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Why cant I hear audio on the right side

I cant hear anything from the right side of my beats x

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Try connecting your Beats to different devices if you have not already and see if this behavior continues.

I still can’t hear out of right side


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Mine started doing the same thing, the beats are flimsy. Try pushing the neck part into the battery, it most likely got disconnected internally from pulling/ tugging on it accidentally. I ordered new beats and started trying to break the other side because i figured they were toast after testing with various other devices and the right side still not producing audio. After playing with it i found out if you pull the neck part away from the battery hump then audio stops, if you push it back in audio comes back. Permanent fix would be to disassemble the casing and push the connecter back in but doing it externally works aswell just don't go too rough so as to not cause permanent damage.


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My right earpiece stopped working yesterday. I found this, and shoved the right area into the battery (with the power button) and it worked! The audio on the right ear is back. Thank you! I might try to disassemble the casing and do a permanent fix if it does again. I need to be more gentle... mine just hit two years!


If you have waxy ears there is a vent on the bottom of the buds that can plug up and prevent the air from vibrating. Try cleaning out the Earwax.


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