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MacBook Pro Optibay Drive Selection

I'm considering purchasing the 9.5mm Optical Bay Enclosure, as well as a 120GB SSD from OWC. I currently house a 500GB 7200RPM Seagate HDD and a dead Superdrive.

Should I install the SSD my primary drive location and relocate my old HDD to the optibay? Are there any problems (speed, compatibility) that I should be aware of?

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Leave the old hard drive in place. Just set your start up disk in System Preferences. Remember to format the drive before installing a system or cloneing the drive.


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from what I understand the superdrive connection is slightly slower, so you would benefit by moving the SSD to the main hard drive location. May as well since you have it all open at the time anyway


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I have recently made this upgrade to my Macbook Pro and I even consulted the Genius at the applestore for advice. They were very helpful and recommended placing the SSD in place of the hard drive location and if you wanted to keep your hard drive, then to put it in place of the optical drive using the Opti Bay Enclosure. The Genius was telling me there is a difference in speed depending on which of the two locations you put it in. It was a significant difference but I cannot recall off the top of my head the figures.

Over all, he recommended installing the SSD in place of your current hard drive. A faster read/write speed will not compensate for placing it in the optical bay drive.

Hope this was of use to you! The SSD is a very impressive upgrade and I wish you the best of luck.


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Installing the SSD in place of the hard drive appears to be the best option, as in the A1226 (SR) MBP 15",

- the HARD drive connector is S-ATA :

- the DVD drive connector is a P-ATA/ IDE

The former is 4 times slower than the latter...

It is only from the MBP 15 unibody 1st generation (removable battery)on, that MBP 15" have both HDrive and DVD equipped with S-ATA :(

So, from the performance point of view, we'd better put the SSD in place of the HD, and shift the HD in a SATA/ PATA caddy, in place of the DVD...

Now comes my warning !

I've done so, with 2 different brands of SSD (OCZ and SanDisk, both in SATA III): Then I did a clean install of SL 10.6.8, migrated applications and data. But the MBP is unable to boot on the SSD. It only boots after disabling extensions (shift key) or "manually" when selected after holding the option key at start-up. Not very convenient, hum?!

I haven't been able to solve the problem up to now.

I'm actually going to open a separate thread about it.


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I think you need a new backup/cmos battery.

I've run into this same issue several times.



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