Sony Xperia TL Troubleshooting

Released: November 2012 Model number: LT30AT

Screen issues ¶ 

Screen is cracked ¶ 

Your screen is simply cracked and needs to be replaced.

Purchasing a new screen will have to be necessary , however reserving all of the old parts is a possibility. Here is the screen/digitizer replacement guide.

Touch screen is not functioning properly ¶ 

Either the phone does not respond at all to touch or it only sometimes works.

The battery harness could be the source of the problem, or if the digitizer was broken then a new screen setup would have to be replaced.

Phone will not turn on ¶ 

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

Your battery needs to be replaced.

We all know that sometimes our battery quits working to replace the batery, check out the battery replacement guide.

Sound issues ¶ 

Sound does not come out of the headphones partially or at all ¶ 

The headphone jack may be damaged or disconnected. It may either need to be replaced or reconnected.

Sound does not come out of the speaker or it sounds abnormal ¶ 

The speaker needs to be replaced in order to revert back to normal sound.


You need subheadings for each heading to reflect multiple possible solutions.

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This page should contain links to repair guides.

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