The Samsung Wave II S8530 (or "Samsung Wave II") is the Successor of Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone running the bada 1.2 operating system designed by Samsung, which was commercially released on October, 2010.

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screen is cracked, touch screen no longer works efficiently

The screen on my samsung wave II S8530 is cracked in the bottom left hand corner. The crack is not large but it still seems to effect the touch screen. I have found that when texting and emailing the touch screen buttons on the left hand side do not work (a little bit left of center). If I turn the phone so that the screen turns I can use more of the buttons but those that dont work change. So it is definitely due to the crack as it is always around the area of the crack the touch screen does not work. I have taken it in to inquire re a repair and I have been told that the screen and also something underneat it needs to be replaced. I am wondering if I can buy the necessary items and then do the repair myself. Looking forward to your ideas. Thanks! ps I live in France so have access to international/ european market. can also order from the states as long as the ion battery is not in the order. the battery is fine so that shouldnt be a problem.

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Kristin, I would say that yes, it is possible to replace it yourself. the parts are readily available at places like this. I am sure you will find more based on your geographic location. You can download the manual from here. Hope this helps, good luck.


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Thanks for your prompt reply! So, the other question difficult is it for me to do it myself? have good guides and samsungs are easy to fix..great designer thought to make them easy to repair!

Thanks! and very cool ;) I might just try it...will keep you in the loop.

Has anyone heard about this place

for buying the replacement parts? the other place I'm comparing to at the moment is

would love anyones experience on either of these two places. Thanks!

I use the suppliers from your second link quite ofter. I have never had any issues with it. Yes, the shipping is longer, but I have always gotten my merchandise. As an added security, I use Paypal to pay for the transactions.




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