This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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When plugged up, DS won't charge

We have a DS lite that won't charge. When its plugged up orange light flashes on then immediately goes out. Tried replacing battery but still doesn't work.

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Have you tried replacing the battery?

No how do you do that

My 3DS is doing the same thing, so I switched to my DS XL, but now it is doing the same thing, either my chargers are broken or both of my batteries have a problem, I suggest getting a needle and trying to place the pins inside the charging hole if they aren't in place. My DSs aren't working so I might get a new 3ds especially since the new pokemon Sun and Moon is out.

I had my ds lite and it wont stay on and the orange light turns off and i shined the battery and it wont work i even put it in after taking it out i already changed batery and wont work.

Hey guys, I have had a similar problem, and after not being able to even open the battery port (noob some might call me) I decided to hack into the charger and sure enough, there was the problem. Since most people coming here probably don't have an engineering degree, I'll keep it simple. The wires connecting to the part that connected to the wall, well one or both of them are broken. Happens easily and more often than you'd think. Easy solution, just buy a new charger. If that doesn't work, check out your port where you connect the charger. If that is broken, bad news, you're going to need a whole new DS. Unfortunate I know, waste of a whole DS but you can also just simply keep buying new DS batteries and replacing them. Doesn't seem as efficient but you do you.



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Venessa, I would check the charger and make sure that you have the proper voltage coming out of the adapter. Check the charging port with a multimeter and see if it has power when the charger is plugged in. Check the solder points to make sure that are properly attached to the logic board. Sometimes the solder connections brake. Of course, make sure that you have a battery that still holds a charge, and make sure that it makes proper contact. Check for corrosion on the points. I would also check the battery connectors with a multimeter while the DS is plugged in. See what voltage you get on those. It is also possible that this is caused by either a loose connection that holds the top screen ribbon cable to the board or that the ribbon cable to the top screen is damaged and will require replacing.Your DS power light will flash briefly but is is not going to boot because of this issue. The other thing you want to check on are the fuses F1 and F2. Check those with a mutlimeter for continuity. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Um I don't really under stand what this means

In case like that,I will remove the fuse and replace it with solder tin so I don't need to change the fuse anymore...simple.

RANDOM STUFF "don't need to change the fuse anymore" and any possibly shortcircuit will now destroy unknown components down the rail. Not Good. Repalce the fuse.


Hi Vanessa,

If you are having trouble with your ds lite not charging, it will definitely NOT be anything to do with the top screen ribbon cable. I would suggest testing the f1 fuse for continuity first as per picture. The reading should say zero when both points of the tester are placed either side of the said fuse. You may have to dig quite deep as sometimes have quite a build up of resin/flux covering the solder. Also test the charge choke/regulator which is a little square component next to the f1. It is component EM10. Test this for continuity from side to side only. Other than these 2 will either be new battery or charge port. All will need soldering except battery change.



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Try replacing the charging panel at a service center.


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