The Garmin Nuvi 255W is a GPS (Global Positioning System).

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Can USB Port be replaced

Can the USB Port be changed?

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johnstopka, yes it can, but you may have to hunt for a replacement. Remove the logic board, remove the EMI shield which covers the IC's and the port. Then unsolder the old and resolder a new one. Consider purchasing a broken Nuvi to harvest the port. Here is the guide for the logic board.


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If it is either because you need something off the device or for the sake of repairing a device and feeling the joy of being able to then go ahead. Otherwise get a used one. It will make more sense to your time and pocket. Just looked up on ebay really quick and they are not even $40 for a used one


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The problem is My 255W has Free Lifetime Maps and don't want to lose that

Hi @vwtraveller ,

Contact Garmin about a repair. According to this it states:

".....if your device should ever fail AND if it is repaired or replaced directly through Garmin. If the device is repaired or exchanged through Garmin, either under warranty or outside warranty, the nuMaps Lifetime subscription and all other downloadable content & mapping products will transfer once you complete a Device Exchange in your myGarmin account. See Related Content for detailed instructions. If the device is exchanged through a dealer, contact Product Support to provide an exchange receipt."



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