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No reverse on my golf cart

My electric golf cart lost its reverse can I fix it myself or do I have to take it in to a service center?

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Would you give us your model number?

EZGO textron serial number 833198

@gerryr and the make of your cart as well :-)

I find nothing but EZ-GO on the cart

Okay lets get to work. Based on your serial number you have a :

Make: Medalist

Type: Electric 36 V

Model: Electric Medalist

Year: 1994

Sounds about right?


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@gerryr, this could be as simple as the reverse switch being the problem. It is a mechanical contact and could be not making the connection. You can check that by switching the wires from the forward/reverse switch and see if you now have only reverse. If so, you know it's the switch. You did not tell us if your cart has a backup beeper and if it still comes on. Also, let us know if this cart has a dash mounted toggle switch.

Block Image


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2008 yamaha cart with back up buzzer

what if its not the switch?

I replaced the forward reverse control board. Now I have no reverse. Reverse worked prior to replacing control board.

@mikegolf have you tried to switch the wires to see if you then have reverse but no forward?

Hi my ez-go 2005 txt cart suddenly decided to not go in reverse ! the reverse alarm sounds but the cart won't go ! it will run forward when I push on the rocker switch. I checked the contacts behind the switch and they are ok no broken or frayed wires.



I have a 1997 36 volt EZgo and it’s running fine while in forward but when shifted in reverse it still goes forward?


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mine was the micro switch on the passenger side of the forward reverse switch. I just bent the prong put on the lower side of the metal just below the white tip of the switch. This way it pushes further into the switch housing.


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