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No matter what you do, you can't get your Munchkinz tablet to turn on.

If your tablet won't turn on this could be the result of having low charge. Plug your Munchkinz tablet in and let it charge for at least fifteen minutes. If your device does not turn on, you may need to replace the battery. Follow the Battery Replacement guide.

If pixels are discolored, not showing, or the screen is cracked it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced. Make sure you charge your device, and turn it off and on to make sure the problem is screen related. Follow the Screen Replacement guide if you are still having screen problems. If the screen does work but is unresponsive, the digitizer may be broken/disconnected.

Make sure the device is getting power and the battery is working properly. If the battery is bad or replacing the battery does not fix the device it is possible the motherboard needs to be replaced. To remove the motherboard, follow the Motherboard Replacement guide.

The tablet is plugged in but not charging

If your device is not charging as fast as usual or at all, there may be dust in the charging port. This can be cleaned out with a brush.

It is possible that the device’s battery has lost it's charge. Plug the tablet into a working outlet with the provided charger and charge for at least fifteen minutes. If the tablet does not charge or the charging icon is not displayed, the battery is dead and you must replace it. Follow the Battery Replacement guide to remove the battery.

Plug the charger into a working outlet and see if it provides a charge. If there is no charge, your charger may be broken.

The device emits distorted or no sound

Adjust the volume to see if the sound is working. Also check the device settings to make sure mute is not activated. If there is no sound or a sound distortion, you may have to replace the speaker. Follow the Speaker Replacement guide.

If headphones are not working properly this may be a result of dust build up in the headphone jack. Use a brush to clean out the dust. If this does not solve the problem you may need to replace the headphone input.

The buttons aren't working

Make sure your device is unlocked so all keys can function. If a button is unresponsive or not performing its function correctly, you may have a broken button. Follow our Button Replacement guide to learn how to replace broken buttons.

The camera takes blurry pictures or is not working properly

There may be a substance on the lens. Wipe the lens to make sure there was no substance covering the lens. If the picture/video quality is blurry the camera could be cracked follow the Camera Replacement guide.



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