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When attached to USB from computer, nothing happens.

Ensure that you are connected to a USB port on the computer. The battery may completely drained, so it can take up to five minutes to charge the battery and get a response.

Try using a different USB port or a different USB cord. This will eliminate the USB port or the USB cord as a possible cause of the problem.

It may be necessary that you have to reset your device to factory settings. Do this by using pen or paperclip to press the RESET button. Make sure to hold the RESET button for at least 5 seconds.

If you are still having difficulties, it is time to restart your computer. First, disconnect your Sony Walkman from your computer. Then restart your computer. Afterwards, re-attach the Sony Walkman via the USB port. The computer should now recognize the device.

"Nothing happens when attempting regular use of the device"

Turn on the Walkman by pressing the play button. If the word HOLD flashes on the top of the screen, find the hold button on the side of the device and slide it to turn it off.

If the Walkman is not on hold and is still unresponsive, charge the Walkman by plugging the device into a computer via a USB cable. It may take up to 5 minutes of charging for the Walkman to be responsive. The battery icon should be active as the Walkman charges. If it does not fully charge, then see Walkman may not be recognized by USB

If your screen has shattered the only solution is to replace it with another screen. See the screen replacement guide.

The device will not power on or does not stay powered on for an extended time after being connected to the charger

Make sure that the Walkman is connected to a working USB port and that charging is in progress on the device. It may be necessary to connect to a different USB port if the device is unresponsive. When charging is in progress, the battery icon will be animated on the screen and will indicate the charge status.

NOTE: If the device is charged via USB connection and left connected to a computer to charge, and the computer goes into hibernation or sleep mode, then the device will no longer charge. If the device is left connected, the battery may begin to lose power and capacity. To avoid this problem, change any sleep or hibernation settings on the computer while charging.

When the device is used for the first time or has not been used for a long period of time causing the battery to be completely depleted, it may take up to 5 minutes before the device is responsive and starts to hold a charge. On Sony Walkman models with a screen, the screen may remain unresponsive. If the portable player is not recognized or does not begin to charge after approximately 5 minutes, reset the device.

The operating system installed on the computer is not supported by the device. Device only runs on Windows XP and newer.

If the device will not hold charge after following the previous steps then the battery may need to be replaced.

"The device turns off suddenly while plugged into charging device."

It is important for the device to be in the ideal temperature range for best performance. The battery temperature range should be between 41 degrees F and 95 degrees F. Device usage outside this temperature range could result in malfunction.

Connecting the Walkman via a USB hub or extension cable may not be effective. Connect it directly to your computer using the USB cable (supplied). Sometimes the Hub's can interfere with the direct connection that is required by the Walkman.

If your portable player is still having problems, then it may be necessary that you have to reset your device. Do this by using pen or paperclip to press the RESET button. Make sure to hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds.


can I charge my Walkman at the same time as playing it through Bluetooth?

Julie Bell - 回复

my walkman still doesnt recgonize the computer even i tried that step

anasmazlan - 回复

I'm having the same problem. It charges fine but I can not interact with it from my PC because it just doesnt show up as an option. Nothing. I wonder if it could be the cable. I've tried everything else.

moo buu -


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