A multifunction color laser printer by HP.

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error code internal error 0x50

why am i getting pcl xl error internal error 0x50 file name cheettext .c line number 710

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I looked up and did some research on the Error code you are having with your HP LaserJet CM1415. I found a couple solutions to try out. They were both from this address.


"This happened to me also. When I swapped out the fuser and rollers. What I did to fix it. It sounds weird but. I went into the 2ndary menu by hiting "Settings" and then hitting "left arrow" and X "Cancel" at the same time. Then I did the same procedure to swap out rollers basically. Scrolled down to Pick Roller (Which rotates them to where they can be replaced) Then powered down and powered back up. Worked great for me. I had alot of emails and settings saved and did not want to re-enter it all. Hope this option works for someone in the same situation as me. Not wanting to reset to default and lose all of your settings."

"Print a Net Work Configuration Page before performing the following as this will reset your machine to factory defaults. You need to power off the machine. With the machine powered off press and hold the Right Arrow button and the X (cancel) button. With both of these buttons pressed at the same time power on the machine and release the buttons when you see Permanent storage init. displayed."

I hope this information helps you out!


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Thanks! I fix this problem!



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