cracked screen, looking for replacement. need help with decision

Cinema screen 27" A1316

hi friends

ive got this nice piece of junk from bootsale for peanuts. it has screen cracked, no glass too. when i took it apart i found the type of the screen is one of the rarest on this planet.

its LM270WQ1 SD B1.

ive seen some going for crazy money on ebay, one seller from US wanted $199 for the screen and $235 for postage... no way!

there is plenty of screens that are sd/a1, sd/a2, sd/e3 and different ones too... would any fit this screen?

it works, in one of the corners you can actually see the picture so electronics are working correctly...

thank you for any help.

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Where are you shipping to?

i need it posted to UK


hmmm... i am trying to work it out now. i never have been into datasheets before, do i need to compare pinouts on different panels? if those pins do match, can i just buy the cheapest one?

thank you very much for the datasheet.

i have the same problem like you. can tell me if you fix it and if the other models panels works?



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i have after a lot of searching came across this site

they seems to still stock the screen required and price including shipping is 280$ which is very reasonable. i think i will go for it.

thank you for your efforts Mayer and oldturkey03, i have learned a lot


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Try this site. Total with shipping should be about $260 to the UK:


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thank you for the effort. the page you posted the link to i have already used before. unfurtunately they do not have the 27" model i need for my 27" cinema screen.

i will email them regarding the model i need, but i dont think they would have it.

i was more interested finding substitute. would there be one?

thank you


palokiller, take a look at this datasheet and see if it might work for you its for a LM270WQ1


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Check the pinouts and see if they match your connectors. I have a feeling that your "SD B1" are more of a version number than a compatibility number


Hi im from germany and have the same problem. did just work a another panel with other end number? my number is LM270WQ1 (SD) (B1) pls help and sry for my bad english


Can i use the same Display panel with another end number? greets


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Stefan, that is a big depends. You will, amongst other things, have to have the datasheet for the replacement in order to find out if the connections are the same. For example, the LM270WQ1 SDE3 is not compatible with LM270WQ1 SDA2 etc. Again, verify this through the data sheet of the replacement.



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