The metal bracket behind the cameras, is it needed? because...

Hi guys.. so yes, the little bracket at the top right of the phone that covers the three cameras. Are these essential?

The reason I ask is because I have replaced the screen on a used device I bought and there appears to be some pressure spots / white patches at this area. I initially thought the screen was defective, so I got a new one and the exact same spots in the exact same area. Having spent hours re-doing the install process over an over I came to the conlusion that the problem is not me or what I'm doing which I will explain later. for now however, I have found that without this bracket on, the spots are gone.

Is it "ok" to keep the phone like this? are these brackets essential? what are the risks?

[Extra info]

Following on from above. The old screen does not have spots when i reinstalled it, it's only when I put these two new replacement screens (both LCDs) do I get these spots. I understand that the original screen is OLED? so perhaps pressure spots are impossible with OLED? I'm not sure. It was just that the OLEDs are very expensive compared to LCDs but the LCDs should still be working and having these spots.

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