8 MP camera with 12x optical image stabilized zoom. Released in June 2007.

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Can the lens be repaired or replaced?

My camera lens has a nickel sized scratch on it that isn't very deep but has a filmy, white color to it. Is it possible to repair or resurface the lens or replace it?

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Hi Jennifer.

Canon has a parts department that consumers can buy parts directly through.

Canon consumer parts order desk: (866) 481-2569


You can order parts directly by calling them. They do not send you parts diagrams or service manuals, but they allow you to buy parts, which is nice.

I would give them a call and ask them if you can buy a replacement lens element.

Something to note. They may just only sell you the entire lens assembly. Lenses are traditionally assembled in a cleanroom-esque type of environment with gloves and suction tools. Fingerprints on lens elements can impact optical system performance, so they follow strict guidelines to produce a lens with minimal dust and imperfections.

Entire lens assemblies for point and shoot cameras do cost a bit of money, so keep that in mind.

I would give them a call and find out.

If anything, you can try your luck with buying a broken identical S5 IS camera off ebay and swapping the lens assemblies. Doing this is risky, as you may end up installing an assembly in worse condition than yours.

In terms of lens resurfacing, I do not know of any places that resurface consumer point and shoot lenses. Lens servicing shops like Duclos lens, abelcine and HotRodCamera may be able to resurface lens elements, but they traditionally work with lenses that are many thousands of dollars. Re-sanding and resurfacing a lens is a very specialty process and may easily exceed the cost of the camera by many, many times. There is a fellow who made his own lens and lens elements.


He may have some useful information regarding resurfacing and refinishing lenses.

Good Luck!


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