The Lenovo E330 ThinkPad Edge is a 13.3" stylish and durable laptop.

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Does this have an M.2 SSD expansion slot?

I’m considering adding an SSD as a new boot drive to make it faster and want to know if it has an extra slot, particularly for an m.2 drive.

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Hi @iridi ,

It does not have a M.2 slot but according to the service manual it has a PCIe slot for either a half mini WAN card OR a mSATA SSD.

Go to p.63 in the service manual to view how to remove / replace the component.

The manual also mentions the following regarding the mSATA :

If the computer is equipped with both a hard disk drive and an mSATA solid-state drive, do not use the mSATA solid-state drive as a bootable device. The mSATA solid-state drive is designed and developed for “cache” function purpose only.

If the computer is shipped with both an mSATA solid-state drive and a hard disk drive, the mSATA solid-state drive is used for the “cache” function and to support the Intel® Rapid Start Technology. We recommend that users do not replace the mSATA solid-state drive by themselves. Otherwise, the “cache” function will not work and the Intel Rapid Start Technology cannot be used any more. Attention: Ensure that you partition the mSATA solid-state drive after installing it on the computer you are servicing. Otherwise, the mSATA solid-state drive will not function correctly. For instructions on how to partition an mSATA solid-state drive, go to


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Nope, only a 2.5” SATA drive slot for SSD or HDD that's 2.5” (laptop size).

You can use crucial website to easily check compatibility.


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