A1706/EMC 3071—于2016年11月上市,这台13''MacBook Pro带有OLED触摸条。以双核“Skylake”英特尔酷睿i5 CPU和4个雷电3端口为特征。

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How do I make the second monitor active if primary is down

Normally I would use Command F1 to make the external monitor active but there is no F1 key on the touch bar. Also the screen is broken so i can’t get into system preferences on the primary display. Need to turn off autoboot before putting new display on.


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Won't removing the battery prevent the Mac from turning on whilst repairing it?

see step #1 Step 1 Disable Auto Boot on this guide. Just trying to follow directions

MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Late 2016 Display Assembly Replacement

I got the bottom off without activating the power on. Not easy!

@mayer I'm at a loss of understanding that removing the lower case could trigger the fastboot?

Obviously somebody did it or it wouldn't be in the guide. Lots of things get put in guides because someone had to first do it wrong.



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I just spoke with an Apple employee over the phone and she said that if you disconnect the battery before doing anything else you should be fine and fastboot shouldn’t be triggered. Someone is going to lose their job… LOL


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If you did that much of a favor for me, I'd say NOTHING to protect your job. Don't give their name out.

If you want to get anywhere, sometimes you need to protect people who give you the info you shouldn't get.

@nick I was in utter shock that this particular employee gave me this information, I'd have to say. Before hanging up with that employee I told her that "iFixit thanks you" and "you are the type of person working for Apple that is actually helpful when it comes to technical support".

She's probably tired of Apple's crap. That's probably why you got that info.

Personally I am too. It's just a matter of time before the T2 chip completely locks down Macs from being user-servicable. I am dreading that fateful day that someone comes across this forum asking why their Mac won't boot after a modification to an internal part.



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