This laptop from HP was released in November of 2011. It has a 17.3" display and and comes in either silver or nero black. A notable feature of this model is its dual subwoofer sound system.

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availability of hp 657503-001 battery as of nov. 2016

does anyone know where this battery can be purchased???

my battery has a dead cell and will only take a 66% charge and i have been unable to find one.

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Solid built and performing notebook, failed support infrastructure.


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There are no 18650 cans in the battery pack. There are 6x pouch packs.

If you want proper charging, check the charger, it was at fault for me. You must get the HP Smart Charger, it has power on the pin and inside of the connector (The outside is negative).

See bottom post by me.


It's my turn looking for a battery for my HP ENVY 17-3090NR 3D.

I'm going to have it cracked open and rebuilt locally. Chances are it's a bunch of 18650's in there, it shouldn't be much of a problem, can even upgrade to a Sanyo NCR 18650GA cell.

The Battery Management System is generally the fault of a battery pack, it appears from the lead wires that the balancing is done on the MoBo, so a defective BMS shouldn't be the issue, I have no problems with my MoBo.

Ya, just 1 year past the last manufacturing run date its obsolete, parts from secondary markets aren't even stocked.......


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Thanks but I took a chance on one of Amazon's Chinese batts last Dec 1st. It turned out good, even shipment was within a week. Its a 12 cell, 10.8v but it does the job. Poops out in about 1.2 hrs but at least it takes a full charge relatively quick. About 85 - 90 % of my use is as a desktop so its working good for me. Thanks again for your consideration tho. Ray

where you able to fix the battery?

what was inside?

I didn't take pictures, I should have, it is a 3S4P 18650 pack. I used leftover TESLA NCA18650GA cells in the rebuild that I did myself. So in the end that is 12 cells in total for the rebuild.


@ayeray looks like as well as places like this have them. Definitely not cheap, but available.


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I know. They seem to be all from China. My experience with products shipped from China has not been good. I guess I'll have to use this laptop as a desktop or risk ordering a battery from our good friends in China.

OOPS! Thanks for the response though. From another old turkey.

@ayeray I get you. Yep, looks like all of those are from China. I wonder if the original came from there too. Anyhow, ever considered sending it off to get it rebuild. sometimes the defunct cell's can be replaced. Take a look on here.

OUT OF STOCK .... as of March 15 2017. Back to the plan of having the pack rebuilt.


The battery has 6 li-ion pouch cells, NO 18650 Cans in the battery pack.

Good thing is the pouch cells are: 3.7v, 14.7Wh .... Commonly available.

THE REALLY GOOD THING IS .... I bought a proper HP Smart Charger (19.5v 150W 7.7A) for my HP ENVY 17-3090NR 3D and I have slowly nursed the battery back to 100% by quickly unplugging, then plugging back in (notebook side). JUST as the plug disappears on the icon, plug it back in.

On the HP Smart Charger, notebook side, the center pin is 19.5v the inside barrel is 19.5v, the outside is negative.

All other chargers I have tested are 6.5v on the pin, 19.5v on the inside of the barrel. What you need if you do not want the pop up from HP is 19.5v on BOTH the pin and inside, you will not be able to game or refreash @ 120Hz 3D (For my notebook) without the proper HP Smart Charger. You can have a higher capacity charger than specified, but YOU CANT GO LOWER!

Block Image

Block Image

The 2 *NEW* chargers I bought are from DrLappy, who is a computer service and retail group. They dispose of older *GENUINE* inventory, I purchased 2 chargers, one slimline for travel and one big brick (TPC-DA52) that is originally sold with monitors. it has a 90° plug on the notebook side.

A new charger took my battery from 60% to 100% and holding. My 1st charger that went on me just quit without any warning, it did not fizzle out like this previous charger.


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