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Phone is not powering on when the power button is pressed.

Plug in the device to see if the battery is just dead. If the phone does not show any sign of charging, consider replacing the battery. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

Try switching charger cables first. If problem persists, try adjusting the position of the cable/phone connection. If the phone is not charging, it might have a faulty USB charger. It will be easier to replace the entire circuit board as depicted in this guide.

Screen stays blank when the phone powers on.

If there is one or more cracks on the screen, consider replacing it using this guide.

If the phone turns on but the screen stays blank, try rebooting the device. If the keyboard back light comes on but the screen stays black, consider replacing the screen using the guide mentioned above.

The internal speaker doesn't make any or a sufficient sound when it is supposed to.

First make sure the internal speaker volume is on and set.

Internet usage and downloading games/apps can sometimes cause your phone to not work properly. Whether it is a “glitch” caused by a game not working well with your system or a virus corrupting the device, a reset can get rid of these issues. Just make sure to back up the data you want.

If the internal speaker volume is on and there is still no sound after a reset, then the speaker is probably bad and you need to replace it. You may have further problems caused by moisture that are making your speaker malfunction. Check the liquid damage indicator to see if this may be the case. If so, other components may need to be replaced.

The device does not respond when the buttons are pressed.

If the volume of your speaker does not adjust itself when pushing the volume rocker up and down, consider replacing the button itself. However, this may be an internal circuit issue within the device and may require replacing the circuit. Here is a guide to replace the volume rocker.

If any of the buttons on the outer shell of the device (i.e. volume rocker, power button, send/end call button, or lock button) are slow to respond or stick to the terminal when pushed, this may be the result of wear on the inner terminal, an unknown substance underneath the button, or manufacturer error. Check all buttons and their functions to determine which of them is the malfunctioning piece. Once this is done, consider disassembling the buttons and replacing them with new ones.

Phone is not discoverable or does not pair with other devices via Bluetooth.

Check your Bluetooth settings to make sure that Bluetooth is on and your device is discoverable by other devices. The device you are trying to pair your phone with should have its Bluetooth on already and discoverable, as well. Try turning both devices' Bluetooth off and then back on if the problem persists.

If your phone's battery charge is low or the device you are trying to pair your phone with has a low battery charge, Bluetooth may be turned off automatically in both devices to save power. Charge both devices' batteries and try establishing a Bluetooth connection again.

Try connecting your phone with another device away from any potential interferers such as Wi-Fi routers. If your phone has been paired with another gadget before, make sure that gadget's Bluetooth is not on or gadget is not too close in order to prevent an unwanted connection to a previously paired device.

This phone's Bluetooth version is the first generation (Bluetooth 2.1); therefore, the range is not very large. Make sure the device you are trying to pair your phone with is at a close proximity.

If all the options above did not work, try performing a factory data reset after backing up all of your data. If the reset did not solve the problem, your device's Bluetooth hardware needs to be replaced.

Device has a poor signal or no signal at all.

Go to settings to make sure that the cellular data is on. If the phone still has no signal, try turning it off and waiting for about five minutes before turning it on again.

Magnetic cases can prevent signals from devices. If you are using one, take it off and check for signal. You also want to try to move to another place, your current location might have no, or at least poor, signal coverage.

Make sure that your SIM card is properly inserted. Try to remove it and insert it again. Take a look at this guide to see how to remove and replace it. Also, here is a guide for the removal of the microSD card.

Buttons are not responding on the keyboard.

There could be obstructions under the keyboard causing it to not function properly. Disassemble the phone and remove the keyboard. Inspect the keyboard for anything that could possibly obstruct the buttons and reassemble.

If there is nothing physically blocking the keys, the keyboard is probably damaged and needs replaced. Follow this guide to assist in replacing the keyboard.



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