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Volume buttons not working Bose qc20i

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How i can open the microphone and control buttons case from a Bose qc20i headphones?

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Are you using these on a desktop (Tower computer), mobile phone (Smartphone) or Tablet (iPad for example)?

All 3 specified above except desktop / laptop should have volume control functionality from the headphones. On rare cases some headphones require an application which is usually specified in the user manual that comes with the headphones.

I'm using this with iphone and they are 1.5 years old. The buttons finally died and I want to fix it.


My Bose QC20 has the same issue with the control button. Did you find out how to repair it?

any updates guys? same issue on my end.

check if the headphone jack is not blocked by any lint or fluff. Scrape all the lint out of the socket to make the remotecontrol work again (did it for me)



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@modjo, Laurentiu, Saulail, open the microphone and control buttons case on a set of earbuds/ear phones. The case will probably either snap open using a blunt thin blade(guitar pick) prying at the seam or if molded/glued, you will have to very carefully(not to damage board or controls) use a sharp blade/razor knife to cut open along the molded seam. This will gain access to see if wires broke from board,etc. Links below to show the 2 methods. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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