Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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Possible to switch electronic board?

Good evening everyone.

My WD Passport External hard drive doesn't turn on, it never fell and worked just fine yesterday.

I checked with a multimeter, the problem isn't coming from the systems USB port and this WD drive model cannot be used on another body with SATA. I am trying to figure out an option to save my data.

Since there is no click noise or anything else, I'm assuming my data maybe safe on the disk still ...

From my research online, it might be possible to buy the exact same WD hard drive and switch the electronics board, if the problem is that, would it be possible to access the files with the new board on it? If the problem has another source ... well... I have no idea what could be done.

My questions:

  • Is it indeed possible to change the electronic board for this model with another My Passport drive?
  • Is it possible to buy the board only or do I have to buy the same hard drive (complicated as it's 3 years old and I can't find the exact same model) ?
  • If I do buy the same one, does it also need to be the same capacity ? 1TB as mine or will a 500GB or 2TB model do?

Any help will be more than welcome. Thanks to you all

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UPDATE (11/05/2017)

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@loic92 yes it can be done but it is not as simple. you do need to find the exact board. Post some images of your board with your question Those have to be good and clear images use this guide 在已经存在的问题里加入图片 for that. Once you have the board (keeping our fingers crossed that we can help you find one) you will also have to re solder the BIOS IC from the old board to the new board. Only that way will your computer recognize the drive as yours and your data will remain safe. take a look at this guide Hitachi GST Deskstar HDS721010CLA332 Hard Drive Controller Replacement Also it is a different drive the principle is still the same.

Update (11/04/2017)

There should be a board number under the EMI shielding. That is the one needed to find a replacement. It is most likely a 2060-771754-000 Rev A and the board is available for around $50USD. If it is, be aware that this board may use two BIOS IC's that need to be transferred from the old controller to the new one. We can find out more when we know for sure what version your PCB is.

Block Image

Update (11/05/2017)

Thank you for posting the last image. Yes you can get that http://www.hddzone.com/wd-2060771754000-... board to replace your controller.






2 - 5 minutes

Hitachi GST Deskstar HDS721010CLA332 Hard Drive Controller张图片


Hitachi GST Deskstar HDS721010CLA332 Hard Drive Controller Replacement



20 minutes


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