The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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error code 0000FE00 and how to fixit it


I have a problem with the dsi and when i turn it on i get 0000FE00 and i dont know why but can any one help me and its that mean the dsi is brick or can i fixit again??

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i have just tried now and i get the same error but i trying again and let you know...

Thankyou oldturkey03


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Try this:

-Since the Flashcart's can not access the DSi-Mode yet(DSi Mode means using all the Hardware, the DSi can offer), and are only using DS Mode (They're using it only as a DS, which means parts are blocked and the flash memory stores other values than normal), weakly coded Applications do keep it in the bootloaders memory when being closed in an irregular way.Those Applications do basically use fast but insecure and instable read/write functions, but i won't go any further now, since most people that do read this Tutorial do only want to fix their DSi's.

Step 1) Make Sure you got the Error . Should look like this:

Step 2) Start your DSi and wait until the Battery is empty. (Having an empty Battery lowers the time to boot up . The Ds got two internal flash memorys that are both damaged when you have this error. With the low Battery the resetted one gets loaded while the other can't in the same speed)

Step 3) Remove the Bolts and extract the Battery for around 1.5 hours.Why we did this? All the Electricity needs to be out of the System to make sure it's only getting the Bootup Information from the Chip that got resetted and not from the other, if the other one could send it's information, we would still have the Error.

Step 4) Reinstall your Battery.

Step 5) You need to be fast now: Insert your Flashcard, and start your DSi.Start the Application you used the last time, before the Error appeared and close it legitly. In case off the SuperCard DSTWO SNES Emulator, just press the Exit Button. Other Flashcards like the R4i need to be soft resetted to the flashcard's menu, and need to boot up some game's rom.

Step 6) -Not Necessary but just feels a little more safe- Format your NDSi.

Step 7) Charge your Battery and enjoy playing your NDSi Systems again.

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Thank you for your help,

I have tried now 2 times and still the same problem, do´s is mean the dsi is broken?

Do I have to have the flashcard? I can't afford one right now

Flash card nedir


Took the battery out for 1 day then 2 days then about a week and it worked fine after that.


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What about if you don't know what was the game ???


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I had the same problem

Try holding the power button ,it will turn off then back on

Hope it helps u


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i tried that holding it it didn't work so i pressed it once my screen turned white and went back to the error code



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