Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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What is the highest OS X I can run?

Hi I have Macbook Early/Mid 2007 and I'm currently running OS X 10.6.8 on this I have updated the ram from 1 gb to 4 gb and I do plan on making the hard drive 256gb so is there anyways that I can get this computer to boot OS X 10.7 in order to run Serato dj

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We have to know your exact machine. Please go here and enter your serial number and let us know what you have:

How can I install 10.7 because I'm a windows user and I legit don't know nothing about macs


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The A1181 MacBook designation was around for several years, and there's a lot of variation in capabilities between the eight(!) generations.

If the Macbook is either the Mid 2007 generation (May-November 2007/MacBook2,1/EMC 2139/2.0 or 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo/Intel GMA950) or the Late 2006 generation (November 2006-May 2007/MacBook2,1/EMC 2121/1.83 or 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo/Intel GMA950), then you may install 4GB of RAM, but the machine will only speak to 3GB of it. This is a limitation of Intel's supporting chipset. Later generations have a later chipset that's crippled in the same way; you can install 8GB, but the machine will only see 6GB. If you're buying RAM for one of these machines, don't buy 2x4GB; buy 4GB+2GB instead. For the 3GB systems, 2GB sticks are cheap enough that it doesn't matter.

All MacBook generations after the original MacBook1,1 Core Duo 1.83-2GHz one will run OS X 10.7 (the original MacBook will only run 10.6.8). The three generations shipping in 2007 top out at OS X 10.7.5. The only A1181 MacBooks that will run 10.8 or later are the Early and Mid 2009.


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Installing 10.7 will be trickier, because you'll have to install 10.6.8 first. 10.6.8 is the first OS that gives you access to Apple's online App Store, which is where you get every version of the OS from 10.7 onward. 10.6 installer DVDs are readily available from the usual sources (eBay, craigslist, whatever your regular methods of finding software installers {watch me while I don't say "torrents"}). Once you've installed some version of 10.6, use System Preferences>Software Updates to update to 10.6.8. The 10.6.8 installer will install the App Store update, which should give you the option of updating to the most current OS your computer will take - in your case, 10.7.5.

OSX Lion/10.7 was originally US$29.95 when it was released, but that was over five years ago. Since all OSes since 2013 have been completely free, I suspect Apple won't try to charge you for the old OS, since that's the newest one your system will run. Oh, and remember that the OS download is about 6GB, so you want to be using the fastest Internet connection you can find. In the US, I often go to the Apple Store near my house to do the downloads; the WiFi is free, and it saves me some download time.

Since you already have 10.6.8, you should already have the App Store app. Launch it, create an Apple ID (remember that login info - you'll need it for all kinds of things). In the App Store splash screen, click on the link on the right marked "Apps Made by Apple". Included at that link will be OSes; OS X 10.7/Lion ought to appear there.

Funny, I think I have a 10.7-maximum Mac mini around here somewhere. I should try my theory out, to see if it works.


Yes, it will run 10.7.x at the least. If this is all you need. It likely won't run something past that.

You should consider SSD for a hard drive.


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I have one and I put a WD Blue SSD 250GB in it, 2x2 ddr2 and El Capitan loaded from an install usb. No problems works a charm. Still trying to get it to High Sierra. Show me another 11 year old laptop that still runs and has a “relatively” modern os.


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In that case, you've got one of the later A1181 MacBooks - either the Early 2009 generation or the Mid 2009, When my older 2008 A1181 MacBook died, I bought a Mid 2009, because it was the last (and fastest) generation with a FireWire port, it had a faster internal SATA bus, it used faster RAM, and it gave me the option of upgrading to El Capitan.

The cosmetically identical older generations are capped at 10.6.8 (original MacBook) or 10.7.5 (Late 2006-Late 2008). Officially, 10.12 Sierra and 10.13 High Sierra won't install on non-Unibody MacBooks or pre-2010 MacBook Pros; I vaguely recall that the hardware limitation was DDR3 RAM and a minimum GPU. The shorthand key is: If you have an externally removable battery in your Mac laptop, you can't install Sierra/High Sierra.



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