solve the problem. I have calibrated the motor but unable to calibrate the user interface with the instructions in the first answer. Thanks


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