1. 打开 iPhone 的屏幕可能会使 iPhone 不再防水,在您完成修复之后请小心防止液体泼溅对 iPhone 造成的损坏
    • 打开 iPhone 的屏幕可能会使 iPhone 不再防水,在您完成修复之后请小心防止液体泼溅对 iPhone 造成的损坏

    • 拧下两个在iPhone底部的3.4毫米五角梅花螺丝

    The recommendation of discharging the battery is completely unnecessary. Even a 25% charged battery can explode. Completely ridiculous suggestion.

    pargoff - 回复

    The risk of thermal runaway on these batteries decreases with the battery's SOC (state of charge). Below 50% charge the risk is fairly low, and at 25% charge the risk of a thermal event is near zero. If I recall correctly, the same suggestion appears in Apple's official (non-public) service manuals for the iPhone.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    @jeffsu Yes, that is correct. Apple does require all certified staff to discharge the battery below 25%. This is an industry standard for all LiION batteries. If you don’t want to do this, just make sure to not puncture the battery and disconnect it first thing.

    Ben Meinhart - 回复

    Hang on a second here, doesn’t the Ifixit part I ordered come with the seals? The display assembly? It doesn’t. Now I have to wait another week?!

    Vanessa Pinter - 回复

    How do you turn off if the screen isn’t responding to touch?

    adam - 回复

  2. 将加热过的iOpener放在手机的下边缘以软化将固定显示器的粘合剂。
    • 将加热过的iOpener放在手机的下边缘以软化将固定显示器的粘合剂。

    • 等大约一分钟,使得粘合剂被加热,再进行下一个步骤。

    How long should I use a hairdryer for?

    Warren Binder - 回复

    I used it until it was hot to the touch but not too hot where you burn yourself.

    gczarny -

  3. 在前面板的下半部分放置一个吸盘,正好位于Home按钮d的上方。 确保吸盘与Home按钮不重叠,以确保吸盘和前玻璃之间能形成密封状态。
    • 在前面板的下半部分放置一个吸盘,正好位于Home按钮d的上方。

    • 确保吸盘与Home按钮不重叠,以确保吸盘和前玻璃之间能形成密封状态。

  4. 以固定的恒定拉力上拉吸盘,来使得前面板和后壳之间产生轻微的间隙。 将撬起工具的扁端插入间隙。 固定显示器的防水粘合剂非常坚固; 创造这个初始差距需要很大的力量。 如果你很难打开缝隙,上下摇晃屏幕以削弱粘合剂,直到你可以插入撬起工具。
    • 以固定的恒定拉力上拉吸盘,来使得前面板和后壳之间产生轻微的间隙。

    • 将撬起工具的扁端插入间隙。

    • 固定显示器的防水粘合剂非常坚固; 创造这个初始差距需要很大的力量。 如果你很难打开缝隙,上下摇晃屏幕以削弱粘合剂,直到你可以插入撬起工具。

    • 在向上拉起吸盘的同时,旋转撬起工具以加宽屏幕和后壳之间的开口。

  5. 在iPhone左下角的前面板和后壳之间插入撬起工具的扁端。 沿着手机的左边缘滑动撬起工具,从下方开始朝向音量控制按钮和静音开关移动,来将显示屏的粘合剂破开。 不要尝试将显示器顶部从后壳上撬开,因为那里有塑料卡勾固定,可能会被损坏。
    • 在iPhone左下角的前面板和后壳之间插入撬起工具的扁端。

    • 沿着手机的左边缘滑动撬起工具,从下方开始朝向音量控制按钮和静音开关移动,来将显示屏的粘合剂破开。

    • 不要尝试将显示器顶部从后壳上撬开,因为那里有塑料卡勾固定,可能会被损坏。

    looking for an iphone 7 plus logic board

    Point Xero Zambia - 回复

  6. 将撬起工具从左边取出,再从右下角插入。 从下至上的滑动撬起工具来破开固定显示器的背胶。
    • 将撬起工具从左边取出,再从右下角插入。

    • 从下至上的滑动撬起工具来破开固定显示器的背胶。

  7. 上拉吸盘来上提显示屏以及打开iPhone。 不要将显示屏提起超多10°,因为沿着设备右边有连接显示屏和逻辑板的细软性电路板。
    • 上拉吸盘来上提显示屏以及打开iPhone。

    • 不要将显示屏提起超多10°,因为沿着设备右边有连接显示屏和逻辑板的细软性电路板。

  8. 所有超过US$100或包含 Pro Tech工具包的订单免费送货!

