The Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 was released in early in the year 2007. It is upgraded with a 7.2 megapixel camera compared to the previous model's 5.1 camera and has 56mb of internal memory.

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How to transfer a picture from camera memory onto the SD card?

I took a picture with my camera - not realizing that I didn't have my SD card in. I do not have the cord to transfer photos onto the computer. Is there any way I can put the picture from the camera memory onto the SD card? Is there a transfer option for this on the camera? Worried because now the picture is just "stuck" on my camera :( Help.

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the copy option is found when you go into look at your pictures and then hit the "Menu" button. The "Copy" option is then found in there and you will be prompted to choose weather you want so copy from the camera storage to the sd card or vise versa.

cannot find a copy option

keep scrolling it is several screens down


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April, I would try to insert a memory card into the camera, then go to camera menu. There should be an option Copy, select copy and transfer images from the internal memory to the memory card. Hope this helps, good luck.


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this is not an answer to your question. sorry, but i just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! oldturkey03. you just made my night. thought that my pictures were stuck on my camera but thanks to you they are now on my memory stick!

lisa, you are welcome:-)

i had same issue with my camera. I do not find the "copy" option on my camera. any suggestions?

Old Turkey,

Thank you so much for your helpful suggestion. I had the same situation as Lisa with my camera as I forgot to put the SD card in. Thanks, Lisa for asking the question! Old Turkey, it's been over a year since the original post, and I needed this advice tonight. I'm glad that I read your suggestion, and was able to save 24 precious photos that were on my camera!


I do not have a "copy" on my camera either. How do I do this?



The simple way is here:

Follow these steps:

- Insert a memory card into your camera.

- Turn on your camera.

- On the camera, press the Review button then the Menu button.

- On the Setup tab in the menu (your menu tabs might be named differently), select Image Storage.

- Select Internal Memory.

- On the Edit tab of the menu (your menu tabs might be named differently), scroll down to Copy, then press the OK button.

- Select one picture, or select All.

- When you have finished copying pictures, set the Image Storage location to either Auto to use the memory card, or Internal Memory only.

- On the camera, press the Menu button then the Review button to exit.

NOTE: You can also use a card reader to transfer pictures to a memory card.



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I have a Nikon Cool Pix 220 camera and not finding how to transfer my images either. None of the posted answers help :(


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For anyone who can’t find a “Copy” option, I worked out how to do this on my Olympus TG2 last night, the option I was looking for was “Backup” from the review screen. It then copies all pics on internal to the sd card.


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