Released March 2016, the Rift CV1 is the first consumer-targeted virtual reality headset by Oculus.

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Request timeout on sensor setup

This drives me crazy. cant find anything on the internet answering this, but tons of users with the same problem who also dont have answers. basically, I get to the part where I have to put the controller at eye height push the trigger and get request timeout. any help? thanks!

I have a 2 sensor setup.

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After fruitless search on the internet and many attempts, I finally got it working.


75% luck

25% arrangement

make sure the sensor are pointing towards the play area at an angle slightly looking over your head. keep re-arranging until the sensor detects the controller and does not keep losing connection. then, press and hold the trigger. success!

also, keep trying different USB port combinations.

UPDATE 3/26/18 (one day later)

or not. had to setup again and now having the same problem. this does not work 100%


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You would think for a $200-$600 device this would not be such a hassle to setup.

I have an HTC vive and it was a breeze to setup. Cost me $1,000 though..


I got past this problem by moving closer to the sensors, and if the detect them just skip that part. It’s usually just the room you are in. Also if that doesn’t work try lining up the controllers were the sensors can’t miss them, even if it’s not at eye level. That’s what I used to get past this annoying glitch. I think that something is Interfering with the sensors when the controllers are at recommended distance, moving rooms may help to. Hope it works for you.


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This works too I also had a lot of lights around my setup and the tv was right next to it and also there was Christmas lights and when I turned them off it started working so maybe it was too much ir interference.

It's mostly Christmas tree lights. They will mess up tracking.


There is no way to fix this as it is an issue with the oculus I recommend returning it and buying an htc vive I have the same problem with my oculus I bought today.


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Blew the dust off my Oculus. Everything has been up to date. One eye shows a white background and the other shows a black background. I’ve got two navigation menus going. Tracking is all janky. I go to set up my sensors, all green check marks, I put the touch at eye height, pull the trigger, completes, Request Timed Out. Some times it can’t see the touch sensors, I replaced the batteries and try again. I hit skip, nothing happens. I kill the program, go to guardian settings, sensors are way off! Can’t do anything!

I’ve had issues in the past with Oculus. They fall behind NVIDIA driver updates so sometimes my Oculus screens will never come on unless I downgrade. Wish I could just get all my money back and wait for the Quest.


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