  9. 上拉吸盘上的小突块,将吸盘从前面板上取下。 上拉吸盘上的小突块,将吸盘从前面板上取下。
    • 上拉吸盘上的小突块,将吸盘从前面板上取下。

  10. 沿着手机顶部的边缘开口,使用开启塑料片滑动,以松开最后粘合剂。 沿着手机顶部的边缘开口,使用开启塑料片滑动,以松开最后粘合剂。
    • 沿着手机顶部的边缘开口,使用开启塑料片滑动,以松开最后粘合剂。

  11. 将显示屏组件略微远离手机的顶部边缘,使其脱离固定至后壳上的卡勾。 通过从左侧摆动显示屏来打开iPhone,就像翻开一本书的封底页。 此时,先不要尝试将显示屏完全取开,因为还有一些脆弱的排线仍然连接着iPhone的逻辑板。
    • 将显示屏组件略微远离手机的顶部边缘,使其脱离固定至后壳上的卡勾。

    • 通过从左侧摆动显示屏来打开iPhone,就像翻开一本书的封底页。

    • 此时,先不要尝试将显示屏完全取开,因为还有一些脆弱的排线仍然连接着iPhone的逻辑板。

    • 此时,你可以将手机放至一个平面上,就像打开一本书一样。

  12. 卸下四颗将下方显示线缆保护片固定至逻辑版的三端Y000螺丝:
    • 卸下四颗将下方显示线缆保护片固定至逻辑版的三端Y000螺丝:

    • 三颗1.2 mm螺丝

    • 一颗2.6 mm螺丝

    Is it really safe to lay the device fully open like a book? The cable leading to the LCD gets stretched across the sharp edge of the aluminum edge of the back cover.

    u204863 - 回复

    Generally I'd say no, it's not safe. In reality I've seen a bit of variance in the cable length, and sometimes it'll be fine—but mostly I'd be prepared to prop the display up or hold it in place at a slight angle so it doesn't put too much stress on the cables. On prior iPhones it was easy to rubberband the display to a box or a can of soda, and something like that would probably work well here too. Use your own judgment.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    The tri wing screws are so hard to remove. What's the trick?

    shannon caldwell - 回复

    At first I think I was being too careful and was getting no where. I got better results by pressing down on the screwdriver with more pressure while turning and those little screws came right out.

    LadyTech - 回复

    I cannot remove one of the corner screws in this step and i have used the tweezers and the y000 tri tip and i am afraid that it is stripping it. is there a work around for this step?

    Katherine Monday - 回复

    @katmonday1 No workaround unfortunately. Make sure the driver tip is in good condition and fits the screw correctly. Seat it in the screw, hold the driver perfectly vertical, press down hard (and maintain it), and turn. It’ll come out. If it’s really stripped you’ll have to get more aggressive—try one or more of the techniques in this guide or get some help. Good luck!

    Jeff Suovanen -

  13. 卸下下方显示线缆保护片 卸下下方显示线缆保护片
    • 卸下下方显示线缆保护片

    I am confused, please help. LOL the bracket, the very first one being removed. I see it has three screws the same size and one a different size? I've been trying to fix my daughter's phone and ordered a 0.6 mm Tri Wing screwdriver for iPhone 7 plus /Apple watch. It seems to fit the screws and it seems to be turning them although I can't see that well but they're not coming out. However when I used it on a smaller bracket with two screws they came right out so I'm thinking I don't have the right screwdriver I am at my Wit's End!! I have been working on this phone or attempting to for a while now. I cannot find a list anywhere of the exact size screwdrivers needed to Take apart an iPhone 7 plus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    chris west - 回复

    If your tri-wing screwdriver worked for other tri-point screws in the phone, then it should work for the screws you are struggling with! If it feels like the screws are spinning but not coming out, try to use tweezers to pull them out. I often struggle with tri-point screws, and need to apply some downward pressure to remove them. This can be risky though, as you do not want to strip the screw or damage components underneath the bracket. If you continue to struggle, you can give this driver and this bit a try.

