Model no. ML-2510, monochrome laser printer

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Why are neither of the printer ports working anymore?

I was using the usb port on the printer ever since I bought this printer and it suddenly stopped working. I took the printer apart and did not see any loose connections. I did some slight prying on the usb port itself (where the prongs are) and it started working again. But now it quit again. I thought it was the usb port so I bought a parallel to usb cable. The printer still does not print. There is power and I can print a page from the printer itself but nothing thru the usb or parallel ports. Has my circuit board gone bad? I have only 3500 copies off this printer. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Annie, it does sound like either your USB ports are coming off the logic board, or your logic board (or traces) are broken. The best way is to take another close look at the ports itself, they may just need to be replaced or resoldered. Check your logic board for any cracks and check the traces for any interruption. IT might help if you take it apart and post a few images on here so we can see what you see :-) The part number for the USB is 3722-002303 and the description JACK-USB;4P/1C,AU30U,BLK,ANGLE,B TYPE Hope this helps, good luck.


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I took it apart again and checked the solder points. They are intact and in very good condition. Could not find any cracks anywhere using magnifying glass. I suspect the board is faulty as both the usb port and parallel port are not working. I have had this printer for 4 years and it has sat in the same spot that entire time. I only paid $50.00 for it brand new after rebates.

My Laserjet 1200 from 2002 has 76,000+ pages on it, it still works, ailbit really old, at 100,000 pages, it needs feed rollers and separation pads only, even still, i may not need that then, might at 200,000+ pages

I suppose that would be a decent way to fix it. If you need to, the service manual does have the schematic and you could try and fix that, but it's probably cheaper and quicker to replace the board. Good Luck.



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