Why is my touch screen not working?

This is for a Nokia 6.1

My touchscreen no longer works. Zero response. It suddenly stopped working last week for no apparent reason. I was at work sitting at my desk, the phone was sitting in my pocket all day. The phone was working in the morning and in the afternoon it stopped responding.

Display, buttons and fingerprint sensor all work. I dropped the phone once from desk height a couple of months ago but have had zero problems until last week.

  • Removing the screen protector did not fix the issue; although, I didn’t clean the screen and do thorough testing I’m not sure why it’d make a difference.
  • Factory reset did not solve the issue.
  • Removing the SD card, which doesn't have any problems from testing it, did not solve anything either.

It’s probably a physical defect, right? Maybe a loose cable in the best case scenario?

On one hand, I’m not sure if it’s worth buying a heat gun, replacement screen, etc. to fix a $250 phone. On the other hand, it’s only been 7 months. Pretty upset. Anyone know if this is a common issue? Is it the price range? The manufacturer?

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