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What to do when you're on vacation and your phone gets soaked

Let's say I'm in Florida and my brother drops his pixel into a sink. Obviously, I don't have a toolkit with me or cleaning items. With a phone like a pixel that's so hard to open, (I can't open it with round the house items) what should I do? Does rice do anything at all?

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Nope, just wait and hopefully the corrosion isn't that bad. How long was it in the water?

Gigabit878 The question was hypothetical.

It was what just happened to me. I was using a water bag during my vocation, in the last day in the last sliding into the water, it pop and was filled up with water.

After leaving the phone for almost a week in a contained full of rice. I left it sitting in my new room. The air here where I moved in is really dry. After almost 20 days after the incident I finally tried to charge it.

I did charged and turned on, but all communications were malfunctioning. It was not recognizing my SIM card, and it was not connecting to a wireless network, though it was listing the network here. But the signal was weaker then it suppose to be.


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@pccheese just to reiterate, Rice does not do anything. Nothing, Zippo, Zilch, Nada, Nichts! Keep in mind that corrosion will set in with the introduction of oxygen. If you cannot open it up, make sure it is powered down. That should be the last time you do anything with this phone. Keep the phone submerged in water. Use a Tupperware container or similar, fill it with distilled water and submerge the phone. It will also help if you can keep the temperature down to prevent any water from evaporating. So keep it in water and in a fridge if you can.

Once you have access to all the right tools to work on it, open it up and clean it. You know the routine.


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Thanks Oldturkey

Ok. So, as long as it's shut down it's pretty much waterproof? Last year my brother swam into puerto rican water with his samsung note 4 in is pocket. Not knowing the procedure at the time, or having the tools, he washed the phone in tap water and rapped it in towels. Luckily, a couple weeks later it turned back on, and worked perfectly except the image stabilisation in the camera. Made a strange sound. If something like that happens again, fill a zip lock or whatever with distilled water and put the phone in it, then into the fridge. What about freezing it, and what if I where to use denatured alcohol instead of water, assuming it's available.

Ok so no freezing it. That will expand the water under any IC's and will cause failure on those. It's not the issue about being waterproof. The issue here is that the damage is already done (once it fell into the sink). You want to keep corrosion to a minimum and do that by excluding oxygen from the corrosion process (keeping it in water will minimize oxygen).

I understand the basis of keeping the phone submerged to prevent oxidation and corrosion, but wouldn't this run a much higher risk of shorting the still connected battery, imposing danger on the main board as well?

@owenkmcd sure it would be better to removed the battery, but again it may not be possible without tools. After all the damage was done already after the original submersion

@oldturkey03 thank you for the reply, I think the part that makes me hesitant though is that when I phone is quickly dumped in water entry of water is through charging port, ported speakers, case seaming etc which have a generally slow flow rate, it would seem that if you dropped it and brought it out of the water relatively quickly you would minimize contact damage but expect corrosion, a better approach would possibly be if you have the ability to use or somehow create a vacuum sealed container or bag that that could be safer. For me what scares me is the residual energy stored in the battery, just picturing the phone soaking for days makes it seem there would be little to no chance it doesn't short?



Rice is good for dinner but not as a desiccant.

A good Boy Scout would improvise and pack it in salt. Better yet get a piece of sheet rock, break it up and pack it in that. Powdered Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer will work.


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Powdered coffee mate? Very funny. So I'd just have to wait until we get home?

Powdered Non-Dairy Creamer: A bowl of powdered non-dairy creamer will gradually harden if left on the table unused. Yes, scary as this sounds, non-dairy creamer is a desiccant.

Really!? I thought you where kidding. Especially since you mentioned salt. Ok, thanks.

Here's what some others have to say:

@mayer, you being a boy scout, would charcoal or camp fire ash work as a desiccant?




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Nice for rice, but there's no cheese on it.

That your recipe? Yea, no cheese.

I just googled it. Hey, @mayer @pccheese it's not my recipe!



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