This 15.6" laptop was released in 2013 by HP and is capable of general use and even light gaming.

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Laptop powers on, no display

My HP Envy M6-1205DX will power on, but no display. I tried an external monitor, but got nothing. I can hear the fan turn on but then it gets quite fast. My caps lock button flashes on and off. My hard drive light is lit and also flashes orange. One of the RAM slots seem to be lose before I press the RAM down and lock it in, then it seems secure. Maybe a faulty gpu?

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Here is a link that describes what the LED codes mean.

Select LEDs near Caps Lock and Number Lock keys blink when starting the notebook and then select BIOS flashing light error codes for computers released between 2011 and 2015 to find which error is being displayed.

Your RAM slot being loose is not a good sign. Try using just the one good RAM slot (you say one is loose that implies that there are others) and see if the laptop starts.


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I tried swapping the different RAM sticks, then I tried the Larger Ram stick in both slots and it still did not make a difference.


What was the LED error code (if any) telling you about what is wrong?

All I have is a blinking caps lock key, my wi-fi key is solid orange, and my hard drive light is blinking orange. I also just confirmed that the RAM sticks are working on another computer.

Im starting to think that the screen is completely broken.

Hi Samuel Harris,

It may be a motherboard fault rather than the LCD screen as if it were only the screen you should get a display on an external monitor.

Have you tried a power reset?

Remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds then release the button.

Plug in the charger (leave the battery out at this stage) and start the laptop on the charger and see what happens.



Check the cables connecting the monitor the keyboard

check the cables see if the harnesses fully locked and the cables insulation is not dry


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I just went through the whole laptop and the wires connecting the to the screen and the wires connected back to the keyboard and in tact and connected.


The led flashes should be timed (like Morris Code). That timing should tell you what is faulty in your main circuit board.

Since this is a laptop you can remove some things like the DVD, Hard Drive, RAM, and USB devices and try to power on the laptop. See if you get different errors. For example you may get beeps with the RAM out. The pattern of the LED's will be critical to diagnose the issue.

I think the main circuit board (aka motherboard) may need to be replaced.


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