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dreamGEAR Quad Dock Pro Troubleshooting

The dreamGEAR Quad Dock Pro for the PlayStation 3 is designed to function with the PS Move. It can charge two SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3 controllers along with the PS Move motion and navigation controllers. It also has two USB charging ports that can charge any other device.

You can't get your Quad Dock to turn on.

Before taking your Quad Dock apart, make sure that the adapter is plugged all the way into both the wall socket and in the device's electrical port.

The issue may not be your Quad Dock. It may be that your electrical socket does not work. Try a different socket or test a different device on the plug to make sure this is not the issue.

If you dropped your Quad Dock, it may have knocked important components, like the motherboard, out of place or may have shattered key electrical components. If a hard fall is the cause of your malfunction, then the entire device must be replaced.

If the power cable to your device has any noticeable kinks or if the cable/adapter has taken a hard fall, the issue may be the charging cable, and you should consider purchasing a replacement cable.

If none of the above issues are the case, you may have a bad electrical port or a faulty motherboard (see below). If the electrical port is the issue, it should be replaced, following this guide.

The motherboard may be the source of your issues. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure that your motherboard is dead is be replacing it with one that you know works. A simple, though unsure test of your motherboard is plugging your device in for a few minutes and them feeling if the motherboard is warm. If it is, it is likely not the issue. If it is cold, your issue could be the motherboard or an issue with your power source (electric port, cable, etc. See above). The motherboard can be replaced following this guide.

The lights simply will not turn on.

The issue may be that your device does not have any power. Use the troubleshooting tips above (see: Quad Dock Pro won't turn on) if this is the case.

If the lights do not turn on, but the device still charges, you may need to replace the LED. To do that, follow this guide.

The device has power, and the LEDs work, but when you plug in your controllers, they just won't charge.

Check that your controllers are plugged in all the way. You may need to remove any skins or casings that you have added to the controller.

The issue may be that your device does not have any power. Use the troubleshooting tips above (see: Quad Dock Pro won't turn on) if this is the case.

The issue could be the internal, ribbon-style cord. If this cord has any noticeable kinks, loose wires, or looks blackened, then this is the most likely cause of your problems. It should be replaced following this guide.

It could be that the actual charging port is broken. In this case, the power board to which it is connected should be replaced following this guide.


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