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How do I fix a printer head

my printer won't print. it says the printer head is broken. It is the kind that does not come out. can you tell me how if I'm able to fix this or do I need to buy a new printer? I just bought this a few months ago it's basically a new printer. I need help please help me!! :)

hp officejet pro 6830

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Read this...

I have had so many issues with this printer. This is my second printer (the first was replaced by warranty after only 2 weeks). Now I suddenly have a "printhead problem" and found that I am 3 days out of warranty. Dealing with HP has been a nightmare. We will never support HP again. I went to try to troubleshoot the printhead as I have cleaned them on other printers in the past, but HP says that the printer must be replaced by warranty to fix printhead issues... convenient.

Help! I have LOVED this printer for just under one year. Put in a new ink and suddenly it has a printer head error - nowhere can I locate a place to fix it!!

we purchased ours at Costco a little over a year ago and thought it was covered by the extended 2 year warranty on electronics. My wife called them and they transferred her call to HP support and they are sending us another which I am sure it is refurbished. So we'll see how long this lasts. I guess there is a recall on these so everyone should call and give them your info.

We had a Canon that lasted 5 years and printed a few thousand pages on. If this one breaks going back to Canon.

H P was nice enough to tell me three days before my printer stopped working that the print head has an" error. " Then, exactly year year from the date I bought it, it stopped working. I am telling everyone I know to never buy H P that are apparently pre- programed to stop working. Let me put it this way, as mentioned before by another user, I recently replaced the cartridges for the first time! This is unbelievable bad business.



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Here's where to start before contacting HP for warranty support:


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This is a solution, but this is not a way to fix the printer... I hope for more on a website called "I Fix It"... Has anyone taken the printer apart yet to see what makes this print head tick? says it all

Update to my printerhead problem after changing the ink 1 time. Warranty had expired and apparently theres a recall on certain serial numbers. So i gotta replacement and mailed mi e back all at no charge

Crystal Blue who do I contact to check this?

Crystal Blue who do I contact to check this? Mine did exactly the same!



Hi folks, the printhead on the Officejet Pro 6830 is not replaceable. If you see an error about a Problem with the Printhead please contact HP Support for a replacement printer.

Click on the Contact Support section at the top of this link




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as I wrote on another post that this is what worked for me / so this is the right answer in my mind... I have an HP 6830... got the infamous printhead error...

clicking the link you wrote, I then clicked the "'Problem with printhead' Error (Europe, Middle East, Africa)." (= ') since I reside in Israel, and sent my details in. I got an e-mail with the phone number of a local HP support enter, and after providing them with a 'proof of purchase' (copy on the invoice / receipt), they told me my warranty is extended to 3 years, and came to pick up the faulty printer last week. Hope it will be back from repair soon, and I will be happy again.

Thanks for the help !


Printer is back from repair as is working like a charm. HP extended my warranty, so I have more than 1.5 years left. Hope it will not happen again

Like all new products, when they were made here in the US they continued to work perfectly long after the warranty was out. Now they are made in China and like everything we import from them, put together with cheap parts and labor. Not designed to last but to make you go buy a new one.

I have a pinhead problem. No-one from HP has responded to my problem.

I'm ready to try something else.

We are changing out ALL of our HP printers for Brother. They consistently require resetting, and nearly everyday they fail to print without cycling the on-off button. Completely unacceptable. Worse yet - NO SUPPORT! Therefore NO MORE HP products in my company!


If it's only a few months old it should still be under warranty. Take it up with the vendor, Fixing the print head yourself is unlikely to be feasible.


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Best Buy does not repair printers.

I bought the printer in July 2015 from Costco. Guess I'll just buy another one. Very disappointing.

I rang HP Support and they sent a replacement printer even though my printer was out of warranty. The printer head fault is one that they have taken responsibility for and are very willing to replace free of charge.

I too have purchased an hp 6830 printer and am receiving printhead issue messages. This is ridiculous that HP would put something on the market so unreliable! We rely heavily on your devices for work, schooling and may other business and personal needs. I will NEVER purchase your products again. I will be sure to tell others of the poor quality! Very disappointed. L. Lomax

Virtually new printer with the same problem as all other comments listed here. Obviously a very inferior product that shouldn't be on the market. This printer has not even printed 100 pages and is already due for replacement !!

Extremely disappointed in the quality and longevity of HP.

Certainly wont make the same purchasing mistakes again.



I have good news for everyone with the "problem with printhead" issue! Here's a link to get a replacement for free! My replacement is refurbished and still a piece of cr*p because it keeps telling me I have a printer jam, but it works anyway:) Check it out


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My wife called HP and they said they had a batch of the printer heads go bad on the 6830 and 6835 which we had. So they sent us a rebuilt 6830 in November and it's been fine. They took her credit card number to insure they got old one back and a return Fedex label and you have 2 weeks to send it back. I have to say kudos to them considering ours was past the one year warranty.


I haven't had a chance to try this but this looks promising:


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Thanks cap! Looks like a great tutorial...


Unfortunately “no.” I learned the problem is a defective design or manufacturing problem by Hewlett-Packard. I snet the following email to HP about my experience: “ I have owned the HP 6830 for three years. I recently received a "Problem with printhead" notice on the display. Checked with the on-line HP Customer Support - Knowledge Base and learned this is a problem with all 68xx series printers. I submitted my problem and was given a case number and a telephone number to call. Instead of HP offering to exchange my printer for a re-conditioned printer or offering a discount on a new printer, HP had the unmitigated gull to offer a new HP 6968 printer for $99.99. As I was talking to the HP customer service representative I googled that printer and found it being sold for as low as $70.00, with free shipping. No more HP products. I'll be shopping for a Canon or Epson tomorrow.


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