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Apple logo and then white screen on start up


I've reassembled my 3g after attempting to fix my power button (it was very unresponsive).

Now, when the phone is turned on, I get the start up screen with apple logo and black background but then my screen goes a yellowy colour and then turns white.

I've restarted the phone using the Home + Power button technique, and attempted to restore the iPhone (I've also tried different versions), the iPhone displays the iTunes logo and sync cable but as soon as the update process begins the screen goes white again followed by error 1603.

I thought that it may be connector 1 causing the issue, but surely it wouldn't show the black background, and apple logo if that was the problem?

It appears to charge upon USB insertion (without display) but isn't detected by iTunes, ONLY in recovery mode.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I'd recheck all the connections. Especially those for battery and dock. You sometimes get apple but not loading when battery either isn't good or connection is poor


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You might be onto something here. I will reconnect both parts that you mentioned and report back with what happens.

I think it will more than likely be the dock connector which is causing the issue as it didn't seem to be very snug in the back case panel.

the connector sits on top of the rear case clips if that helps.

Slight confusion here, you say its at the top? The dock connector is at the bottom of the phone, unless it works via the logic board via connectors 5 + 6, via the 4th connection?

Am talking about the dock connector itself. It sits on top of fixings not under


A few month back I ran into this whole error 1603 issue and had a hard and frustrating time with that and Apple really does not have much to say about it. Just the typical 5R and that's it..however there are a couple of good tips on the internet try googling the error code. I used the advise on http://www.iphonefreak.com/2007/07/iphon... I also downgraded my firmware to an older version and that finally eliminated my errors and restored the phone to a usable piece of equipment. This may just work for your screen problems as well. The firmware I use is from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ Hope this will help you a little bit and best of luck to you.


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Thanks for your advice however I've tried different firmware (multiple times) and doesn't appear to make any difference.


I understand that it's been a while since you posted your question, but i recently fixed such a problem, by replacing the middle frame chassis! And now it works like a charm!


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not a very scientific approach, but gently squeezing the phone at the top left and right of the screen, sometimes is enough to pop the cable connectors back in place . .


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you deserve a medal !!



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