My fuses are ok, what next?

I have checked all the fuses and they aren't blown. My tv will turn on but the screen stays black and I can't channel up or down or see the menu. Do you think the power board is out? How can I test it?

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What else have you tried so far? Do you have any sound at all, but no video? Try and post a couple of images of your boards on here so we can may be try to "look" at your TV. You do own a multimeter etc? Do you have access to the service manual?

I have looked over all the boards very closely and do not see any leakage or capacitors blown/bulged. I do own a multimeter (thats how I checked the fuses) but after the fuses I don't know what else to check to determine what the problem is..

the only manual I have it the owners manual and it's no help at all

Start off with getting the service manual from here. Did you check the link for the location of all the other fuses?

Yes, I checked all the fuses and they are not blown. When I tried to view the link you provided I got this message from keep and share-

You (account name 'mikiepdizzle11') have just tried to access a document in another KeepandShare account 'oldturkey_manuals'. To view it you need to ask the owner of the other account to set the Sharing controls to give your KeepandShare user name 'mikiepdizzle11' rights to view the document.



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MikieP, I can only assume that you checked the power supply when you checked all the fuses. For a great guide and a location of the fuses, check on here. There is also a great video tutorial on here. Also check the caps on your board. They do have a tendency to blow. The tops should be flat, not bulging, and there should be no leaky residue. Hope this helps, good luck.


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