Palm TungstenE Troubleshooting

The Palm Tungsten E was released in October 2003, replacing the Palm m515. The Tungsten E was available until April 2005 when it was replaced by the Tungsten E2. The Tungsten E features a 320 x 320 color transflective display(16 bit, 65,000 colors, running Palm OS 5.2.1 .Dimensions: (4.5in x 3.1in x .5in), 4.6 ounces.

Tungsten E won't turn on ¶ 

Battery issues ¶ 

If your PDA will not hold a charge, or has ceased to turn on at all, you most likely have a battery problem. Also, PDA's that operate at unusually high temperatures may experiencing battery problems. The Lithium-Polymer battery powering your Tungsten E has a service life of about two years. If you experience these problems after that period of time replacing the battery should be your first course of action. Battery Replacement Guide

Note: If you are experiencing these problems and have a new PDA or have recently replaced your battery, see power button issues.

Power button issues ¶ 

If your PDA will not turn on and you have determined that there are no issues with the battery, the power button connection to the mother board may have come loose. This can be determined by disassembling the PDA and locating the solder pads to determine if they have come loose from the circuit board. This can be done following the tear down guide of the Palm Tungsten E Teardown. If this is the case follow the instructions in the specific repair guide for this problem Power Button Repair Guide.

Speaker stops working ¶ 

Internal circuit damage ¶ 

If your headphones still work but your internal speaker does not you may have internal circuit damage. The headphone jack can become loose and possibly damage the circuit board. This causes the traces(electrical road map on the circuit board) to become disconnected with the board resulting in the speaker not working. This can be resolved by repairing the traces which is a very difficult process.

Display shows vertical lines, black spots or cracks ¶ 

Permanent display damage ¶ 

If you have dropped your PDA or it has sustained a severe impact, it is possible that your screen is permanently damaged. In the case that your LCD screen starts to display vertical lines, horizontal lines or black spots that appear to spider web out the only fix is to replace your screen. In this case, you will want to replace the screen using the screen replacement guide.




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