Galaxy tablet lite variation released in January 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is a lightweight and easy-to-use tablet.

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Is this power connector broken?

Hi all,

I am reparing a Galaxy Tab 3 lite 7.0 (T111/T113). I replaced the digitzer, so far so good, but when I turned the tablet on the lcd screen stayed white, while it was working allright before the replacement of the digitizer. I checked the connection of the lcd, cleaned it with isopropanol, but no result. The connector looks fine. Then I took a closer look at the power connector. The center pin seems to be different then the other 6 pins:

Block Image

Block Image

It is a bit hard to see but the middle pin is way shorter then the rest: did I break it? Or does it need to be shifted 'under' the power flex cable instead of above like the other 6 ones? I don't know for sure because the tablet powers on but the lcd stays white. The middle power pin says 'CNT' (as seen in the pictures).

Block Image

Thanks in advance!

Update (10/12/2016)

@oldturkey03 Thanks for your answer! I actually removed the locking mechanism myself to make this picture but I already put it back in, no result. What do you think about the LCD cable?

Block Image

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hard to see but even that looks ok. Have you tried hard reset?

Hard reset with volume down, home button and power?

Just tried hard reset with home+power and volume up and also volume down, but without result. Is it wise to order a new LCD or could the problem be somewhere else?

A new LCD wont hurt and if nothig else it will verify that the fault is either the LCD if it works with a new one. If it does not you at leats will know you are having issues with the logicboard on this.

Thank you very much! I actually went through all your information, everything was OK, but then, all the way at the end, I found out there was a tiny little cut in the lcd cable which wasn't visible because it was covered with a piece of tape. Bad luck I guess, but when I put in a new lcd everything was fine again. Thanks for your help!


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@bartn "The connector looks fine." I do not think so. You are missing the locking mechanism to lock the cable in place. There is nothing that forces the pins to make proper contact with the cable. Take a look at what it is supposed to look like on the following image.

Block Image

Update (10/12/2016)

@bartn see if this will help you further

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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@oldturkey03 Thanks for your answer! I actually removed the locking mechanism myself to make this picture. When using the locking mechanism the screen also doesn't work.


@oldturkey03 But do the pins on the socket need to be 'over' or 'under' the flex cable? The contact patches of the flex cable are one the underside.

The pin length looks ok

Ow very nice, I just see the update now. Where did you get this information? I'm going to try it right now

Is there a special way to remove that metal cover on those parts or can I just take it off? I replaced a lot of screens and so on but this is kinda new for me, but i want to try it.




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