    Scott Havard - 回复

    Also be aware that the battery connector might stick to the bottom of the steel bracket. This part had me a bit puzzled at first. lol

    Just gently pry the connector off the steel bracket to release it and be sure the connector isn’t allowed to accidentally reconnect to the board.

    jeffrey griffith - 回复

  14. 使用撬棒的尖端从逻辑板的插座上撬起并断开电池的连接。 向上轻轻翻开连接器线缆,以防止其意外触碰连接到插座并给手机供电。 向上轻轻翻开连接器线缆,以防止其意外触碰连接到插座并给手机供电。
    • 使用撬棒的尖端从逻辑板的插座上撬起并断开电池的连接。

    • 向上轻轻翻开连接器线缆,以防止其意外触碰连接到插座并给手机供电。

  15. 确保电池接口是断开的。 使用撬棒的平端或者指甲以撬开两个下部显示连接器,笔直地从逻辑版的插座上撬起。 若要重新安装连接器,向下按压直到其到位,接着重复按下另一端。请不要按压中部。若连接器未对准,可能会弯曲从而造成永久损伤。
    • 确保电池接口是断开的。

    • 使用撬棒的平端或者指甲以撬开两个下部显示连接器,笔直地从逻辑版的插座上撬起。

    • 若要重新安装连接器,向下按压直到其到位,接着重复按下另一端。请不要按压中部。若连接器未对准,可能会弯曲从而造成永久损伤。

    • 如果你在重新组装手机时有空白屏幕,显示屏上有白线,或部分、完全没有触摸响应,请尝试断开连接并小心地重新连接这两根电缆,并确保它们完全就位。

    The note about the danger of pressing on the connector incorrectly is very legitimate. Though I find it more practical to use a wide (1.5 cm) case opener tool to press it down all at once. Minimizes risk of bending the connector.

    Talon - 回复

    What can happen if the battery is not disconnected before the two lower display connectors?

    Alextay - 回复

  16. 卸下三颗固定前部面板传感器组件连接器的保护盖的三端Y000螺丝。 一颗1.3mm螺丝 两颗1.0mm螺丝
    • 卸下三颗固定前部面板传感器组件连接器的保护盖的三端Y000螺丝。

    • 一颗1.3mm螺丝

    • 两颗1.0mm螺丝

    • 卸下保护盖。

    Posted a comment above on the first step. The screwdriver that I ordered Works taking out these two screens shown in the picture. However it does not work on the first bracket that needs to be removed. It seems that all screw sizes are somewhat different but I'm not finding a list showing different screwdriver sizes needed. Does this make sense? Could anybody please give me some advice on this thank you much.

    chris west - 回复

    I know your comment was posted a long time ago but just in case someone else has the same problem, the only difference in the screws are the lengths. The ends are the same.

    mcr4u2 - 回复

    What happens if you break “tear in half” the black tape stuff?

    assweeetasyou - 回复

    Chris West the screwdriver that probably came with the kit was pentalobe to get the first two screws out to open the case. you need a .6mm Y tip driver for internal. its deceptively Phillips looking but is not it only has three blades in a Y, not 4 in a +

    Jeremiah Kjensmo - 回复

  17. 从逻辑板的插座上断开前部面板传感器总成连接器。 这种按压连接器应该小心避免弯曲损伤。
    • 从逻辑板的插座上断开前部面板传感器总成连接器。

    • 这种按压连接器应该小心避免弯曲损伤。

    Make sure that the orientation of the cable when you attach is correct! See the picture for the correct orientation. If it gets installed 180 degrees out(i.e., the ribbon goes up instead of down, then the earphone, front camera, and Home button will be inoperative. Ask me how I know!?! Worked great when installed correctly!

    Kevin Reilly - 回复

  18. 卸下显示屏总成。
  19. 卸下五颗固定听筒支架的十字螺丝:
    • 卸下五颗固定听筒支架的十字螺丝:

    • 两颗1.8 mm螺丝

    • 一颗2.3 mm螺丝

    • 一颗2.4mm螺丝

    • 一颗2.8 mm螺丝

  20. 卸下听筒支架。
    • 卸下听筒支架。

  21. 使用撬棒的平端撬起前置摄像头。 轻轻地将摄像头柔性线缆摆到另一侧以露出下面的扬声器。 轻轻地将摄像头柔性线缆摆到另一侧以露出下面的扬声器。
    • 使用撬棒的平端撬起前置摄像头。

    • 轻轻地将摄像头柔性线缆摆到另一侧以露出下面的扬声器。

    How is this bit waterproofed on re-assembly?

    Cool_Breeze - 回复

  22. 卸下听筒扬声器。
    • 卸下听筒扬声器。






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I did that and the earpiece still did not work… Can the problem be the front camera flex cable (the front camera is working)?

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